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Hurricane Harvey - Help Houston homeowners that were flooded for the common good.

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, thousands of Houston homes were flooded due to the release of flood water from the Addicks and Barker dams located in the north-west of the city. The water was released to avoid potential damage to a greater number of homes. This release flooded our neighborhood and thousands of adjacent homes, but saved tens of thousands of homes from more extensive damage. Most of the affected homes were located within an area designated by FEMA as "the 500 years flood plane," where flood insurance is not recommended. Accordingly, most affected homeowners did not carry flood insurance. FEMA law offers a maximum compensation of $34,000 per homeowner, which is unlikely to be sufficient for restoration. Therefore, homeowners whose houses were flooded for the common good need your help.  JOIN THIS PETITION + Contact your HOA and ask them to rally their homeowners behind this petition. Contact your neighbors, friends and relatives, and ask them to join. Statement by the Army Corps of Engineers:  "Posted 8/27/2017 - Release no. 17-030 - GALVESTON, Texas– Because of the extreme nature of the ongoing weather event in the Houston area, Army Corps of Engineers officials have determined that they will likely have to release intermittent amounts of water from both Addicks and Barker reservoirs to reduce the risk to the Houston metropolitan area".

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Petition to Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Pope Francis (His Holiness) (His Holiness)

Humanitarian Appeal to the International Community on Behalf of Puerto Rico

WHEREAS Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated many Caribbean islands including Barbuda, Antigua, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, andWHEREAS the island of Puerto Rico has been completely devastated by Hurricane Maria, with power outages still in over 85% of the island, andWHEREAS the people of Puerto Rico are reduced to drinking water that is dangerously contaminated according to the United States' own EPA, in violation of their human rights to clean water, andWHEREAS contaminated water and other conditions may lead to epidemic disease, and WHEREAS the people of Puerto Rico are suffering widespread food shortages in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, in many cases having lost ALL food stocks available to them, andAND WHEREAS economic conditions on the island have been manipulated by investors in the United States, causing widespread poverty and inability to purchase food in Puerto Rico, andAND WHEREAS the President of the United States, who was elected by a minority of voters and does not represent the people of the United States, has engaged in racist insults towards the people of Puerto Rico in their time of need, and demonstrated a lack of empathy with people who have suffered tremendous loss, andAND WHEREAS the response of the government of the United States to the dire situation in Puerto Rico has been slow or nonexistent, and its institutions of aid have been corrupt and ineffectual, so much so that the treatment of Puerto Rico by the government of the United Stateshas been characterized as GENOCIDE, andAND WHEREAS the mayor of the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has called on the United Nations for assistance, THEREFORE, we, the citizens of Puerto Rico, of the United States and of the world appeal to you as someone who commands worldwide attention to do everything in your power directly to relieve the suffering of the people of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean; andAND WE IMPLORE you to use all the diplomacy at your disposal to urge the Government of the United States to care for its citizens.                                                      References 1. 2.  3. 4.

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