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Petition to Syngenta AG

Bring Golden Rice to the U.S.

  Golden Rice, a bio-fortified crop which could protect millions of children around the world from vitamin A deficiency and blindness, has just been approved for consumption by several  international agencies, including the Unites States' FDA.  This is a massive milestone for scientific progress over fear-mongering and the spread of misinformation regarding GM technology.  However, the global agribusiness company Syngenta retains exclusive commercial rights, and does not plan to market Golden Rice in the United States. We find that this decision misses the opportunity to introduce western consumers to the promising new technology of biofortification, which can help bridge the divide between health-conscious consumers and genetic technology by introducing people to a GM crop that has serious nutritional and antioxidant benefits. Not licensing golden rice in the U.S. also fails to reassure people in developing countries that GM technology is safe and eaten by all, creating the mistaken impression that we want them to eat something that we are not willing to eat. Additionally, since rice is a staple food in plant based diets even in the developed world, introducing Golden Rice into the western market could be an effective way to ameliorate vitamin A nutrient concerns and lessen dependence on animal agriculture. This would lower the already small risk of sub-optimal levels and increase convenience, thus easing transition to more plant-based diets for the sake of human health and the global environment. Please sign this petition asking Syngenta AG to market Golden Rice within the United States.    

Tevin Arnott
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