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Exploitation of Labourers/workers in private sector.

Today our country is on the path of progress, that's great I love it too. But with the progress of the country, Do the every people of our country also progressing ? Off course not. Everyone needs money to fulfill their needs and a job is needed for money.I am not talking about the government sector or employee, I am talking about the private sector labourers. Those who don't get good salary nor facilities nor respect. Excepts some big companies even today, there are many companies where people  forced to work in ₹ 7000/ 8000 of the  month which is too little for a family. There are at least three to four people in any family. There is a saying that the basic requirement of any human being is bread cloth and house, but this saying has changed over time.Now the basic requirement of any human being, bread, cloth and house also became education. In any city, a person's food for 1 day is at least ₹ 100.Apart from this, water, electricity, cloth, medicine, education etc, are also spent. How can a person earning,₹250/300 complete these things.  The company he works for is growing by leaps and bounds and he can't even meet his family's expenses. Therefore I want the government to bring a rule for all over country, under which the monthly salary of a person working with any company or organisation is at least ₹ 15000/  So that every person can meet at least basic needs of their families.                Thank you.                                Rakesh Kumar Jaiswal  

Rakesh Kumar
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