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Petition to Gobierno de Honduras, Juan Orlando hernandez, Gobierno de El Salvador, Gobierno de España, United States, United Nations, Human Rights Campaign


The Government of Honduras is corrupt, insensitive and does not look out for the interests of the people. We request that nations and organizations that provide resources and donations to the people affected by Hurricane Eta make sure to administer these resources through their consulates, embassies, or local organizations in the country as churches and non-profit institutions. DO NOT give donations to Juan Orlando Hernández or to government agencies (COPECO and ARSA). We need these resources to be delivered to the Honduran people. Government entities do NOT look after the interests of the people. Honduras is a country that needs all possible help from everyone, but transparency and organization in the allocation of these resources is necessary. We also ask that foreign and international entities demand that President Juan Orlando Hernández and the Government of Honduras expedite customs clearance procedures and DO NOT charge import taxes. Juan Orlando Hernández and any government entity (COPECO and ARSA) should be penalized for any misuse of resources. - - -  El Gobierno de Honduras es corrupto, insensible y no vela por los intereses del pueblo. Solicitamos a las naciones y organizaciones que brinden recursos y donativos a las personas afectadas por el Huracán Eta que por favor administren estos mismos a través de sus consulados, embajadas, o organizaciones locales en el país cómo ser iglesias e instituciones sin fines de lucro. NO le entreguen las donaciones a Juan Orlando Hernández ni a organismos gubernamentales (COPECO y ARSA).  Necesitamos que estos recursos sean entregados al pueblo hondureño. Las entidades gubernamentales NO velan por los intereses del pueblo. Honduras es un pueblo que necesita toda la ayuda posible de todos, pero es necesario la transparencia y organización de la asignación de estos recursos.  Pedimos también que las entidades extranjeras e internacionales exijan que el Presidente Juan Orlando Hernández y el Gobierno de Honduras que agilicen los trámites de desaduanaje y NO cobren impuestos de importaciones. Juan Orlando Hernández y cualquier entidad gubernamental (COPECO y ARSA) debe ser penalizada por cualquier malversación de recursos.  

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Petition to Kay Ivey, Baldwin County Commissioners

Hurricane Sally Rent Cap for Baldwin County

As our county continues to see the effects of Hurricane Sally unravel in front of us, many in our community have found themselves displaced as a direct result. Due to unlivable conditions, these families have been uprooted and are lacking the basic necessity of shelter. 2020 has been a rough year for the citizens of Baldwin County. Currently, close to 1,000 families are being displaced, with more growing daily as the damage continues to appear. This is a large concern especially for tenants of Briarwood and The Landing and many other complexes in our area. These complexes are income based and there are some hard facts we are ignoring.  Alabama has no rent control. We are seeing many families unable to find new shelter based on the outrageous rent prices as well as reports of rent gouging beginning. Rent caps are normally in place in areas to prevent more than a 3% increase annually. In 2019, our area saw substantial increases. This petition is to seek a rent cap in Baldwin County, AL lasting for 1 year from the date received. This allows our residents to get back on their feet and have safe shelter, feasibly accessible to their families. We request the cap to begin immediately and to cover tenants whose leases are currently less than 3 months old as well as new leases within the next 6 months. The rent cap would require a governance of affordable housing with a decrease in rent for the area to less than 25% of the median income per city/county. Rent is normally accounted for 30% of income, this 5% would also give residents some breathing room. In addition, we request an option for security deposits to be paid within 60 days of entering a lease, with first month's rent still due upon entry. Furthermore, we request that landlords be protected in this matter as well. We suggest an incentive for the landlords as well as protection in the matter that rent may be at least above their mortgage rate and cover tax and insurance of the property.

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Ted Poe, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Al Green, Gene Green, John Culberson, Kevin Brady, Michael T. McCaul, Sheila Jackson Lee, Pete Olson, Brian Babin

Change Addicks and Barker Reservoir Design

We, the undersigned, petition Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn along with congressional representatives of the State of Texas to co-sponsor a bill that 1) bans the US Army Corps of Engineers from operating the Addicks or Barker Reservoir above the elevation of government-owned land and 2) compensates homeowners inside the Addicks and Barker reservoirs for whom they flooded when they retained water past the elevation of the government-owned land during Hurricane Harvey and 3) protects homeowners downstream when water is released. This deliberate act of retaining water on private land in August, 2017 (which was publicly confirmed by the ACOE and Harris County Flood Control in front of Congressman Poe on 9/21/2017) caused devastating physical damage and is a clear case of Inverse Condemnation - a violation of the homeowners' 5th amendment constitutional rights: "...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." Rather than hire private attorneys and have them receive the majority of the compensation owed to the homeowners, this petition aims to see that homeowners receive the full compensation due them. It is directed toward the attorneys hired to represent these homeowners in Congress when they elected them and paid them with tax money. The US Army Corps of Engineers has stated it will take an act of Congress to change the design of the reservoirs. The government operates these reservoirs beyond the point of the land that they own. They built the reservoirs and then sold much of the land inside of it to private developers who built and sold homes to private citizens. As a local realtor, I know that the material fact that these homes were INSIDE the reservoir was not disclosed to home buyers. In fact, homeowners were regularly and publicly misled by government officials to believe that their homes are BEHIND the reservoir rather than in it (even during the flood event).  This is our petition: With all due respect, we ask Texas representatives of the US Congress to represent their constituents, acting sooner than later, so that families can recover the compensation due them, rebuild, and know that their private property will no longer be a part of the reservoir design.  We request 1) compensation for damages due to inverse condemnation AND 2) that the maximum pool level of the reserviors not exceed the elevation of government-owned land.  3) We also request that the design include changes to protect downstream private property with responsible releases of the water.

Rachel Clark
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