Hurricane Irma

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Petition to Senator Anitere Flores, Anitere Flores

Protect our Annual Rentals after Hurricane Irma

Sen. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, introduced Bill 1400 last week that would strip local governments of the right to regulate short-term vacation rentals such as Airbnb and give all such power to the state. Stuebe’s bill states property owners have “constitutionally protected” rights to use their residential properties as vacation rentals. This is wrong. Our local communities have the right to create laws that protect and ensure the quality of life of our neighborhoods. We do this everyday by having laws that prevent home owners from opening bars, restaurants or running businesses from their homes. Our laws are written locally to protect our needs. Politicians in Tallahassee do not know or understand the importance of these laws for our way of life and they should not have the ability to supersede them.  The Lower Keys of Monroe County have laws that prevent short term vacation rentals under 30 days. This law helps cohesion in our small neighborhoods by creating a community who knows and is engaged in preserving our unique Keys lifestyle. Normally by restricting rentals to monthly or yearly leases, this has helped maintain enough housing stock to create affordable housing. With the recent devastation by Hurricane Irma, we have lost a significant amount of affordable rentals. If the remaining rentals become available on a daily basis, we will see a drastic change over night. Weekends will be filled with significantly more traffic as neighborhoods will be over run with visitors. Right now our Sheriffs Office, Hospitals and tourist industries are filled with vacant positions because housing is unaffordable. This will only get worse if this law is allowed to pass. Please contact Senator Flores and ask her to vote No on Bill 1400, the Florida Vacation Rental Act. Also please share and inform your neighbors so we can preserve our local laws and our way of life.  

Lowe Matheson
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Petition to city of cape coral

Relocate Cape Coral's Hurricane Debris Dumping Sites Now and in the Future

Hi, Cape Coral! I'm writing to voice my concerns about the public dump sites for the City of Cape Coral's tree debris left over from Hurricane Irma located on (1) Skyline Boulevard and (2) Andalusia Boulevard. In its excess and long-term occupancy, the sites may cause negative effects on our community's health including inhaling fungus/mold from the massive piles of dead leaves that have been rained on and Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome (ODTS) from the loads of mulching being done daily reaching more than 20 feet high. Have you noticed the dust your houses or cars have been collecting? You're breathing that in. Not to mention the risk of fires with an upcoming dry season. I should also add that the city has allowed another three huge piles of junk to accumulate consisting of mattresses, couches, hot tubs, fencing materials, sinks, etc. - all of which did not result from the hurricane except for the fencing materials. So why are they continuing to dump this trash? These items are also prone to collecting mold over a period of time and are fire hazards.  I live within a football field's length of one of the sites with a one-year-old at home, and I worry for the health of her lungs being born prematurely. I'm afraid symptoms from this mess will be masked by flu season or allergies. I understand we're very fortunate this is the least of our worries following Irma, and I thank God every day, but I don't think the city properly planned and researched the extent these sites can pose on our community and it's families. Sites like these should be operated in more isolated areas away from families, businesses, schools, libraries, churches, wildlife, etc. I am petitioning for this site to be closed immediately and relocated while considering an alternative safer site to use in the future for circumstances like this. I understand the city intended for the sites to be "convenient" for its crews working at and traveling to, but what about the health of Cape Coral's residents? Please sign the petition to put our health first! Thank you.  CALL CAPE CORAL'S CITIZEN ACTION CENTER TO LET YOUR CONCERNS BE HEARD! 239-574-0401 (dial 3 to get to the CAC)

Marie H.
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