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Petition to Fairfax County Youth Football League, FCYFL

Urging more leaniant penalties for players defending themselves when attacked

While in the heat of a game Player A decides to take their anger and frustration out on Player B when he/she is playing by the rules and physically assaults Player B.  Both players are then, based on the current league rules, forced to sit out two games.  Regardless if Player B is in the regular season or off-season, whether Player B defends himself/herself when physically attacked only one of two penalties need be enforced: 1. Player B sits out for three plays during the game (cool down period) 2. Player B sits out for one entire quarter. (Upon officials decision of the severity of the incident). If the incident occurs at the end of the game, Player B would sit out the first quarter of the next game.  This petition was created in regards to an incident which happened to a female youth football player in the FCYFL on 10/29/2017.  The female football player, on offense, pushed her opponent (male)10+ yards into the end-zone to create a pathway for her runner to run through.  She pushed the male player down (within the rules of the game), her opponent then initiated an attack by pulling her hair, dragging her to the ground by her hair, and began to swing down at his opponent (video evidence).  The female player defended herself, however, both players were ejected from the game with no option to return to the field for the remainder of the game (incident occurred in the 1st qtr of the game).  The male and his team's season ended in a loss that day of 40-0 as the female's playoff bound team rallied around their fallen "sister" and won the game for her.  Per FCYFL league regulations, both the female and male were at fault and both are facing two consecutive two game suspensions on top of the already missing time from the game they were ejected from.  The female is going to the playoffs and championship facing being unable to play with her team this season as per the leagues "ejection=immediate suspension" rules and the male aggressor is facing both of his suspensions to occur next season (as again, his and his team's season is over). IF, that is, he decides to play next football season he will miss the first two games in the regular season.  This punishment does not fit the crime and both players should not receive the same treatment.  Both players, per FCYFL guidelines are not facing the same punishment as one is facing a two game suspension going into the playoffs and the other MAY receive a punishment if he chooses to play next season.  This cannot be allowed and we MUST sign this petition for the sake of our kids.  Our kids cannot be punished for defending themselves so much so that they miss out on a great opportunity.  We cannot allow this injustice to continue.  Are we not supposed to teach our children to defend themselves?  Are we subjected as parents to sit back and watch as our children are treated unfairly? We are building leaders of tomorrow so let's come together and be an example!  Please sign and share this petition with ALL of your family and friends!   Signed, HER Football Coach and Father

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Petition to Emmanuel Macron, Council of the European Union, European Parliament

Demand the immediate release of human rights defender Salah Hamouri

Palestinian-French former prisoner, Addameer's field researcher and advocate for Palestinian prisoners’ rights Salah Hamouri was arrested by Israeli occupation forces in a pre-dawn raid on his home in the neighborhood of Kufr Aqab on Wednesday, 23 August. Later, Hamouri was taken to Al-Moskobyeh (Russian Compound) interrogation center, where his detention has been extended until Sunday, 27 August 2017, for further interrogation.  Salah Hamouri, 32, is a Palestinian-French dual citizen and former Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails. Hamouri was released in Wafa al-Ahrar exchange deal in 2011 after spending seven years in Israeli occupation prisons. In addition, he was banned from entering the West Bank by an Israeli military order until September 2016, and his wife Elsa Lefort is currently banned from entering Palestine.   As a lawyer and legal advocate working with Addameer, Hamouri continues to campaign daily for rights and freedom for Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian people. Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association strongly urges you to take an immediate action against the continuous targeting of Salah Hammouri, which is part of the continued attack on Palestinian human rights defenders and civil society organizations. It also constitutes one arrest in the context of continuous arrest campaigns against Palestinians.  In French: Demande de libération immédiate pour le défenseur des droits de l’homme Salah Hamouri Salah Hamouri, ancien prisonnier franco-palestinien, chercheur pour l’association Addameer et représentant des droits des prisonniers palestiniens a été arrêté par les forces d’occupation israéliennes, lors d’un raid de nuit, à son domicile de Kufr Aqab, ce mercredi 23 août. M. Hamouri a ensuite été emmené au centre d’interrogatoires Al-Moskobyeh (quartier russe) qui a décidé de prolonger sa détention et les interrogatoires jusqu’au dimanche 27 août. Salah Hamouri, 32 ans, est un binational franco-palestinien, ancien prisonnier palestinien des prisons israéliennes. Il a été libéré lors de l’échange de prisonniers de Wafa al-Ahrar, après avoir passé 7 ans dans les prisons de l’occupation israélienne. En plus de cela, il a été interdit d’entrer en Cisjordanie par un ordre militaire israélien jusque septembre 2016 et sa femme, Elsa Lefort est aujourd’hui empêchée de se rendre en Palestine. En tant qu’avocat et représentant légal de l’association Addameer, Salah Hamouri accomplit au quotidien un travail de plaidoyer pour les droits et la liberté des prisonniers palestiniens et du peuple palestinien. Par cette pétition, l’association Addameer de soutien aux prisonniers et aux droits de l’homme vous demande d’agir immédiatement contre les attaques répétées qui ciblent Salah Hamouri, attaques constitutives du harcèlement continu contre les défenseurs palestiniens des droits de l’homme et les organisations de la société civile ; sachant que cette arrestation a lieu dans un contexte permanent de campagnes d’arrestations par les Israéliens.

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