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Petition to Rodney Pyles

Please End Declawing in West Virginia

Thank you, West Virginia Delegate Rodney Pyles. We hope you will re-introduce legislation that would prohibit onychetomy (or declawing) and tendonectomy in West Virginia. Declawing is amputation, whether performed by scalpel, clippers, or laser. We believe there is never a reason to declaw for non-therapeutic reasons (that is, unless surgery were necessary to treat animals' medical conditions). Declawing does not keep cats in homes, a fact acknowledged by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  Declawing is illegal or considered unethical by the veterinary profession in most of the world.  Eight cities in California - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Burbank, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, and Culver City - have enacted declaw bans.  Statistics from those cities indicate that the relinquishment of cats to shelters in those cities, in the years since the bans were enacted, has not increased - in fact, the number of cats dumped in shelters has DECREASED consistently in the many years since the laws went into effect. There is no reason to declaw cats to protect human health. The NIH, CDC, US Public Health Service, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Canadian Medical Association, all have specifically stated that the declawing is "not advised," even for the animals of persons who are severely immunocompromised, including those with HIV. This opinion is echoed in statements on declawing published by the AAHA and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Declaw-type procedures to treat tumor, infection, disease, or injury would be allowed to benefit the health of the cat. Thank you, Delegate Pyles. We hope your bill will be successful and will be a model for humane legislation in other states.

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Petition to World Wildlife Fund, International Animal Rescue, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Red Panda Network, woodland park zoo seattle, Thane Maynard, WAZA Secretariat

Rescue Hokuto the red panda

Hokuto the red panda was born in Sapporo, Japan, where he spent the first few years of his life in relative freedom, ample food and clean living conditions. He has grown up to be a healthy, cheerful and very sweet red panda. But he has been recently acquired by the Kofu City Yuki Park zoo in Japan. In his new "home", if we don't help, Hokuto will be trapped in a small, dirty concrete cage for the rest of his life. His happy and carefree existence is over unless we do something. Although Kofu is a lovely place, its Yuki Park zoo unfortunately is not. This zoo has bad reviews and has been described as "cruel" by visitors in its treatment of animals. They are kept in small dirty cages, undernourished, and have little access to exercise or the outdoors. The animals get sick, depressed, and often die an early death.  Please help save Hokuto from ending up as a sad, miserable and mistreated prison inmate in this zoo. We need to find him a better home. You can help. Please sign this petition to have him transferred to a more humane zoo with more appropriate care and facilities for this species - for instance, the Cincinnati zoo or the New Zoo in the United States. A small email signature from you is all that is needed to make all the difference to an innocent life, and save it from being wasted due to human negligence! Also, please share this petition with as many people as possible in Japan, the United States, and the world.

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