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Petition to Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission

#Justice for 668Babies, 17,000Women, and all innocents allegedly arrested by TurkishRegime

In recent years, Turkey has experienced a sharp declining trend in almost all democratic indicators, including civil, political, economic and social rights, freedom of expression and media. Apart from these, the violation of human rights against women and children have been in a disturbingly rising pattern. However, the situation deteriorated substantially in the aftermath of the attempted, doubtful coup of July, 2016. After the failed coup, Turkish regime boosted the witch-hunt (which the government started after uncovering of their huge bribery) under an umbrella of the state of emergency calling the coup attempt "a gift from God".  By the end of August 2017, there are 668 children under age 6 in jails with their mothers who are denied their right to nutritious food and access to basic healthcare. Age                Number of children0-12 months         1491-3 years               3814-6 years              127 The mothers of these children are just 668 of 17,000 women who have imprisoned allegedly, who face torture, abuse, and ill-treatment in Turkey prisons, not having a fair trial.  Most alarming, since July 15, 2016                              146,713           got sacked 130,214           detained 62,211             arrested 3,003               schools, dormitories, and universities shut down 8,693               academics lost jobs 4,463               judges, prosecutors dismissed 187                  media outlets shut down 308                  journalists arrested          as of December 5, 2017, with increase day after day So, I think it is an important time for everyone to collaborate, from all parts of the world, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, and creed, hand in hand, to stop this tragedy, to support babies, women, journalists, judges, prosecutors, human rights defenders (incl. Amnesty International's Turkey staff) and many innocent others who are crushed under a dictatorial regime, who are imprisoned without any evidence, any trial. It is an important time to show that we can really succor each other from other parts of the world! Let us demonstrate that it is possible to change, to put pressure on a dictatorial regime and to force the authoritarians to follow democracy with the solidarity of nations rather than declaring war on the whole country causing more disasters for the community. Let us request from related organizations worldwide to put pressure on Turkish Government to:  release mothers of 668 babies at least on pending trial,  stop torture and ill-treatment against detainees and prisoners,  including especially against women,  stop witch-hunt under the umbrella of state of emergency regime, dismissing, detaining and imprisoning people allegedly,  release human rights defenders, including Amnesty International Turkey staff. So, I hope to reach more than 500,000 signatures because I think there are much more than this number responsive people around the world. I hope we all, together with you, will be able to mobilize some related organizations including United Nations, European Court of Human Rights and parliaments of most countries as much as possible. And I hope this petition will also be an example of solidarity of nations, an example that will give hope to all victims of unlawfulness around the world.   You can sign the following petition also: #668BabiesToPrison    For more information about what is going wrong in Turkey and the consequences of the collapse of law, visit:  

Bir GaripKul
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Petition to Simon Birmingham, Attorney General, Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Stop teachers bullying students and child abuse

My Autistic son was emotionally and physically abused by a NSW special needs teacher. Ending in a visit to the emergency room. Like so many other families. Education department refuse to intervene. In fact she now has permanant job there. My son hasn't attended school since August 11. I found stories of children locked in cages, physically abused, emotionally abused, left outside outside in isolation.  I kept complaining after my Autistic son had to be taken to hospital. Police refused to listen they refuse believe teacher capable of abuse. Instead after I again complained she applied intervention order. My beautiful boy was locked up and now faces charges. At court she asked Avo be varied to he can't attend school, his not to go within 20 metres of her. He won't even leave our house or go outside. You can sign my other petition calling attorney general to drop charges here I am calling for harsher penalties for child abusers.  More powers for human rights commission to investigate and punish those doing the wrong thing. At the moment they are powerless to intervene.  Education department stop transferring these abusers around the state. And remove them from having any contact with children.  I am calling for chief minister Andrew Barr to hold up his promise to stop cover up of child abuse.  Please sign and show our government we do not support child abuse in any form 

Autism parents against abuse
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