Human Rights Violation

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Taking down Mexican Wall

Having a wall at the border DOES NOT REDUCE illegal immigration, it in fact INCREASES illegal immigration. America needs to start getting their act together understanding the best way is to take down the wall allowing a bridge between Mexico and America to unite as one.  When there is no wall, people from America and Mexico can freely walk across the border at their own free will. Because of how America has tried to strengthen the wall, the level of illegal immigration rises as people moving to and from now have a high probability of being unable to go back to their family and home. This is something that America has not addressed properly which represents incompetency.  Considering the inhumane actions by Jeff Sessions and how Donald Trump has, from time to time again, blamed other parties for his decisions results in one of the worst acts by ANY United States Government. Making a lie the truth, this has resulted in extreme captivity of innocent lives which doesn't seem like this reality is going to dissipate with views of xenophobia/discrimination/racism/torture due to locking up people in caged areas. First most, it's wrong to ANY degree to lock up innocent lives and this shows how much the US Government has gone downhill ever since January 20 2017.  My point is this: No wall means lower Illegal Immigration My point is not this: Having a wall means lower Illegal Immigration America is a nation built up of immigrants and vast migrant history where now is seems as though most Republicans and US Citizens are now advocating a supremacy status. It's wrong to any degree to support Supremacy views considering they're immensely extreme plus it's a definite human right to ensure every... EVERY human being has their choice to live and travel where they want to, not by the command of the US Government. The first step of success to achieve stronger immigration is to take down what divides another country and it's people which being is the wall. Citizens of Mexico flock in and out at their own ability considering some regions are poor in condition as they thrive on living in a better world. THAT IS THE REASON WHY THEY CROSS THE BORDER. If we strengthen the wall, we have just given way to permanently being unable to stop Illegal Immigration once and for all.  If the wall were to be completed, it would have to go through many housing/rivers/trees which means a lot of damage to the environment plus would come at expense of billions if not trillions of dollars. Implementing the wall was a bad idea from the beginning and has made tackling Illegal Immigration more difficult. Having a wall at the border does NOT make things better, it violates human rights and hurts the American economy. As for me not being an American citizen, it's common sense that the best decision is to strip down the wall completely to save our environment and provide security to Mexican citizens as they, as much as anyone, should have their own will to travel freely without authoritarian exhaustion.   *The wall at the border in the middle of America and Mexico needs to be taken down. One should be saying that countries working together is a better result than countries working against each other*

Ray-Park Fisher
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Petition to United Nations, Supreme Court of Kenya, Justice Maraga

BLOCK Dr. Tatu Kamau's appeal to legalise FGM in Kenya

Dr Tatu Kamau has filed a case at the Machakos High Court seeking to have female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation (FGM), legalised for adult women who should 'have the right to choose FGM'. Women who choose to undergo FGM can do so now, as they have done for centuries.        Therefore the legalization of this practice is completely unnecessary and will implicate Kenya in  additional Human Rights issues such as Human Trafficking and Child Marriage.    FGM/C is a harmful practice that violates the bodies of thousands of women and girls across the world and damages their mental, emotional and physical health. There are no proven health or other benefits associated with this harmful practice that is used to control and oppress women and girls in many cultures around the world. The issue of legalizing FGM is not simply a matter of 'giving women the right to choose FGM'. The domino effect of this legalization leads to increased cases of forced FGM and a violation of many women and girls' right to health due to community, cultural and familial pressures. Proven harmful effects of FGM include: - High drop out rates for girls in school - Forced Child Marriage - Reproductive Health Issues; severe pain, excessive tissue swelling, painful urination, UTIs and other infections, menstruation complications, inhibited sexual health and even death - Psychological Issues include; increased likelihood of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders and depression. Legalizing FGM will therefore justify this harmful practice that is illegal in International Law and International Human Rights doctrine including CEDAW, UDHR, ICCPR, ACHPR and the CRC. More girls and women will be subjected to this harmful practice if it is legalized, particularly in rural areas of Kenya. The cultural significance of FGM might not protect against psychological complications. Please support this cause and BLOCK the appeal for the legalization of FGM to help Kenyan women and girls escape this harmful practice and have a better future

Sahar Mctough
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