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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Satyanarayan Mohanty

People assaulting doctors should be punished like Terrorists

"Doctors can guarantee best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results." India is struggling to meet the goals of reducing infant mortality and maternal mortality. There is gross lack of Emergency and Intensive Care facilities in smaller towns and cities alike. All critical patients are referred to tertiary government hospitals where the standard of care obviously diminishes if patients flow in numbers many times more than handling capacity of doctors there. Even tertiary private institutes are overburdened. Government medical colleges in smaller towns refer the patient indiscriminately. This is increasing the cost of healthcare immensely. There is a need that indiscriminate referring be stopped. There is a need that the cases that can be handled at medical colleges in smaller towns be managed there. There is a need that smaller government or private hospitals and nursing homes become well equipped to deal with critical situations.  But neither the doctors nor the hospitals are responsible for this current situation. The reason for this is that doctors are afraid to treat critical patients, nursing homes don't want to create facilities for intensive care and no one wants to admit critical patients.  Reason is simple. In spite of best efforts of doctors, nurses, nursing homes, hospitals and medical colleges; a patient may die. After all, doctors are Doctors and not God. But, in an event of death of a patient, no one will save the doctor. In the event of death of a critical patient, nursing homes are vandalized. In the event of death of patients, angry relatives beat duty doctors black and blue like they did to Dr Amle in Parel, Mumbai and Dr Rohan of GMC, Dhule. In the event of death of patients, even specialists like Dr Rohit Gupta of Allahabad are not spared. Incidents of assault on doctors are commonplace in West Bengal where the administration seems to have closed their eyes on assaults on doctors by their vote bank. And now, see the brutality they have done to a young doctor in DY Patil Hospital, Pune. This fear has created a terror in the minds of doctors. It is becoming impossible for doctors to work under so much fear. People who attack doctors should be called "Terrorist-like" because they are creating a terror in the minds of doctor against good work. They are disrupting peace and harmony of the nation. It is increasing the economic burden on the Indian society, thus threatening economic security of the nation. Stringent laws should be made to save the doctor from these unruly elements doing terrorist-like-activities and punishment must be given as that given to a terrorist. “Doctors can guarantee best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results." To become a doctor is not easy. Doctor has to sacrifice his sleep – the time he/she spends caring for patients he barely knows; to sacrifice his/her youth – the time spend with books; sacrifice his family – the time spend away from home for education. But a doctor lives like an ordinary citizen.He does not demand subsidized groceries. He pays his electricity bills and phone bills. He buys all services at market rates.   There is only one thing that a doctor demands. And that is my humble request to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi "SAVE THE DOCTOR… GIVE JUSTICE TO EVERY DOCTOR WHO HAS BEEN ASSAULTED.... AND THE DOCTOR WILL SAVE MANY MORE LIVES FOR THIS NATION"  Yours truly Dr. Sumit Periwal

Sumit Periwal
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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Safety of kids, senior citizens and people in general from menace of stray dogs

India has 30 million stray dogs population as per a BBC report.The no. of animal attacks/deaths in India is more than those dying in terrorist attacks. While it has been rightly observed by the judiciary that every one has the right to live, the animal welfare board and local self governments have failed miserably in this endeavour even with support of the government and NGOs etc. The Animal welfare groups have now started to threaten common people through law as well as are endangering life of common man by feeding stray dogs at will and anywhere. Some observations have been made by Delhi high court in the ongoing case of OmPrakash saini, but no provision of penalty/fine has been considered for errant persons. This irresponsible feeding enables enables luring of stray dogs to new human iinhabited areas endangering life of humans there. The law prohibits one to relocate the canine to areas uninhabited areas even if the canine/animals repeatedly attack or bite humans. Kids, females and senior citizens are  soft targets for these animals who hunt in packs. It is even difficult for an adult man to save oneself from attack by 2-3 dogs. As per law if a human being causes cruelty to animal, the person can be penalized under several sections, however if a dog bites/ attacks humans (kids/senior citizens/ females etc), the victim is considered to have the responsibility for having been bitten by animals. This becomes more painful and traumatic in incidences of death due to such bites. Further with each bite one exposes human race to be exposed to rabies virus more frequently. Although antirabies vaccienes are available no histopathological studies on changes incurred in humans done by collecting data over a long period of time are avaible readily. In view of this the law for cruelty to animals should be revisited and the animals be allowed to relocate in areas far from human inhabitance where these animals also feel secure along with the humans. 

Sumit Saxena
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Save the dignity of women and Girls #NoSilenceForViolence #MahilaMitra

I faced severe violence at the hands of my husband for seven years, but was not able to speak about it to my family or even complaint to the police. When I became widow at 28, faced lot of hardships of shame, guilt and unwanted sexual advances. Then I got remarried at 35 but things became only worse. I am not the ONLY one faced violence, almost many girls and women face violence in their life time. But women are not confident and courageous enough to say no to violence due to societal norms, taboo and scared to go to police. Me with Vasavya Mahila Mandali a 50 years NGO led by women activist Chennupati Vidya collaborated with Vijayawada city police, launched Mahila Mitra in 2017 with 200 members, which created confidence and courage among women to face life in crisis. These women became peers and counselled and supported each other. Today they are confident and are leading happy and safe life. This initiative has created impact in 20 police stations in Vijayawada city police area. If this is scaled up to about 600 police stations in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh it will be very effective. Sign my petition and request the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to scale the initiative.  Women is a mother, daughter, sister, wife but most importantly, a human being. An individual of her own. It is everybody's concern that women and girls in each family to be safe and confident. Let join in this campaign to make Sunrise state Andhra Pradesh to commit in reaching No violence on women and Happiness Index. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is an example for all the states in India since he initiated in 1990s the key women’s empowerment programme: self help groups. Today in India almost 70% of women are in this biggest women’s network which helps in poverty alleviation. So his visionary personality will certainly think of making Andhra Pradesh safe for women so that all other states can follow.  Each ones support in signing this petition, is a strength for all the girls and women. Let every family be happy. 

Keerthi Bollineni
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