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UCLA! Return GRACE ALLELUIA to Leah Beabout and allow a 2nd opinion at another Hospital!

STOP UCLA FROM FORCING CHEMOTHERAPY ON GRACE ALLELUIA!  I am a rare disease patient advocate for Grace Alleluia Beabout.  My friend, Leah Beabout, has had her daughter medically kidnapped at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, by the Social Worker, Marla Knoll, MSW after first being forced into a $9500 air ambulance transfer there by UMC Children's Hospital doctors after asking for a Biopsy and a 2nd opinion before starting any surgeries or cancer treatments! Please help us stop this tragic violation of human rights and ethics, and misappropriation of Medicaid/Medi-Cal and Title IV funding! The Court would not honor Leah Beabout's request for Grace to have Native American status and protection by the Indian Child Welfare Act, because she did not know she had to register with the government to be recognized as a part of her Kickapoo Tribe. The family wanted to go to Mexico for treatment where the father's family is from, but were denied any choice in their daughters treatment plan or location by UMC & UCLA! There is a Pediatric Oncologist in Mexico, Dr. Samantha Espinoza, who had offered her services for an outside consultation for a possible diagnosis and treatment options, however, UCLA refused to release Grace's medical records to her family or Dr. Espinoza. The social worker made false, Defamatory and Libelous statements to the Court to Petition for Custody before the parents were even denied a 2nd opinion.  Leah was mislead by the Court appointed Attorney and coerced into signing a 10-day consent under Duress, with the threat to, "never see her child again," unless Leah complies with the hospital and CPS. As soon as the Social Worker had Leah sign Grace up for Medi-Cal, she Petitioned the Ventura County Court for Custody BEFORE the parents had the group meeting with UCLA Team to discuss the possible diagnosis and proposed treatment plan! UCLA has already failed at removing Grace's kidney and have moved forward with chemotherapy against her parents wishes!  They were never allowed access to their child's medical records, a biopsy to confirm a cancer diagnosis, or a 2nd opinion for treatment at another facility!  We must stop this complete disregard for human, parental, and civil rights!PLEASE TELL UCLA MATTEL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & VENTURA COUNTY JUVENILE COURTS TO RETURN CUSTODY OF GRACE ALLELUIA BEABOUT TO HER PARENTS SO THEY CAN ACCESS HER MEDICAL RECORDS AND CHOOSE APPROPRIATE TREATMENT!!#SavingGraceAlleluia #MedicalKidnap #CPSFraud

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Increase training requirements to help save victims of human trafficking

Around the world, nearly 20.9 million people are enslaved in human trafficking (ILO, 2012). In the US, the Human Trafficking hotline receives approximately 100 calls per day reporting possible instances of trafficking (Polaris, 2017).  This issue is widespread and dangerous to many individuals within the US. Victims include children and adults and may suffer from mental and physical conditions while in trafficking and after escaping.  Recognizing the signs of trafficking can be crucial in interventions to stop trafficking and rescue victims. Some professions that are likely to come into contact with trafficking victims are: health care workers, first responders, those associated with travel such as airline employees, professionals working in or around homes such as utility service providers and educators. Although these are common professions that may be on contact with victims, there is a need for a general understanding and awareness of this issue.  Legislation exists for required training to specific fields, such as victim service providers and certain health care workers. However, federal legislation needs to be developed to address a more comprehensive training requirement to all facilities that provide direct services and have direct contact with customers/clients on a daily basis.  Implementing federal legislation for training requirements would increase awareness about how to identify possible instances of human trafficking and report this to the proper authorities.  Signing this page will show support for increased awareness and training within workplaces around the country to help fight human trafficking.

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Petition to Nebraska State Senate

Get My Father Investigated for Child Trafficking In Omaha, NE

My father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. trafficked and killed children in Omaha NE during the 80's and told his Methodist Hospice nurses and doctors that he had murdered children in his laundry room- which he made into a sound proof room- and put their remains in the walls of his master bedroom closet- which he totally rebuilt. My family was involved with child trafficking in the 80s in Omaha, NE along with a group of very powerful people.  He CONTINUED murdering children afterwards- but before he died in 2006- he told me, my older sister, AND his Hospice nurses and doctors that he had murdered children and put the remains in his walls. I have spent 11 years trying to get this investigated- to no avail.  I went to Nebraska State Patrol cold case detective John Pankonin and demanded he take my DNA to compare to cold cases in town- to see if any matched my father's or brother's- both who were child killers.  What he DID was send his sister Tru Pankonin into mine and my sister's life to gather dirt on US- and NOTHING was investigated. This SERIOUSLY needs to be investigated- but as of yet- the police have refused- and NOW I am being targeted by my local police in Washington State to lock me up to quiet me so that I stop this crusade to expose my father's crimes. My father's old house needs to be investigated- as do his daily hospice notes at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, NE where he told them that he was guilty of these crimes. Please sign this- to bring justice to those murdered children and to perhaps give their families some answers.  According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Chidren- 1 child is disappearing every 27 seconds in America- which is almost 800,000 children a year.  Investigating my family could SERIOUSLY help stop this epidemic of missing children- and could perhaps give some answers to parents who have lost their children.

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Petition to Florida State Senate, Florida State House

Protect Our Children from Human Trafficking

Modern-day slavery has made its devastating mark in our nation and Florida is no exception.  Being ranked 3rd in the nation, we must not be silent and continue to ignore this problem.  Take note of the words of a human trafficking survivor, “The men who buy us, we are like meat. To everybody else in society, we simply do not exist” (Trafficking in Persons Report, 2015). According to the Florida Department of Children and Families Annual Human Trafficking Report December 2016, human trafficking cases have been on the rise since 2010.  During federal fiscal year (FFY) 2015-16, the Florida Abuse Hotline received 1,892 alleged human trafficking reports, which is an increase of 54.45% from FFY 2014-15, and last fiscal year, 1,382 were identified as victims of human trafficking in the state of Florida (Florida Department of Children and Families, 2016).   In Florida Legislature, Representative Ross Spano and Senator Greg Steube are sponsoring Bills HB665 and SB286: Human Trafficking Education in Schools, which will "revise the required health education in public schools to include information regarding the dangers and signs of human trafficking" (Florida Senate, 2017).  Human trafficking is an extremely well-organized crime, and in order for us to combat slavery as it exists today, we need to be united and work together.  One person cannot do it all, but every one of us can do something.  Join me in signing this petition today in support of Bills HB665 and SB286, which adds Human Trafficking Education to a portion of the health class curriculum in 7-12th grade classes.  Prevention efforts are needed to safeguard our children; therefore, do not delay and call your Florida representatives and senators and ask them to support Bills HB665 and SB286.   If you suspect an adult is a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.  If you suspect a child is a victim in the state of Florida, call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE.    

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