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Change Addicks and Barker Reservoir Design

We, the undersigned, petition Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn along with congressional representatives of the State of Texas to co-sponsor a bill that 1) bans the US Army Corps of Engineers from operating the Addicks or Barker Reservoir above the elevation of government-owned land and 2) compensates homeowners inside the Addicks and Barker reservoirs for whom they flooded when they retained water past the elevation of the government-owned land during Hurricane Harvey and 3) protects homeowners downstream when water is released. This deliberate act of retaining water on private land in August, 2017 (which was publicly confirmed by the ACOE and Harris County Flood Control in front of Congressman Poe on 9/21/2017) caused devastating physical damage and is a clear case of Inverse Condemnation - a violation of the homeowners' 5th amendment constitutional rights: "...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." Rather than hire private attorneys and have them receive the majority of the compensation owed to the homeowners, this petition aims to see that homeowners receive the full compensation due them. It is directed toward the attorneys hired to represent these homeowners in Congress when they elected them and paid them with tax money. The US Army Corps of Engineers has stated it will take an act of Congress to change the design of the reservoirs. The government operates these reservoirs beyond the point of the land that they own. They built the reservoirs and then sold much of the land inside of it to private developers who built and sold homes to private citizens. As a local realtor, I know that the material fact that these homes were INSIDE the reservoir was not disclosed to home buyers. In fact, homeowners were regularly and publicly misled by government officials to believe that their homes are BEHIND the reservoir rather than in it (even during the flood event).  This is our petition: With all due respect, we ask Texas representatives of the US Congress to represent their constituents, acting sooner than later, so that families can recover the compensation due them, rebuild, and know that their private property will no longer be a part of the reservoir design.  We request 1) compensation for damages due to inverse condemnation AND 2) that the maximum pool level of the reserviors not exceed the elevation of government-owned land.  3) We also request that the design include changes to protect downstream private property with responsible releases of the water.

Rachel Clark
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Asylum for the Victims of Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama and the Abacos

The pictures and photos of Grand Bahama Island and the Abacos are finally circulating after the complete and utter devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian. In unprecedented fashion, the islands were pummeled with wind gusts of up to 220 mph for 48 hours as the Category 5 storm stalled out directly on top of the small island nation. While the death toll is unknown at this time, it is clear that most if not all infrastructure, homes, and businesses have been completely wiped out for the remaining survivors. Some experts say that it may take decades for the islands to be rebuilt. Others do not believe the islands will ever be truly rebuilt, due to the monumental amount of investment needed and current risk of developing the islands considering the current climate crisis and conditions. For those that survived, it appears that they will have no place to live or go for at least the significant future, if ever again.  For many across the United States, especially in the State of Florida, the Bahamas have always been an outlet to escape the stresses and concerns of our day to day lives. However, it is now our turn to help them relieve their unimaginable stresses and heartbreaks. This is why I am proposing that the U.S. government approve a temporary asylum process to all victims of Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama Island and the Abacos. If our country can provide asylum to individuals across the world and thousands of miles away, we assuredly can do it for our neighbors that are a mere 70 miles away, who speak our language, understand our way of life, and who are suffering from far greater tragedies. Currently in the State of Florida, there are hundreds if not thousands of abandoned shopping plazas and facilities that are sitting empty. I submit that these unused facilities could be revitalized and turned into temporary housing for our neighbors who have now lost everything. Not only would we be helping victims of arguably the worst catastrophe in modern history, but this investment in revitalizing these dilapidated buildings would also benefit the owners of these properties and invigorate neighboring communities. The Bahamian spirit is captivating and joyful. Lets make sure it stays that way. Please consider signing this petition in hopes that our government will understand that the United States wants to help shelter the Bahamian people until their homes can be restored.  "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Brennan Grogan
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First Responder Status for the Line Industry

I do not know one Lineman that expects praise, recognition or thanks. However, these brave, hardworking men and women risk their lives everyday to bring comfort and security to people's homes. That is on an easy day! On a storm it gets even worse through sleep deprivation, lack of food and water and horrible weather. I am starting this petition to have those in the Line Industry to be legally recognized as First Responders. Since Hurricane Harvey and Irma hit the United States I have seen post after post on social media sites complaining. Complaining we all have come to get used to, it's expected, but for Linemen and their crews to be turned away from places (restaurants, City Hall's, etc) and not be offered any sort of refreshment because they're not first responders is appalling! They deserve so much better than the treatment they are being given and their families deserve to be able to know that yes, their spouse or significant other is okay and safe. These men rush straight into the storm while others are running away. If that isn't what a brave, courageous first responder looks like, than I truly do not know what does. **Senate Resolution 95, does not "officially" name Linemen as First Responders but does designate a day of recognition, National Lineman's Appreciation Day (April 18th)   113th CONGRESS1st Session  S. RES. 95 Recognizing linemen, the profession of linemen, the contributions of these brave men and women who protect public safety, and expressing support for the designation of April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATESApril 10, 2013Mr. Isakson (for himself and Mr. Bennet) submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to RESOLUTIONRecognizing linemen, the profession of linemen, the contributions of these brave men and women who protect public safety, and expressing support for the designation of April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day. Whereas the profession of linemen is steeped in personal, family, and professional tradition; Whereas linemen are often first responders during storms and other catastrophic events, working to make the scene safe for other public safety heroes; Whereas linemen work with thousands of volts of electricity high atop power lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to keep electricity flowing; Whereas linemen must often work under dangerous conditions far from their families to construct and maintain the energy infrastructure of the United States; Whereas linemen put their lives on the line every day with little recognition from the community regarding the danger of their work; and Whereas April 18, 2013, would be an appropriate date to designate as National Lineman Appreciation Day: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate— (1) recognizes the efforts of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety; and (2) supports the designation of April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day.    

Tina Jones
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