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The Endless Battle Of A Father To Protect His Child’s Interest from A Vindictive Mother.

Vindictive Mothers Selfishly Trying To Tear Apart Fathers From Children And The Endless Battle Of A Father To Protect His Child’s Interest. Nowadays the father’s role as a parent is less valued and given little or no importance by the society, whereas children equally require their presence as much as mothers. More emphasis is laid on violation of women’s rights meanwhile men too are being imprisoned by gender stereotypes. This has to change. The problem; The last of my 4 years of marriage was hell as I tried to cope and put up with an adulterous and selfish wife. We had 2 lovely kids and my finances were booming before I came to realize that she was having an extra-marital affair. Even with all the agony and pain I felt inside, I made all efforts to resolve the situation amicably so that we could move on for the sake of the family we had already built, but she demanded a divorce due to her hidden selfish agenda. I finally granted her the divorce. Presently I am awaiting approval of the divorce decree I filed in for with adultery and cruelty being the motive. This is in accordance with the laws of Hindu Marriage Act. Mutual agreements were made during the divorce proceedings which included granting me custody of our 2 kids. The violation of the Divorce terms by forcefully taking away the children from me, (their biological father) in total defiance of the law, followed by her refusal to cooperate in jointly recovering and refunding funds we invested in the form of loans I granted her friends and relatives in the course of our marriage, gradually degenerated into a very worrisome scenario that greatly affected the children and me. In order to overrule these mutual and legal agreements, my ex-wife filed in false complaints to law enforcement agencies which included; domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual harassment, and torture, all of which were dismissed after I went through thin and thick to provide the necessary evidence to discredit her false cases and prove my innocence. (Source: Media Stories Published with Wife Photo with DIG Police Officer and Quoting her allegation, in contrast to her statement I read in High Court Complaint, which is later disposed of) It was a very tormenting journey as I was harassed, threatened and humiliated for crimes I did not commit. In some cases, corrupt means were used at the level of the police to file these complaints against me even after court rulings in my favor. My wife being the architect as she cunningly used the card of women’s rights to manipulate and violate children’s fundamental rights to experience their father’s love. Several times I felt like giving up when the challenges were just too many to handle, but due to the love for my children and my desire to protect them from a selfish and harmful mother, I kept on fighting and I will continue the fight to protect them so it serves as an example for other fathers and children in similar circumstances. The media, on the other hand, was fed with wrong information so as to mount pressure on me and discredit my ability to keep custody of our lovely and innocent children. All of these happening at a time when our kids where in great need of love and affection, as they were still struggling to adapt to the difficult separation period and psychological trauma that accompanies it. People involved and the problem they are facing As a result of these false complaints and charges filed in against me at several law enforcement agencies, uncensored media involvement added to the vicious damaging cycle. The first victims were our 2 innocent kids whose pictures regularly appeared in newspapers and other media platforms accompanied by negative unverified headlines. Consequently rendering their study environment unfavorable as their School administrators, teachers and even classmates’ mindset and impressions about them changed negatively. Out of the academic milieu, the image of my kids in the eyes of their schoolmates’ parents probably changed too thus making insertion into the society difficult for them. The frightful media coverage of these innocent children in unverified circumstances and lack of protection from law enforcement agencies is a clear proof of violation of fundamental children’s rights. As a father who upholds family values and who has a very strong bond with his children, the thought of living without my kids was traumatizing, my financial stability suddenly became uncertain and my reputation damaged as a result of the spread of fake news and false cases built up against me. The atrocious questions posed by media organs, threats, and harassments by the police during investigations sometimes influenced by corrupt practices are all terrible experiences no one else Should go through. My business was crumbling due to the huge sums of money she and refused to assist in the fund recovery plan. The monies including loan money transferred to her relative or friend account and I am now facing repayment issues.   She has taken many cheques of my and family member for hidden agenda. (The matter is under investigation and hence I am unable to comment more on few topics) If I win or lose, as a human being victory is what I desire most, but no matter the outcome I will always uphold family values, love, happiness and togetherness. The welfare and happiness of my children is my main reason for living, so I’ll do everything within my means to keep them healthy and happy. Rather than being depressed and broken, I chose to consider the situation I went through as an empowering forum which has made me well armed to help out those in a similar situation and to advocate for respect for human rights, specifically children’s rights and prevent vengeful mothers from destroying the bond of love that exists between caring fathers and their lovely children. That She filed, Kidnapping and much more serious complaint against me including kidnapping my own daughter for the possible purpose of selling them or engaged them in prostitution. Her complaint at the police station is dismissed/Refused. (allegations are based on the interpretation of IPC section, Interpretation is serious than I have referred here) She pursued District court Indore, her case was dismissed there too. She filed an appeal before the high court, her case dismissed and it is proved that all allegations were false and frivolous. That Gujarat High Court has provided direction to Surat Police to provide free police protection to me and my two daughters from the wife for any false complaint and life-threatening conspiracy against us.  That as she lost (Recently I have learned that she has filed new DV Complaint against me and my father) all cases and proved to be wrong, instead of approaching the supreme court for final appeal, she visited police in Indore and put new allegations on me that are completely contradiction with the complaint she filed and lost so far. Media organs are also misleaded.  But you know what? My children with me were a constant reason for me to keep walking with head up, no matter what as long as I stood for truth and as I stood for truth, obstacles was obvious. As under the India law, once a high court has ruled out, she can challenge it to supreme court however she went back to police through media and stressed them to file Kidnapping Complaint which is already dismissed by a high court. Hence, police have no jurisdiction to hear the matter. And, Police are so under-educated that, they are rude and just not ready to understand what is appropriate under the law. However, to save their back or safeguard their terms with media or complainant, they are forcing me to forget about all court order and give my daughters to wife, no matter what she would do with them. They are not concerned about the fact that children have potential harm from a mother and they are receiving police protection. My wife officially given Custody of my children through a deed of divorce and withdrawn all her mother rights voluntarily and consciously since then, despite that she took my kids without my consent, for her hidden agenda (Due to legal reasons I am not allowed to disclose reasons) and I could have filed a complaint on that, however, I just thought to be a good human that time. It had then came to my mind, how much more children are vulnerable to matrimonial and custody issues and further they are affected by media and judicial process. My complaint issues are far more serious than what I have mentioned here, however, I am not allowed to post any evidence and footages and those are under investigations. I remember once police officer told me; If press/media pressurize them, they will file 498a complaint on me, despite, I am innocent. How strange? isn't it? I pursued legal process and I am fortunate enough, my rights were recognized and no false complaint filed against me. I thank Gujarat High court for their Direction on protection against false complaint and harm to life to my children and me against wife. In response to newspaper stories published by Dainik Bhaskar, they have also posted this and also revised previous fake news posted with edition as follows: मेरे किसी से शारीरिक संबंध हैं, पति को घर में बंद कर पत्नी फरार पत्नी बोली पुलिस से मिलकर पति ने किया बेटियों का किडनैप, पति ने बताई चौंकाने वाला बात दो धाराओं में दर्ज हुआ लड़की पर केस,पति पर लगाए थे ये आरोप. पति पर बेटियों के किडनेप का आरोप लगाने वाली महिला के मामले में एक नई बात सामने आई है। The fake stories posted by Dainikbhaskar is here: ‘My Husband Used A Gun To Have Sex With Me’; Indore Woman Reveals About The IT Expert She Married In 2012 Wife never mentioned anything about Gun, Sexual Harassment, and financial matters during her first police complaint, at the time of filing before district court and High Court appeal. (Update: Two FIR is Registered now) Why this is a fake story because MP high court has ruled it out that said allegations are fake. I am attaching that order, which was kept hidden to media and police.  In response to her manipulated CCTV, here is the footage where my parents and I were locked in a room by wife and she without consent took my kids whose custody she has formally submitted to me because of her adulterous relationship and planning of remarriage. And this h the opened in the first place: Shweta Shah Indore CCTV Video Footage - YouTube By this time, I received official custody of my children and that means taking them without my consent can be kidnapping. To read Madhya Pradesh High court order that says Kidnapping charges are not applied and dismissed, Click here. Click Here to read order provided by Gujarat High court for free police protection to me and my two daughters from wife against false cases and physical harm. Unfortunately, false complaint is still being filed and my two beautiful daughters and I are suffering. This episode gave me an Understanding of children's vulnerability and I started a non-Governmental Organization: Dear Cherry Kiwi - JivanamAsteya. (Cherry (Naomi) and Kiwi (Daomi) are my two daughters). It focuses on advocating for Children’s Rights and Protection. I’m also involved in other human rights advocacy platforms like Live More Family - JivanamAsteya,  Resolve Complaint Online. Government, Police, Consumer. I call on other individuals to create and donate to NGOs who advocate for the respect of human rights, specifically children’s rights laying emphasis on children of separated homes who are usually caught up in marital judiciary issues and fathers who are deprived of bonding with their children, I call on media organs to properly verify information before publication or coverage especially when it concerns the vulnerable class of the society. Special organs should equally be created to handle the swift withdrawal of fake news articles and pictures, so as to reduce the reputation damage. I have created a platform, Karnav with You: which helps to promote happiness, prosperity, family values and success in the life of individuals, couples, groups, and Entrepreneurs. I encourage others to create similar platforms, that way family and friendship bonds will become even stronger. I request DIG, Indore to investigate a false complaint filed by wife and investigate all her statement against me as those are heavily contradictory. I have sent all the case related paper and evidence to DIG, Indore, Police - MG Road and Mahila thana in Indore that also includes court orders and direction sufficient to prove that I have been falsely implicated in serious allegation so my daughter can be taken by wife without going her to court and then she can trigger me to meet her demand and force me to withdraw criminal case. I wish I could release my phone conversation that I had with her to establish a connection to the reality.  ( I need to present electronic evidence in court and it is inappropriate to publish any audio which is a crucial evidence.) The leading print media journalist told me that, they assumed women are right and they published the story on face value without verifying the facts. They should verify all evidence I have sent to them, and if they believe, it is true, they should remove photos of my daughters and me as I want my children to be safe and free from any stress directly and indirectly. They should also remove the photo of my wife as it may adversely affect my children in future.  If the forces of law and order execute rulings made by the courts with immediate effect, it will go a long way to prevent harassments of innocent people in the course of investigations. Vindictive mothers like in my case should be arrested and punished in accordance with the law and any funds owed be refunded to the affected party. Due to increasing harassment and threat, I decided to go public and ask people's and government's support to restore my daughters right and safety. Therefore, I am filing this petition. I Demand fast, appropriate and non-discriminate approach and demand First Information Report to be registered by Surat Police against wife and other accused whose name has been submitted to police with other information in accordance with the law. (Update: Two FIR is Registered and further investigation is on) My daughters and my life is in danger in Surat and even worse if my daughter and I go outside of Gujarat so I demand Indore Police to submit any future investigation to Surat police or police of any other state except MP Police. I ask immediate intervention of Chief Minister of MP, Gujarat, Prime Minister of India, Law Minister, DIG Indore, Concern Police Officers, Leading NGO and media organ to come forward and help me restore rights, welfare, and safety of my children. References/Quotes: (I am not able to post few documents, you can explore it on Indore or Gujarat Court website or obtain FIR though RTI)  Deed of Divorce Executed on 28/06/2017 (Including Custody Settlement) Complaint u/s 294, 323, 506, 366 and Search Warrant Dismissed by Session Court Indore, Registration Number: 3595/2017 Private Complaint against me (Should be dismissed followed by High Court MP Order) u/s 361, 294, 323, 506, 363, Registration Number 3595/2017 (It seems duplicate case) Free Police Protection Order from Gujarat High Court to Children and Me, SCA 3595/2017 Case Disposed of by High court of MP, MCRC/8048/2017 FIR against Wife u/s 504, 506, Fir No. 336/2017 Adultery FIR against wife’s Paramour u/s 497, FIR No. 48/2017 Wife has filed DV case against me and my father under section 12 of Domestic  If you have question or aggrieved by information posted on this petition, share your concern with exact legal context at 

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Petition to United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Narendra Modi

Save our Mother Nature

We have become so careless about our mother nature that we don't want to think even once about the environment. We use plastics, we leave the electrical energy being wasted, we don't care about pollution, we can't help littering, and the list is unending. What does it take? Strict administration & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. Be it the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, where citizens are doing a cleanup act themselves, or mapping garbage spots using the phone App, or signing this petition, people are making a difference. What can you do? First, sign the petition now. Then get all at home to do the same. Finally, share the petition. Let us vow to make a change, a change for our mother earth. The recent example of smog in New Delhi is an example of our carelessness. If a single person turns the electricity off before leaving the place and goes for 10 hours, they save approximately a minimum of 1 KWH of power. If only 100 people do so, a poor's house can be lightened for one month. Small things make a big difference. We are so bound to plastics that we can't stop their use suddenly, but we can at least reduce their usage. We leave the engine of vehicles turned on which lead to wastage of fuel and incremented pollution level as well. The most wasted resource is water. There are certain areas which don't even have an appropriate water level. Also, we throw the garbage wherever we want. Here people themselves create problems and then blame others. All these things are taught in 4th or 5th grade, but we still don't obey them. Taking baby steps can help us save a lot of resources. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!   Is it too late to take a step against pollution? Is it too late to save our environment?

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Petition to Narendra Modi ji, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji, Dr Mahesh Sharma

Allow freedom for temples by enacting a system of representative council constituted with religiously relevant people with scholastic abilities to oversee, advise & decide. Stop intervention of secular governments & political nominees in religious affairs

To  Honorable Prime Minister,  Shri Narendra Modi ji. Honorable Minister of State for Culture, Dr.Mahesh Sharma ji.  Honorable Minister of Law & Justice, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji, Dear Sirs, On behalf of millions of devotees from the Global Hindu communities, who considers their temples as means to worship the God - the Almighty, we humbly request your attention to the following to affect the creation of a proper system for the service, maintenance & preservation of Hindu temples, temple assets, temple customs, temple arts, knowledge of Thantra-Mantra-Yantra etc associated with temples, learning, teaching & propagation of Vedas, Upanishads, other scriptures and numerous other tenets of Hindu Cultural life. It is further humbly requested that the Constitutional guidelines and laws may be reviewed if required to effect a constructive change. 1. A new system for Hindu temple service and maintenance has to be developed and implemented at the earliest considering the historical backdrop to ensure no intervention of secular government and politicians in Hindu temple affairs, noting that they are not intervening in Christian Church and Muslim Mosque affairs.  2. This system should ensure that the numerous ancient Hindu temples in India are properly, effectively and meaningfully preserved and utilized for the purposes for which it is intended and not just for purposes of tourism development and commercial benefits. As we all know, the prime purpose of temples are not to promote commercial tourism.  3. At present, the temple assets and its affairs at large, are taken care by the bodies set up by the secular government which are a mixture of government officials and political nominees. It is evident that these personnel are the key decision makers in the affairs of temples about which they are not really conversant enough as it appears. 4. Such government officials are entering into the government service through PSC examinations or such processes. And political nominees get their entry based on their comparative merits in their party and as decided by the party !! 5. It is anyone’s guess that a governing body of temple affairs, constituted through such a secular process will not really stand the test of merit and competency when it is compared to a panel of subject experts in the area of temple affairs, spiritual practices, Thantra etc that are part & parcel of Hindu religious life. 6. As an obvious result, temples have become centers of commercial activity and many consider temples as mere establishments for employment. In many temples it is observed that the Priests eyes on devotees who pay higher amount as ‘dakshina’. In many temples, the temple employees behave in rude manner as if the devotes committed a great mistake of visiting the temple. Recently, in Guruvayur temple, a devotee was beaten up by a temple employee. Many might have had several of such experiences of inadequacy to cite upon. All this happens or it shows that the people who are engaged for the temple services are not really capable to execute the work they are entrusted with. The administrative bodies are clueless about how to recruit the right people for the right job, how to train them, how to retain them, the importance of means & ways of setting right attitude in the temple staff as well as visiting devotees. All these happens while a large number of scholars and such people knowledgeable in such matters relating to Hindu culture, rituals, Vedas, Upanishads, Thantra etc are not given any opportunity to contribute their wisdom for the well being of the Hindu society that they hail from. 7. In many temples, crores of rupees are received as offerings. Many Hindus believe that such income is not fully and effectively utilized for the Hindu religious purpose but it adds to the treasury of the secular government apart from paying the salary of temple staff.  And this happens while many ancient temples are running short of money to maintain themselves in a reasonable status.  While other religions are utilizing such fund for their religious affairs such as learning, teaching and propagation of their religious texts, literatures, their customs etc, Hindus do not enjoy that freedom to have centers of learning, teaching etc. As a result, majority of Hindus becomes just ‘believers’ without possing the knowledge they are supposed to have about their culture, religion and religious practices,customs, rituals, literature etc. and its significance. They find it hard to find a facility in their neighborhood for the learning of their relevant religious texts and Samskritam, the language that is the key to treasures of HIndu wisdom. 8. Ideally, government officials & politicians should refrain from temple affairs and focus on their area of activity and excel in that. 9. Decision making authority & responsibility on temple affairs should be entrusted with a duly constituted, competent body that is populated with the subject experts such as Sanyasins from prominent ashrams /mutts, intellectuals and veterans in the Hindu religious & scriptural matters, and principles governing the installation and maintenance of temples.  10. As we know, there are a lot of such people in every states of India who have devoted their life for the pursuit of learning and propagating Hindu scriptures, spiritual practices and its ways and means and so on. But the knowledge of such visionaries are hardly utilized for any policy making, temple related issues etc and the community to which they belong to.  11. A suggestion about a model apex body to be laid out is stated here. We request this model be subjected for debate, correction and implementation by involving intellectuals. The model is explained below. 11.1. Based on the geographical area, each state may be divided into 3 or four zones. For example, to start with the southern most state, Kerala, it may be divided into 3 zones – Southern, Middle and North zones. Then the Government will nominate one IAS officer to each of these zones as Zonal Devaswam Commissioners (ZDC). The senior person will be the ‘Chief Devaswam Commissioner’. 11.2. These commissioners will initiate the process to constitute an apex body of Hindu religious and temple affairs preferably with name – ‘Hindu Mandir Seva Prathinidhi Sabha’ (HMSPS). The name shall remain uniform for all the states but with the prefix of the corresponding state name. 11.3. The zonal commissioners shall collect the data of ashrams, mutts, other spiritual/religious institutions, temples, scholarly individuals etc. Then, each institution will be contacted directly and by way of an announcement in the leading media, inviting expression of interest from all religious/cultural entities to join as member of HMSPS by explaining them the whole plan. 11.4. All such applicants/nominated persons should undergo a screening process to establish their credibility and caliber before being inducted into HMSPS. Care must be taken to counsel them well before so that no one gets misunderstood about the whole idea. 11.5. Such screened & finalized applicants & nominated persons shall elect one among them as their representative through secret balloting.  11.6. The elected representative and the Chief Devaswam Commissioner shall be the authorized joint signatories of HMSPS.  11.7. Any issue pertaining to the Hindu temples and the society at large shall be debated & decided in HMSPS in a democratic way.  11.8. Norms for recruitment, remuneration, training, etc of staff in each temple shall be decided by the HMSPS.  11.9. An executive officer with staff shall be appointed in each temple by the HMSPS with clearly stating his duties & responsibilities. The size of organization and the facilitations shall be governed by the prominence, size and activity of the temple.  11.10 HMSPS shall have zonal offices at a centrally located town.  11.11. With the implementation of this system after thorough debate at various forums in a time bound manner, the present system of secular government involving in temple affairs could be scrapped at the earliest. 11.12. HMSPS should facilitate centers for the learning (Pata Shala) of Samskritam language, Vedic Mathematics, The Chathur Vedas, Upanishads, Jyothisham, Vasthu Shasthra, Gemology, Vegetarian cookery, Basic customs & procedures of pooja, Environmental preservation,  meaning & significance of the customs and rituals, science behind temple etc etc as prescribed by the religious and spiritual masters of Hindu Dharma. This would ensure that ignorant citizen will not get cheated by fraudsters and also to avoid Hindu religious becoming a center stage for the so called secularism drama. 11.13. Whenever situations demands and if required, the Minister of cultural affairs will act based on the inputs from the HMSPS and never directly. We humbly request you to treat this with top priority since the efficient existence of Hindu Dharmic thoughts would directly imply the effective prevalence of secularism in India.  We humbly request the government to subject the concept of creation of such a representative council for a national debate by scholarly people and enact a new suitable law at the earliest and help Hindus to know Hindu Dharma and its basics at least. Hindus wish to learn Hindu Dharma in an authentic way. Mechanical engineering is handled by Mechanical engineers. Cardiology is handled by Cardiologists and Nuclear science is handled by nuclear scientists so as to have good results for the efforts. It would be disastrous if such technological establishments are controlled by non experts. Similarly Hindu temple affairs are to be handled by people who have expertise in the relevant sciences, physiology and psychology pertaining to temples. Else it would lead to undesirable effects to the society as we have been witnessing so far and at present. So, a change for betterment is essential. We are hopeful of the newly elected government at the center under respectable leader ship of Shri Narendra Modi ji. Sir, we humbly request you to do the needful to ensure equality and natural justice for Hindus along with the followers of other religions as assured by the Constitution of India.

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