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Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration

FDA/USDA Approved "Humanely Raised" Label on Meat Products

If you are like me, hardly vegan (but trying), not so wealthy, but are concerned about the way that animals are treated before their by-products end up on the shelves, then you are probably struggling to find the right meat brands to purchase at the store. You realize that 'Cage Free' is not all that it is said to be. Perhaps you are aware that there exists few Third-Party "Humane Certifiers" but do not have sufficient information about certifiers to make a decision. You are loyal to your local co-op. You have already decided to become vegan, perhaps, so to not contribute to the high demand of meat. Still, you would like to see more efforts by the United States government to protect ALL animals against unnecessary abuse, and hold accountable workers and leaderdhip who take advantage of animals in their line of work. Especially the ones who are forced into, or born inside the meat factories. The ones who end up in our dinner, gummy bears, and what have you. The ones whose bodily fluids are extracted at an alarming rate and frequency, all to satisfy our godly complexes. Would you like to be a bit more proactive about animal welfare in the meat industry, but are not in the position to do so physically, politically, or any other way? Are you sick of discovering that some of the most violent, most sickening things you can imagine happen to be a reality for over 65 billion animals each year because of humans? 39 billion of whom are killed right here in the U.S.. Thanks in part to our ruthelessly capitalistic government whose interests seem to be geared towards industrialism, rather than comity and governance, and the freedom that they bestow upon their corporate friends in order to maximies profit. If you feel strongly about our government's role in the welfare of factory animals, then please sign this petition to let the FDA know that there's a much higher demand for Humanely Raised meat than the make-believe 'Cage Free' labels on meat from suffereing and tortured animals. -Yasmine Coulibaly, Miss Oshkosh 2017. "The animal industry has created these quality assurance programs in response to pressurefrom food retailers, including grocery stores and chain restaurants, and to avoidgovernment regulation and third-party audits . In most cases, the guidelines weredeveloped with little or no public input, by scientists and industry officials with expertisein animal production, not animal welfare. These guidelines allow numerous inhumanepractices and fail to provide animals with freedom from hunger, discomfort, pain, fearand distress and the freedom to express normal behavior (referred to as the "FiveFreedoms"). In addition, the areas of transportation, use of genetic selection, and the careof breeding animals are not sufficiently addressed . A review of animal industryguidelines for dairy cattle, pigs, meat chickens and laying hens conducted for this reportnoted a total of more than 50 major violations of the Five Freedoms. - -

Miss Oshkosh, WI
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Petition to Rodney Pyles

We Support West Virginia's Anti-Declaw Bill HB 2418 (Pyles)

Thank you, West Virginia's Delegate Rodney Pyles for introducing legislation that would prohibit onychetomy (or declawing) and tendonectomy in West Virginia. We support your Anti-Declaw House Bill HB 2418, which would forbid declawing in the state of West Virginia for all non-therapeutic reasons. Declawing is amputation, whether performed by scalpel, clippers, or laser. We believe there is never a reason to declaw for non-therapeutic reasons (that is, unless surgery were necessary to treat animals' medical conditions). Declawing does not keep cats in homes, a fact acknowledged by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  Declawing is illegal or considered unethical by the veterinary profession in most of the world.  Eight cities in California - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Burbank, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, and Culver City - have enacted declaw bans.  Statistics from those cities indicate that the relinquishment of cats to shelters in those cities, in the years since the bans were enacted, has not increased - in fact, the number of cats dumped in shelters has DECREASED consistently in the many years since the laws went into effect. There is no reason to declaw cats to protect human health. The NIH, CDC, US Public Health Service, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Canadian Medical Association, all have specifically stated that the declawing is "not advised," even for the animals of persons who are severely immunocompromised, including those with HIV. This opinion is echoed in statements on declawing published by the AAHA and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Declaw-type procedures to treat tumor, infection, disease, or injury would be allowed to benefit the health of the cat. Thank you, Delegate Pyles. We hope your bills will be successful and will be models for humane legislation in other states.

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