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Please Award Medal of Freedom to Prince Posthumously

    The 'Presidential Medal of Freedom' is the highest award that can be given to an American civilian, and one which only the President of the Untied States of America can award, at his discretion.  It would be patently unfair for  Prince Rogers Nelson, deceased, to not receive this honor and the historic recognition which goes along with it.        Prince deserves this honor, not just because of his success as an artist, but for his courage in fighting against Warner Bros for rights of  artists - a fight which he ultimately won.  Artists will forever benefit from his struggle to obtain these rights.     His memory deserves this honor because of his public stance against injustice.      But also deserved and earned, most of all, because of his philanthropic gifts to others  illustrating that he was also a humanitarian. These things he did, not for publicity or public recognition, but did so privately and from his heart.         We the fans of Prince, respectfully request that President Barack Obama add Prince's name to the list of those set to receive this honor, with the actual medal to be housed in the Smithsonian African-American Museum, so that the world will know of his greatness in addition to music and the arts.       As the president himself said at his passing, "Prince did it all." Since Prince did his giving with the agreement of confidentiality, many of those who knew him, such as the president did, were not even aware of what he did for others, simply because he did not boast or parade his giving. We, the fans of Prince, implore President Obama to include him as a recipient of the Presidential  Medal of Freedom.  Here is a list of the philanthropic actions of Prince Rogers Nelson,deceased: -Donated $250,00 -Eau Claire Promise to help pre-schoolers and their families in Columbia S.C.-$1,000,000 2 Harlem Children's Zone for poverty-stricken children living in Harlem;-$250,000 2 Uptown Dance Academy in 2014 to prevent them from losing their studio;-Donations to schools and facilities in Georgia,Texas,Wisconsin,and Ohio-$12,000 to 1st full service library for African-Americans in Louisville,Kentucky to prevent its closure- $80,000 to Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation-$50,000 2 a fund for victims of the 2007 I-35 bridge collapse-$50,000 2 Testolini's 'In a Perfect World Foundation 4 at-risk children;-$90,00 to Kurtis Blow's MLK tribute video-Donated to Chanhassen neighborhood elementary schools for musical instruments;-Donated money to parents of Trayvon Martin;-Funded Green Jobs Act in Oakland,CA for solar panels;-Funded school for orphans in Afghanistan;- Funded Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support to helpvulnerable women and children in Afghanistan-Funded 'Yes We Code' initiative 2 teach young African-Americans how to write computer code;-Donated to Van Jones' 'Rebuild the Dream'-Donated Love 4 One Another charitiesfor schools,shelters,and community programs in L.A.,N.Y.,Minneapolis,and Aames, Iowa;-Doanted to Baltimore Youth Charities;-Concert for Chick Huntsberry when he passed awat;-$40,000 to Urban Farmin in Southfiel, Michigan to support health living and food for the hungry;-Carnegie Hall tribute concert "Little Kids Rock";- $1,000,000 to Marva Collins' school;- Donated thousands of dollars to James Brown musician when he became ill;      Prince merits the honor and recognition not only for his extraordinary musical contributions, but also for being a great American and a remarkable human being.

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