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Petition to Brevard County Commission, Bryan Lober

Repair and open up the Sykes Creek Bridge PLEASE - NOW!

Sykes Creek Bridge, located on Sea Ray Drive, has been out of commission since Hurricane Irma 2017. There is no date in sight as to when the bridge will be fixed.  It is a deterrent to all customers of Island Dockside Restaurant, Harbortown Marina Canaveral, and other businesses on Sea Ray Drive. Every week, visitors are trapped on the wrong side of the bridge due to wrong GPS directions, which creates massive confusion, frustration, and lost business. This loss of business is detrimental to family-owned establishments like Harbortown Marina and Island Dockside Restaurant. In addition to limited access to serve our customers, We believe Sea Ray Drive is a necessary evacuation route in the event of an emergency.  As the owners of Harbortown Marina, we know our vendors, boat owners and employees are all forced to only one exit.  Traffic headed in a Northern direction is forced to enter/exit Highway 528, which does not have traffic lights and is crowded from the huge cruise boats in the Port Canaveral area. This area continues to rapidly grow and the bridge needs to be open to keep up with the traffic demands.  There are cruise parking lots being prepped on N Courtney Parkway, Smith Rd. and adjacent to the Barge Canal totaling 15+ acres.  This increase in traffic will overload 528 exits and entrance ramps with traffic.  Sea Ray Drive would allow more relief if the Sykes Creek Bridge was open. Please hear our plea and get this bridge fixed before something worse happens! -Jan & Michael Chnupa (Owners of Harbortown Marina)with support from Island Dockside at Harbortown and our local vendors VIDEO: Brevard County bridge still waiting for permanent repairs after Hurricane Irma    

Harbortown Marina Canaveral, Ltd. & Island Dockside Restaurant
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