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Petition to SenatorTammy Duckworth, Senator Dick Durbin, Governor JB Pritzker Phone: (217) 782-6450, (312) 814-2121, President Joe Biden (202) 456-1111

Stop corruption in the judicial system startlng with Lake County, IL

I have been cheated out of my home because one of your investors had been stalking me for decades for my house.  First, they were trying to get it for taxes.  Del Faulkner of Rockford, IL  told me that they were after your property forever.  Joe Cominski knew of it too.  And he said no wonder they want this property so badly, it has a pretty view.  I was stalked by deputies Ashely Pomzeal, Thomas Jakowski, Richard Skypek, and the Sargeant Timothey Jonites, who looked the other way.  They used criminals, Jason Argraves, Devin Hoppe, and Amanda Zwanzig as helpers.  They listen in on my phone, followed me, and made copies of my keys to the house for decades.  Various coworkers went into my purse and got Jason the keys.  At Kemper in Long Grove, it was Kathey Goski; at Braeside in Antioch, it was Heather Hubbard and Brian Stroud; at Miller Sales in Wauconda, it was Sandy Mcsherry and Julie Olin; and at Cardinal Health/Catalent in Woodstock, IL it was Heather Doss, Marlene Deilio, and the first shift security guard who would help Jason R. Argraves to my keys.  One of the people was Joe Ida and a couple from Lotus Woods in Spring Grove, and a realtor from Antioch on 173 who would break into my home.  Jason literally hid in my home.  Changing my locks every two weeks or monthly did nothing.  This went on for decades.  My life was threaten on the road more than multiply times.  First a large white car and a large red truck played cat and mouse.  Edwin A. Camp was the driver of the red truck, but not the owner.  I am making the accusation that these people are being bribers in getting equity from homes.  I have talked to lawyers and they were afraid to go after them and took the easy way out by throwing me under the bus.  That includes Kristen Karr at Harrison's office in Woodstock IL, Elizabeth Vonau at Killis' office, and Dennis Ferro in Palatine, IL who did minimal to help me.  My address was 27111 West Park Avenue, Antioch IL  60002 and I lived there all my life till the foreclosure.  I had to borrow against it because I needed a ultra safe car after spotting Jason R Argraves following me and getting my keys from Sandy McSherry at the Miller Sales office.  I need to speak to one of your representatives to get myself back to where I was.  I was blinded partially by Deputy Pomzal during a false arrest.     I am contacting every new station and congress person I can think of.  I was living at a homeless shelter in Woodstock, IL.  I am in Mchenry County to avoid the Lake County Police, mainly Ashley Pomazal and her boyfriend Tom Janowski.  I was stalked for decades to get me to lose my home.   In September 2010 my well went out.  I tried to get help from Affordable Housing in Libertyville and Grayslake.  Mike Mader said I needed a credit rating of 620 to get the grant/interest free loan.  I checked with the other Affordable Housing in other counties.  And they said I would have be eligible if I was in their jurisdiction.  I was paying my house with my unemployment.  I tried again in Sept. 2011 when I had a job and got the same story.  For five years I had to bring water into the house in five gallon jugs.   On top of this I was stalked for a few decades, even after there was a law in the Spring 1993 made in Illinois.  My house was constant broken into.  After my mom died in 1996, I inherit the house.  I would come home from work and the door was down on the ground, the heat was turned up, doors were open or closed.  Someone was constantly breaking in.  I was constantly changing my locks to no avail.   When I worked at Braeside in Antioch, IL my keys would be on my chair when I came back from break.  I called the Antioch police and no one came to take the report.  I have reason to believe it was Heather Hubbard who was getting the keys and giving them to Jason Argraves to make copies.  I took my breaks at different times to find her coming to my area.  I also saw her and her son, Gregory, running from my driveway when my car window was broke with a hummer.   Then I worked at Miller Sales in Wauconda.  The same thing happened.  I came back from break and my keys were on my chair.  I asked Sandy McSheri who was here and she started to delete phones from her phone when I walked to her desk.  It was a small office so either she saw the person or she did it herself.  I vote the latter since she was allegedly stealing from me.  I saw a blue sedan drove by out of the parking lot.  This was my first sighting of Jason Argraves.  I made a phone call to the Wauconda police and they did not come.   I then worked at Catalent for 4.5 years and put up with the same thing.  The HR manager, Heather Doss, her associate, Marlene Dielio, both broke into my house on a regular basis.  Jason would get the keys by coming to Woodstock and the security guard was his friend, so he didn’t tell.  He would help Jason.  Jason was also friends with my neighbor across the street.  Her name was Amanda Zwanzig.  She and Devin Hoppe would break into my home as well.   I would call the Lake County police and they did nothing.  I had a garbage bag full of locks.  They would steal cloths, housing items, and rummage through my stuff.  Marlene’s husband, Joe, would come to my house for six months and pour water in my car.  They would also vandalize my Volkswagon Jetta by deflating tires.  They did the same thing to Kathy Huluska.  She was a roommate for one month and told me that “they were going to burn the house down, but it was too close to the neighbors.  The first night she was there Marleen pulled up at one in the morning into my driveway.  She wrote down the license plate number and called Kathy.  Jimmy Silcox told me that people were coming by and it was not safe to be there anymore.  He would not tell me who.  His friend, Tim Schnelby, burned his house down in the late eighties for insurance money.   He lived on the other side of the bridge.  My phone would be taken apart.  My greenery in my yard would be cut.  My neighbors would claim they saw nothing.  They are retired and are home often.   Sept. 30th, 2011, I was arrested by Ashley Pomazel.  It was dropped six months later and then expunged.  I was injured from her attack.  When I asked, “why I was being arrested” she pushed me back very hard.  I fell and hit the back of my head.  I pushed her and walked away.  she jumped me and damaged my right cornea.  Her boyfriend, Tom Jansowski, said, “where are her keys?”.  I was just walking and did not have my house keys on me because I used a number lock by then.  My locks were constantly being broken as well.  They had a friend, who drove a black SUV, call in and made a “911” because I was wearing all black.  I was represented by Elizabeth Voneau of George Kililis’ office in Crystal Lake.  I told her to counter sue but she wouldn’t.  My eye doctor was Antioch Eye Associates.  They did not tell me of my injuries till three years later though I was going back every six months because the glasses did not work.   When I called the DA’s office and asked about the well problem, the answer on the other end said called the Affordable Housing though I explained the problem.  When I called the office about the cops, I got refered to Sargeant Joints.  I told him and of course he is part of the problem so nothing was done.  I was told that the Sheriff reported to no one.  He was an elected official.  More lies by the DA’s office to cover for the police acting badly.  Why is it that Devon Hoppe, Jason Argraves and Amanda Zwanzig could break into my house constantly and nothing be done.  Jason would hide in the house while I was working.  Deputies Robert Skypek and Thomas Janowski answer quite a few of the calls.      I lost the house to foreclosure and moved out in Sept.2016 into PADS because I could not work because of my eyesight being ruined by Deputy Pomazel.  Pomzel also had broken into my home with her hairdresser friend, Ashley Tobolt.  And she let Jason Argraves drive her squad car at least twice.  She accused me of being a homeless person when she arrested me by Grass Lake Bridge through she knew this was not true.  When I appeared in front of Judge George Stickland and asked for a public defender, he said I could not have one because I owned a house.  The public defenders’ office said it was up to the judge.  He also said to Pomazel, “We planned this too soon.  She not in foreclosure yet.”  The State Bank of the Lakes and the tax accessor office has bird doggers in it.  I am well aware of the statue of limitations, but there must be something to be done with such dishonesty.   I have emailed and called the governor’s office, the attorney general, and the district attorney office on each subject matter.   I have made hundreds of police reports and only few were recorded according to the records clerk when I got the copies.  Deputy Janowski even went so far as to say I was mental as in delusional.  I am perfectly sane.  They go out of their way to label someone to put them in group homes and take the $750 out of $800 social security check amount.  My sister-in-law, an ex-cop, was helping because she was mad I got the house in August 1996.   Sincerely, Constance Galanopoulos Woodstock, IL  60098 Cell:  224-381-5981   

Connie Galanopoulos
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Petition to Kamala Harris, State General Assembly, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President Joe Biden, House Health and Government Operations Committee, Vice President Kamala Harris

Reparations for African Americans Now!

250 years of slavery (12 generations) 90 years of Jim Crow (at least 4 generations) 60 years of Separate but (not) Equal 35 years of state-sanctioned housing discrimination known as redlining Ongoing racism and discrimination that exists today Since the first enslaved Africans were brought to America over 400 years ago to build the colonies and then a new nation, their descendants have been dehumanized, pillaged, raped, murdered, and subjected to every possible injustice. This legacy is a crime against humanity that continues to this very day. A few historical facts: Slavery fueled America’s economy. In 1860, enslaved descendants of Africans who were stolen from their homeland were valued at over $3 billion. Conservative estimates value the unpaid slave labor at $50 trillion. In 1862, slave owners in Washington, DC, were paid ($300 per slave/roughly $7,600 today) from the public treasury for the loss of their slaves when slavery was abolished. In 1865, America breached Field Order 15 which granted 400,000 acres of land to formerly enslaved Blacks in 40 acre lots. At the most basic level, for three decades, Congress failed to pass H.R.40, which would only study and develop reparation proposals. The time for action is NOW. One of the earliest accounts of a formerly enslaved person petitioning for reparations was in 1783 by Belinda Sutton. "[T]he year 2022 marks the first year the United States will have been an independent nation for as long as slavery lasted on its soil. No current-day adult will be alive in the year in which African-Americans as a group will have been free for as long as they have been enslaved. That will not come until the year 2111." Isabel Wilkerson, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents This petition supports National comprehensive systemic reparations to Black descendants of American chattel slavery that eliminate the wealth gap, are direct payments to recipients, and are made by the Federal government because the Federal government is the capable and culpable party. Hear from the leading scholars on American reparations, Sandy Darity, Jr. and Kirsten Mullen, in this podcast and in their book, From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans In the Twenty-First Century A comprehensive National program for reparatory justice would include acknowledgement of this crime against humanity, redress to fundamentally change the conditions of structural, racial economic inequality, a rigorous and accurate curriculum integrated into schools telling the story of America’s history, and action to create an AntiRacist America. Additional support for reparations include: draft revised version of H.R.40/S.40 H.R."1865," Testimony for HB1201, Why we need reparations, What Is Owed, Resurrecting the Promise of 40 Acres: The Imperative of Reparations for Black Americans, What Reparations Would Look Like, There is No Middle Ground On Reparations, and the Case for Reparations. See also, The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration and Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson as "Exhibits A&B" to the case for reparations. America has never taken responsibility for or stopped this ongoing Crime Against Humanity. With this petition we are trying to get the attention of the American people, the US Congress, the President, and state legislatures to uphold America’s promise for African Americans to receive reparations.  Black people deserve better! America deserves better! Please help us start to right this wrong! Stand with and stand up for humanity! Please sign this petition! Reparations for African Americans Now!  

The AntiRacist Table
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Petition to

Demand the resignation of DCPS Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene immediately!

Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene has violated her Oath of Office, the US Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Florida, Federal and Florida State Law. Her concerted effort to violate laws openly and blatantly while sidestepping her Constitutional and Fiduciary duties as an Appointed Official of the State of Florida has undermined the trust of the taxpayers of the State of Florida and of the constituents of the Duval County School District. Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene, during the 2021 - 2022 School Year, violated: The Florida Governor's Executive Order 21-175 Florida State Law; The Parental Bill of Rights The US Constitution; 4th Amendment (Bodily Autonomy) The Constitution of the State of Florida; Article 4, Sec. 1a The Florida Dept. of Health Emergency Rule# 6DER21-15 Title 18, US CODE, Sec. 242 The DCPS Policy Manual; Chapter 2, Sec. 2.1 and more... Her decisions to break the law have harmed school aged children and the families of school aged children in Duval County which is thoroughly documented by the ongoing lawsuits that have been brought against her and Duval County Public Schools during the 2021- 2022 school year. Her lawless leadership is further documented by her admonished decisions from the Florida Department of Education and also by a court injunction that was filed and ordered in Duval County for Writ of Mandamus. With her dereliction of responsibilities as Superintendent, violations of the law, violations of her Oath of Office, causing harm to children and families, and the leaving of an exuberant amount of financial liability at the feet of the taxpayers of Duval County we demand her resignation immediately! If Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene does not resign immediately we, THE PEOPLE of the State of Florida, plan to file criminal complaints with the Attorney's General of the State of Florida, file a complaint on all Bonds held by Superintendent Dr. Greene, and bring civil suit to Duval County Public Schools.

Brian Kennedy
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Petition to President of the United States, United Nations, United States Supreme Court, U.S. Senate

Sovereignty, Reparations, and Justice for Americans of African decent

There is a long term systemic problem in America that has affected Americans of African decent more than any other group in America, this corruption is now making murder of its citizens legal. Because of this systematic oppression of Americans of African decent it has become in America common and acceptable not only among those in the oppressive regime by default but by other groups who have been warned to not associate with us to oppress, cheat, lie, to our detriment because there is no Justice that will be upheld for our people. We have been marked with a scarlet letter not only in America but around the world. Even amongst ourselves we fear association of each other. That is because of over 400 years of oppression and unprecedented hate towards a group of people who never invaded or conquered any other people but enriched many around the world. We are the only people who have never started a war, but have fought in many and died. We fought only to achieve what was promised freedom and equality, but have never been given that opportunity to live that promise because we are listed in the United States of Americas constitution as less that 3/5 of human being. There are laws still in the constitution that limit our ability to act as full citizens not because we are not true Americans in our hearts minds, bodies and souls, but because the powers to be in this oppressive power structure has never acknowledged us in this goal their forefathers intended for America to become, a more perfect Union. Native Black America's where intentionally and systematically left out even though they knew it was our sweat, blood, and tears this country was built on. We the people of the enslaved helped to build the foundation of America to spear it into this future of creating that more perfect union. How do you fight Hate, greed, separating from it, by weeding out that which is evil. By recompensing those who the evil has been done to and protecting them while they build and heal from the onslaught of centuries of oppression. We were promised land,  we never were given, we were promised citizenship we have fought and died for never to really be accepted, we fought for education, housing we have yet to gain strides in because of a continued system to keep the masses of Americans of African decent disenfranchised. We carry the scars, and the truths of Americas crime throughout our daily existence we are required to say it to our children, our teachers, employers everyday, it is not our color it is our names, the names of slaves holders who once owned our ancestors yet we carry their name but we do not share in the inheritance that they claim for their children which our fathers and mothers created with their bloodshed. Now we are being murdered in the streets and denied Justice. The time is now, that we need Action for our People.  Those who agree please sign this petition lets get this done before the next election. Cast your vote here.  

Esther. Berry
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