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Petition to Office of Governor Rick Scott, Senator Annette Taddeo, Sen. Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson

STOP GANG STALKING on the Miami, Florida public!

If you only search the term Gang Stalking on this website, you will see that I am not alone as a targeted individual. There are at least 10 other petitions explaining the scenarios. I have been a target since 2001. All of the tell tale signs of gang stalking have been witnessed by myself , my neighbors, and friends for almost two decades now. My nextdoor neighbors to the South of us have been illegally organizing the gang stalking, surveilling, and harassing my family for over 10 years now. These people are recruiting their own children and teenage friends to do their dirty work. The photo above is of the location of a computer network cable driven device which has been pointed at our house and my bedroom window for approximately 10 years or since the house was last painted. Oh and these people are so disrespectful and abusive that while my father was on his death bed, the daughter and three of her friends all rushed the fence outside his window to see the body as well as came outside and took photos of his body being removed from our home while being loaded into the vehicle on its way to the funeral home. They followed it down the street taking photos like it was a joke. Great parenting! Worst neighbors ever anywhere. In my humble opinion they are real scumbags which are constantly trying to start conversations with us like nothing ever happened. My family are obviously being stalked by these sociopaths next door.These Gang Stalkers need to be taken to justice. They are modern terrorists operating on US territories. I do not know how they chose me, but they did. Speaking to the local authorities will get you no where. Contact your Senators and Congressmen if you feel you too are a victim. Office of Governor Rick Scott Senator Annette Taddeo Senator Marco Rubio Senator Bill Nelson I am asking for your support to Please help protect myself and my family from the terroristic enemies living next door! Sign and Share this petition as well as the other concerning this epidemic of human rights violations..     

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Occupy The Border - Tell Trump we do not stand for his policies

This is not Nazi Germany or a Japanese Internment Camp, no, this is America where once we stood for truth and justice and we can do that again.  The Issue:  Children torn from parents under Trump's new immigration policy are 'kept in CAGES and staff can't touch them' Terrified migrant children including babies are being separated from their families under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy Under the controversial practice, migrant children including babies are being taken from their parents. While their mums and dads are sent to federal jails, some youngsters are put in cages. There, they wait alongside other unaccompanied kids, surrounded by metal fences and with foil sheets instead of blankets. As well as taking innocent children from their parents and imprisoning them in Internment camps and cutting them off from any communication with their parents, Trump also stated that QUOTE: "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."  These people are fleeing from dangerous places and situations and we should at the least help or be tolerant of them and their struggles. America was built on Immigration, let us not forget that.  I hereby call everyone who bears a ounce of humanity to Occupy the Border and stand with the Immigrants wrongfully imprisoned.  History can change for the better, don't repeat the mistakes of the past, please help!? 

Gabriella Volk
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