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Petition to Amnesty International Australia, United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), US State Department, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Theresa May MP, Donald Trump, BBC, Council of the European Union, The British Council


IMPORTANT! A 25 year old Saudi Arabian woman in Riyadh is trapped in a household which promotes a rape culture and abuse through various beatings, threats, violence, as well as depriving her from basic needs such as food, water and medical care. I write this on behalf of her as this is a serious matter that needs immediate attention. I and many private individuals have contacted organisations such as UN women, Amnesty international, Human Rights Watch, Un Refugee etc only for them to ignore our cry for help or they would tell us that they do not deal with "individual cases". The young lady contacted local authorities and shelters for help but they would blame her instead for the abuse or they would turn a blind eye towards her case. This was proven from a variety of emails and proofs of which she provided us with in the hopes that it will spark attention. We call upon each and every individual to be a voice, in order for her to be placed in a safe environment after her endured trauma! She is also willing to testify on behalf of many other women who are trapped in her predicament in the hopes that Officials need to start taking lives seriously! I am desperate for this petition to reach as many people as possible because the young lady is looking through other means such as suicide. Who can blame her? It is obvious that she is mentally incapable and hence I redeem this matter as being serious. I have not provided her full name so that I can protect her identity from any further dangers especially from governmental entities and/or her oppressors. It is seen as a "shame" for a victim of the Saudi state to seek international help from outside their borders. That to me is absurd considering the fact that the victim and those who are oppressed wouldnt need to seek international help in the first place if their OWN state authorities and organisations didnt turn them away!  To the humanitarian organisational entities, we call upon you to act according to the promises that you preach on a daily basis! We cannot as a society allow you to weaken the voices of the vulnerable when they CALL OUT FOR YOU!  Furthermore, the whole purpose as to why your entites exist in the first place is to deal with violations that are a threat to human life! If you, yourselves do not follow your own mission and vision statements that you are willingly proud to boast about in public view, you are as bad as the individuals who find the need to cause unrest in society! The abuse of Saudi Arabian Women has been an ongoing issue that never ends. It is an atrocity that shouldn't even be considered a norm. Convenants and policies do nothing for these women as they are still being abused and mistreated in the most horrendous ways. A Saudi Arabian woman must not be killed or placed in a dention centre just because she knows her worth! The Saudi Arabian state must be held accountable for upholding a culture of abuse in its society!  Death should not be, by any means a way of escape for a woman who is oppressed! Stop turning a blind eye to a human rights violation that is killing many.  One Womans death equates to a fallen generation! Women are more than their beauty and their strength, They hold the world in the palm of their hands, therefore we need to rise to the occassion. Saudi Arabian women deserve their freedom. We talk about their freedom, we fantasize about it, we write articles about it and we even create mediocre policies for it but we never ACT on the freedom we so actively preach about it! ACT! ACT! ACT! GOALS 1. The Saudi Arabian Victim must be set free without any arrests. Furthermore, her oppressors must be dealt with legally for the crimes committed. She must be given the necessary treatment for the trauma and she must be able to have a say when it comes to her personal concerns. 2. Provide Saudi Arabian women of ALL ages places of safety ENSURING that they will not get turned back by organisational entities, ensuring that medical provisions are being made, ensuring that their perpetrators deal with the law immediately and effectively and ensuring that places of safety are checked on a constant bases for safety precautions. Any organisation that fails to account for the above, must face legal precautions. 3. Police Enforcement must be held accountable for not taking matters of abused women seriously. Women must NOT be forced back to their oppressors neither should they be arrested for reporting a crime that is considered urgent and pertaining a crisis that has the potential cause death. We ask that the Police enforcement must be held accountable for their actions if found to do so and this can only be achieved if investigations are conducted by the state and international organisations who have ties with such entities.    #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen   For more info please contact me on the following: Email: Ask for it. Social Media: Instagram and Skype. (Email me for such details)              

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Petition to Human Rights Council, Juan Méndez,

UN Human Rights Council. Investigate India for Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

For decades, the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir have suffered persistent human rights violations at the hands of the Indian authorities and the Army. Over the years, numerous leading human rights groups like Amnesty International have been heavily critical of India. Media stories/reports are featured here. A documentary made by Channel 4 can be seen here. In April 2016, a US report stated "There were few investigations and prosecutions of human rights violations arising from internal conflicts.”  The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. Nothing has been done about the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which is used to kill innocent civilians without trial or judgment. India cannot continue to hide behind the AFSPA anymore. Thousands of lives have been lost.  Moreover, the population are demanding the right for self determination as mandated by the United Nations resolutions. There appears to be a dictatorship as opposed to a democracy at present. The Indian government continues to suppress the freedoms of opposition parties. Civilians are brutally punished if they are seen to challenge or campaign against the oppressive occupation. Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has taken to shutting off internet services intermittently, so that civilians cannot communicate with the outside world.  It is for all these reasons that India must be held accountable for these human rights violations. Civilians have suffered since the 1990s without any assistance from international bodies. We would therefore like the Human Rights Council to take account of the evidence with a view to mounting an investigation into the serious oppression and human rights violations suffered by the people of Kashmir. Jan. 1989 to March 31, 2016Total Killings 94,332Custodial Killings 7,043Civilians Arrested 133,387Structures Arsoned/Destroyed 106,063Women Widowed 22,810Children Orphaned 107,556Women gang-raped / Molested 10,176Enforced Disappearances 10,000 + Update 2016.  Clashes broke out following the death of a Kashmiri freedom fighter. India placed Kashmir under curfew, removed all communications and shut down any opportunity for a international civil remedy. The local Civil Society made this plea to the United Nations for intervention. India has since blocked all intervention by the UNHRC. Please though support this petition for the people of #KASHMIR. Visit Us on Facebook Human Rights Violations in Kashmir. Twitter #KASHEXIT Formal Complaint to the Human Rights Council against India  

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Petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis, Andrew Young, Danny Glover, Jimmy Carter, Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano, Malala Yousafzai, Marcia Tambutti Allende, Rigoberta menchu, Eusebio Leal Spengler, Zenani Dlamini, Oscar Arias Sánchez, Michelle Bachelet, Margarette May Macaulay

In the name of the Cuban Family / En nombre de la Familia Cubana

On October 28 of last year, 2017, Cuba carried out modifications to the 1312 Migration law under which the government ratified the 8 year forced exile that weigh on those of us who have abandoned their work agreements abroad and, weary of the inhuman conditions in which we have been forced to live and work, have decided to opt for a better future beyond the sea. The government of Cuba punishes us with what we love the most: our family. In this moment, there are children growing up without their parents, mothers that have not seen their kids in years, siblings that have never met, while there are others that have lost family members and have been denied the opportunity of the last goodbye. Hundred of thousands of Cuban families are terribly affected by this, all because some Cuban doctors, athletes and engineers have decided to live elsewhere. The people of Cuba has never voted for this law. We are campaigning for this unconstitutional and inhuman ban to be lifted, and we need your support in the name of family unity.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- El 28 de octubre del pasado año, 2017, Cuba llevó a cabo modificaciones a la Ley de Migración 1312 bajo la cual el gobierno ratificó el exilio forzado de 8 años que pesa sobre aquellos de nosotros que hemos abandonado nuestros contratos de trabajo en el extranjero y, hastiados ​​de las condiciones inhumanas en que nos hemos visto obligados a vivir y trabajar, hemos decidido optar por un futuro mejor allende el mar. El gobierno de Cuba nos castiga con lo que más amamos: nuestra familia. En este momento, hay niños que crecen sin sus padres, madres que no han visto a sus hijos en años, hermanos que nunca se han conocido, mientras otros han perdido a sus familiares y se les ha negado la oportunidad del último adiós. Cientos de miles de familias cubanas están terriblemente afectadas por esto, todo porque algunos médicos, atletas e ingenieros cubanos decidieron vivir en otro lugar. El pueblo de Cuba nunca ha votado a favor de esta ley. Estamos haciendo campaña para que se levante esta prohibición inconstitucional e inhumana, y necesitamos su apoyo en nombre de la unidad familiar.

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