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Petition to President Moon Jae-In

South Korea to enact laws prohibiting racial discrimination

There are no anti-discrimination laws on the basis of race or nationality in South Korea. There is no legal recourse for victims of racial discrimination in South Korea, nor, for example, is there any bill that protects the LGBT community.  Ethnic Koreans make up about 96% of the population, making it one of the least diverse countries in the world.  However, as the need to employ foreign workers arises, and as foreign interest in South Korean fashion, cosmetics and cinema grows, it is inevitable that more and more people would want to explore opportunities in Korea. On a personal level, I have lived, studied and worked in South Korea for over two years and I have experienced racism myself, but my experiences are nothing when compared to that of many others, such as people from South East Asian countries, people of color, people who have some weight on their bodies and so on.  Despite the racist attitudes toward foreigners as well as the degrading and inhumane treatment of foreign migrant workers, racism is the norm here — not the exception. Many people have walked away from Korea telling their stories of shock and horror, and you can find their stories on Youtube, on personal blogs, and elsewhere online.  However, those stories would most likely come from English teachers, spouses of Koreans, or fans of k-drama or k-pop, but what we don’t hear are the stories of those migrant workers, undocumented migrants, refugees, and the victims of abuse, because for one reason or another they are neglected in the process. While no one can deny what the South Koreans have endured as a people, and what blood, sweat and tears they have shed to build this wonderful country, racial discrimination should not serve as an excuse for self-preservation in the 21st century. A quick search on the internet, and it reveals that nearly all non-Koreans living in Seoul have experienced discrimination based on their nationality, appearance, or level of education, according to a 2015 survey. We therefore demand that South Korea enact anti-discrimination laws to end rampant abuse of migrant agricultural workers, abuse and exploitation such as unfair dismissal, sexual assault of women migrant workers, racial profiling of Muslim persons, different treatment toward mixed or ‘half-caste’ persons, discrimination based on nationality, color, religion, including ‘no-foreigners allowed’ policy etc. The bottom line is: due to lack of anti-discrimination laws, and a way to teach against racism, some Koreans, in particular businesses can abuse, exploit and discriminate against the foreign workers in South Korea. It is racist, unfair, out of date, and MUST STOP.

Donna Sparrow
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Petition to Arizona Governor, Arizona State House, Arizona State Senate, T.J. Shope

Support for AZ Menstrual Equity Bill HB 2222

Sign this petition to show your support towards AZ House Bill 2222.  We feel that women undeniably deserve the right to access sanitary napkins as necessary during their menustral cycles. Some mean men at the Arizona state level seem to think 12 a month for a state incarcerated woman is enough. Well we don't think that's a decision for anybody at the state level but a decision for the woman herself, and maybe her medical doctor. Sign this petition if you agree, and we will present it the day it goes to the house floor! We must be the voice of the women who have none!  #BloodyMessBill #BloodyShameBill #Yes2222 �How was this one even on the books? Crazy! Giving women a sanitary pad limit? AZ law system is so unethical! � I don't care what the women are in prison for, I don't believe it is appropriate, hygienic,or humane to have a limited amount of sanitary napkins available during a monthly cycle. Seriously???? ��‍♀️Is this not a Women's Right issue? And why are men questioning this? I say get rid of this bloody law quickly! ❣️Don't you agree??? YES! Of course you do! #HB2222 #BloodyShameBill#BSBILL #YESHB2222#VoteYes ������Here is what can you do to help the legislators understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness during the monthly cycles of women! WRITE/EMAIL 1. ✍� Letters to the Editor to AZ Republic, East Valley Tribune, Daily Sun, and any other local papers you may have access to (i.e. Ahwatukee Foothills News, but especially papers in Tucson, West Valley, and North). Submit letters to the editor to EACH of those media outlets talking about how we must pass this bill, as it is inhumane to ration sanitary napkins! SHARE 2. � Social Media Campaign: Spread the word about the #BloodyShameBill #HB2222 Tag media outlets, legislators, and civil rights groups and churches, and friends! CALL 3. ��� Calls, calls, calls to ALL GOP and Democratic representatives and senators to speak of your stance! THESE CALL MAKE A GREAT DIFFERENCE! This bill it's on its way to the house floor, let your voice be heard! COME 4. DAY OF ACTION TBA #BLACKWOMANinAZ#BlackLivesMatterAZ#EveryBlackWoman#BlackWomenofFaith �Video of Hearing: More Info: House Bill 2222 � COMMITTEE ON MILITARY, VETERANS AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS Mr. Andrade Mr. Espinoza Mr. MartinezMr. Campbell Mr. Grantham Mr. Finchem, Vice-ChairmanMr. Descheenie Mr. Kern Mr. Lawrence, Chairman Sponsored By: ��‍�Representatives Salman, Alston, Andrade, Blanc, Bolding, Cardenas, Chávez, Clark, Espinoza, Fernandez, Gonzales, Hernandez, Powers Hannley, Rios, Saldate Phone Numbers & Contact Info: ��‍�Senators Mendez, Peshlaka Phone Numbers & Contact Info: �TEXT OF BILL: �The legislature intends to require the state department of corrections to provide feminine hygiene products to all female inmates in the correctional system and to ensure the dignity of all female inmates in the correctional system! Related Articles:   Thank You for Your Support!   

Black Lives Matter AZ
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Petition to Judge Patrick L. Carrol III

Require That CT Parents File a Parenting Plan Within 30 Days of Filing For a Divorce!

There are two areas in divorce which particularly cause problems for divorcing couples.  One is the issue of custody, while the other is the division of the marital assets.  These issues are addressed in the automatic orders which are given to both parties when the divorce is filed. See link: When it comes to financial issues, the automatic orders does well in Section 3, Item #1 by requiring parties to file financial affidavits within 30 days of the return day. In contrast, custody matters are handled in a very sloppy manner.  Section 1, Item #3 of the automatic orders tells the parents to, "assist their children in having contact with both parties, which is consistent with the habits of the family, personally, by telephone, and in writing."  The problem with this provision is that it is vague and unclear, which makes it particularly difficult to enforce.  As a result, parents can spend thousands and thousands of dollars hammering out the details of each and every visit as it arises.  When there are problems related to domestic violence or difficulties with parents obtaining access to their kids, this turns obtaining parenting time safely and equitably into a nightmare. As a result, this petition asks that the Chief Administrator of the CT Judicial Branch recommend that the Branch add a provision to the third section of the Automatic orders in The CT Practice Book to require that parents fill out and submit to the Court a Parental Responsibility Plan JD-FM-199 with 30 days of the return day.  See a copy of this form at the link below: This requirement will go a long way towards reducing the friction between the parties, cutting back on unnecessary financial expenditures, building bridges, and establishing clearcut and sensible guidelines in regard to how parents will co-parent during the divorce proceedings.

Divorce in Connecticut Website
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