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Petition to Deans of ross

Option to defer the semester, without educational or financial ramification

  We petition that Ross give us the option to defer the semester, without educational or financial ramification. On September 18, 2017, Ross University School of Medicine and the island of Dominica, suffered its worst natural disaster on record when Hurricane Maria struck as a category 5 hurricane that devastated the country of Dominica. To say these events were unforeseen would be a definite understatement. Neither the staff, students nor country of Dominica could have possibly prepared for the catastrophic events that took place during and after the storm; country wide loss of electricity, water, and cell service was evident and the community of Ross feared for their lives as outbreaks of the widespread looting for food and water reached us. One thing is clear, Ross University School of Medicine could not have predicted, nor was responsible, for the act of God that was Hurricane Maria, However, it is clear that the disaster preparations put in place by the university were not as adequate as they had been presented to us during orientation week, and furthermore, the plan put in place to place students and staff on an unaccredited floating university, in a hostile learning environment with the threat of a withdrawal on their records if they do not return, is negligent, unprofessional, and covetous in intention.   In Ross’s communication to the students, they indicated that they are not licensed anywhere outside of Dominica and are working on getting it resolved. This says to us that they are searching for mercy from the government to give them an exemption due to an act of God and allow them to continue operating as a university until their campus is restored. We have reached out several times to Ross administration and board of directors asking that they extend us the same mercy that they are asking for based on the tragedy that we experienced on Dominica on September 18, 2017. We have zero interest in playing roulette with our education, not knowing if licensing will or will not be granted while we’re on a boat.  When us as students chose Ross, we chose it knowing that we would be going to a respected Caribbean-American university that gave students an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming physicians; this university would contain all the features of an American medical school with many extras to help us along the way including CTL and media- siting. In addition, we knew that we would have high speed internet at our university, if not also at our places of residence on the island. Students came to Ross after choosing their own living conditions, and making personal contracts between themselves and various landlords of their choosing. We agreed to a purchase price based on those conditions, but now that standard is no longer being met and we are obligated to choose between a substandard living environment and level of education, or having the permanent mark of withdrawal on my transcript, which could plausibly affect us in our future medical careers.   We have already lost over a months worth of classes and most of our personal belongings, including expensive school supplies, none of which Ross has offered to replace. Many of us have lost faith in this institution.   We petition that Ross give us the option to defer the semester, without educational or financial ramification.   No ‘W’ on transcript for deferment or drops No prorated tuition for anyone who defers or drops Lower tuition for remediated program 

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Petition to President of the United States, Governor Rossello


The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has left a situation where it is urgent for Lt. General Buchanan to command the resources he deems necessary in the course of his duty to save lives without delay. The lives of over 3 million American citizens are at risk. Lt. General Russell Honore, who President Bush tapped to alleviate the crisis that developed after Katrina, has gone on record saying that the magnitude and aftermath of Maria is even worse than Katrina. The mayor of San Juan has gone on record insisting on the urgency of logistics in relief efforts and saying that any delay results in "something close to GENOCIDE." Victor Ramos, president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Puerto Rico, said the population is vulnerable to cholera among other diseases. Mayor Julia Navarro of Loiza, said residents are showing signs of illnesses. Rations of food and water in many areas are not adequate and some areas haven't been reached. With Governor Rossello's request, Lt. General Buchanan should be granted authority by President Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, to conduct his time imperative life saving mission without delays of approval for requests for military resources or operations, without delays from other agencies. He should also be able to streamline or adapt processes when necessary as time is of the essence. That is the request of this petition: FULLY AND CLEARLY AUTHORIZE GENERAL BUCHANAN TO HAVE THE RESOURCES AND CLEARANCE NECESSARY FOR HIM TO FURTHER THE URGENT LIFE SAVING MISSION IN PUERTO RICO, including reaching people with resources, evacuations and infrastructure support. Lt. General Buchanan should not be delayed in doing what needs to be done to save lives. He should be given clear authority to carry out the urgent mission of carrying out life-saving tasks with the full complement of the best military in the world. Dear Mr. President, You have the full resourcefulness of the United States military, Emergency Preparedness provisions, and the authority to act to make life-saving resources available to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. We urge you to do so. Thank you.

Tammy L. Havlik
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