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KEEP Enrique In the USA

Hello my name is Keily VILLALTA my brothers name is Enrique Villalta , we came here since Enrique was 5 years old from el Salvador fleeing from violence gangs and corruption  in the Government of el Salvador.  We arrived to America where our parents were already waiting for us . Enrique as a kid has gotten in trouble with the police but my mother happen to fix papers for him and apply for a green card and was able to do so,  Enrique got his green card and at the age of 17 he caught a charge he was with the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reasons , he then has had probation and has always ended up violating probation here and there which resulted in him getting warrants and put to jail for a month or less,  this time Enrique violated probation and he has been in jail for about 3 weeks now and on top of that they have a hold of immigration on him ,when I called to ask why he had that , they said it was because of his criminal record he is 19 years old currently all we know is the USA as our home , I am shattered just thinking about him being sent to a country we know absolutely nothing about that's not our home.  I know he has made mistakes but taking him away from his family isn't a way to punish him , we have NO family left in El  Salvador, everyone now lives here in the USA In New York City ,and in Texas. If they send my brother to El Salvador,  I don't want to say this but the gang members would either force him to join the Gangs or Kill him . He also has tattooes, in El Salvador they see tattooes  as gang related even if the tattooes you have aren't gang related .He has no one waiting for him at that strange country if He gets sent away.  I am afraid of getting a call one day saying he is dead .  He has a green card I can't believe they are trying to kick him out . He has his High school diploma and even said he would join the Marines once he was done with his Probation.  He Did make mistakes but taking him away from his home and family isn't what he deserves .  Please I am begging you all to help me , this is my only little brother .  I need you all's help . God bless . 

Keily Villalta
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Petition to Representative Cindi S. Duchow, Representative Gary Tauchen, Representative Joel Kleefisch, Representative Scott Krug

Help us protect children and families and make our communities safer to live in

I care about the safety of children, Family's, and communities across the United States. The current out dated policy's in place in family courts are bankrupting family's placing children in abusers homes and making our communities dangerous to live in. It is time to address the family court crisis and stop ignoring parents pleas for help and retaliating against them for standing up for the protection of children and instead stand with them and against the family court corporation harming children and families.I hereby request the immediate removal of judges from the afcc and the aaml which could be in violation of cannon laws(if it is not legislation drafted stating it is) see link I request immediate enactment of legislation that States child safety is the paramount concern in all child custody proceedings I request the immediate investigation into the Wisconsin afcc International headquarters in Madison Wis. operating with out a current ein number see linkI request the removal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in family courts bankrupting families and placing children in abusers homes for profit see link I request the removal of the friendly parent provision punishing parents for protecting their children from reported abusers see linkI request an immediate public integrity investigation into every case involving afcc members who may have been case rigging, violating parents constitutional rights , and dragging out cases for the benefit of the afcc and it's members see link Note this is an National/ international organization and i care about all children's safety see link Wisconsin holds international head quarters for the Afcc?  See also Victims and critics of the afcc ?
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