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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen MP, The current Leader of the Opposition

RCICs want change & better system: We don't want the same faces in the new system!

This is a Petition to Vote Against the Continuance of “ICCRC” Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council in the new system. Public and the majority of the membership wish NO MORE ICCRC in the new system/legislation. The current regime of the ICCRC and it's related/parent corporation CAPIC is teaming up to hijack our profession again and for the third time. MOU's have been signed to be a part of the new system to fail the profession of over 5000 Immigration consultants in Canada. On April 15, 2019, ICCRC Board Chair sends a message to members; "I am pleased to report that on March 14, 2019, John Murray and I met with CAPIC officials Dory Jade, Donald Igbokwe and Gerd Damitz for the purpose of signing a new ICCRC/CAPIC MOU. CAPIC President Donald Igbokwe and I signed the MOU which confirmed the intent of ICCRC and CAPIC to work together in the establishment of a Federal Statute for ICCRC"  Are they serious!!! The Government of Canada is proposing the creation of a new body to govern and regulate immigration and citizenship consultant. The act to create the new, self-regulating College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. The legislation would make the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Canada’s official regulatory and oversight body.Both the Citizenship Act and IRPA would also be amended to provide authorities with the power to establish administrative penalties and consequences for persons who violate rules governing the provision of representation or advice in immigration and citizenship matters.The Minister appears to have been watching all of this and has descended from “Government Heaven” and performed a miracle decree to have a current regulatory body ICCRC and its regime be no more. Both CAPIC and ICCRC have allegedly violated almost every section of CNFPA concerning the governance of the profession: Open letter to the ICCRC Board by Ryan Dean Application to disolve ICCRC and CAPIC - Ryan Dean V. ICCRC Et Al. We urge and request the authorities and the membership to make sure that the current and past regimes or any of the ICCRC or CAPIC Directors, Officers, and Employees do not become part of the new system directly or indirectly.We started this petition because…Immigration Consultants who care about the profession and professionalism have waited so long for this moment to come true in liberating our profession from the self-interested individuals running ICCRC (and CAPIC) who acted as if they were a Government body. They were not.The ICCRC Board and Officers held themselves out to the RCICs to be the “Governance Experts” but they have been breaking the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act in multiple places. Those who have run the corporation have done so for too long and have used unlawful means to cling to power. They unilaterally took away the rights of the entire membership and now they want a third chance to run the profession?Should we give the same group of people a third chance to run the profession with more power to oppress and control us while they benefit and run all of our collective reputations as Immigration Consultants? For those who are new in the profession, it is important to note that back in 2006 it was CAPIC which was behind the idea of having CSIC, the previous regulatory body. CSIC was stripped of its status in 2010 and again it was CAPIC who won the bid in 2010 to become a new regulatory body but later decided to have a new corporation ICCRC do the work.The 2010-2011 CAPIC board members and officers became the directors and officers of ICCRC and hijacked the spirit of our profession and we were back to zero again.Since 2013 members have been asking for changes in the system for more transparency and accountability. All requests were refused and finally in 2016 members started a movement for the Government to step in and regulate our profession rather a corporation having self-interested groups of individuals.Members, and one board member, leading the movement faced several lawsuits, dozens and dozens of disciplinary actions simply for being the critics and asking the Government to step in. Meanwhile, real Immigrants who filed complaints usually went nowhere.Finally, on April 10, 2019, the Minister made the announcement to make changes in the legislation and become the oversight body of our profession in a different model. The vast majority of the members are very happy, and we really need this to happen as soon as possible.We the majority of the members of the ICCRC believe that professionalism makes members stand out when provides quality services to the public. The College must first clearly define “IMMIGRATION CONSULTING” professional standard and support members to make a deep personal commitment to develop and to improve skills, and, where appropriate, have the degrees and certifications that serve as the foundation of knowledge related to the profession. The college must continue to support members to work in a serious, thoughtful and sustainable way to master the specialized knowledge required to succeed in the field; up-to-date members’ knowledge about the government’s future immigration plan and the plan of applying new technology-enhanced delivering service method, so that members can continue to deliver the best work possible to their clients. While we share our feeling of hopelessness, and still we need to have faith that the government’s plan of implanting a College as the future regulator and oversight the regulator’s operation is independent. This means that members will have the opportunity to set and to visualize their career goal to be one of the many valuable and rewarding professionals in Canada.

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