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Petition to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher MP, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Michelle Rowland

Save Captel captioned phones for hard of hearing

In October  of this year the Morrison Government contracted the National Relay Service (NRS) (which Deaf and  Hard of Hearing people with communication disabilities depend on for phone communication), to an overseas US provider Concentrix.   To keep the costs at a capped $22 million Concentrix have confirmed that they will NOT be supporting the NRS to Captel Captioned phones which I and over 4000 hard of hearing Australians depend on.The Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, works like any other telephone with one important addition: it displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions in the CapTel’s display window.  I have a severe-profound hearing loss, I cannot hear on a normal phone without captioning, I do however have clear speech having grown up in the hearing world and becoming progressively deafened after my 20s. For the first time since losing my hearing the Captel Captioned Phone has allowed me to enjoy a normal phone conversation with independence, equality and dignity. I am not alone with this as 1 in 6 Australian people have  some form of hearing loss. Hard of hearing phone  users depend upon the CapTel Phone which uses the NRS service. Should it be cancelled, we will be put at a severe disadvantage, will lose independence, and,  our ability to communicate with the outside  world.  We love the ease of it being just like a normal phone and love the familiar features enabling us to easily and quickly contact emergency services, social arrangements and to make doctors appointments, amongst many other things. From February 1st the  government proposes to transition us to use captioned relay on alternative devices such as TTY, iPad or Computer however these devices are unfamiliar and complex for those who have grown up in the hearing world and not technology knowledgable. Without the captioning service our Captel phones will not even be amplified. The phone operates on low volume mode without the captioning therefore creating an additional deficit for Captel users. We see this decision as direct discrimination against our Hard of Hearing sector especially those born before the modern technology era. It is cruel, discriminatory and unjust to force users to transition backwards to the slower and more difficult methods to make a simple phone call all due to perceived " value for money ".  We need the relevant politicians to please reconsider their decision and continue captioning of Captel Captioned Phones as a necessary right. 

Chrissy O'REILLY
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Petition to Facebook, Apple , Google, Twitter , LinkedIn , Airbnb, WhatsApp, Dropbox, VerizonMedia , Microsoft , Samsung

We Want CitizenCentric 'Choice Of Law' for Our Data, now operated by Silicon Valley Silos.

The Internet is a 'web of data' that is replacing physical print-era records of human activity with digital alternatives that are often stored by the cloud services provided by your organisations.  The means to obtain and make use of this information can make the difference between life and death.  The means to obtain and make use of evidence is the difference between living unto 'rule of law', or law not being made available to persons who seek to be protected by its terms of social contract.  Many people around the world are not citizens of the United States of America ("USA").  As a consequence, the trusted information that stored about us and those around us is not easily accessible for purposes to protect our safety, our dignity as members of the human family.  The world admires the united states for its leadership role in defining and supporting the terms of the universal declaration of human rights, amongst many examples of historical circumstances relating to human dignity. I / We, ask that you consider doing the same for our 'digital twins'.  “the distinction between reality and our knowledge of reality, between reality and information, cannot be made” Anton Zeilinger We seek not to be considered by law a 'legal alien' without evidence of fact as may otherwise exist in the form of informatics stored by your services; but rather, that we seek to be empowered through the use of the infrastructure produced since Vannever Bush published his 1945 article - "As We May Think". We acknowledge the differentiation between your applications, and the underlying data that is about us - that in congruence powers our world today.  It is the artefacts that pertain to our lived experiences, that we seek to be maintained in relation to the 'choice of law' that prevails upon us as a 'physical twin' of the 'digital twin' artefacts you store and maintain about us, that many may hope is done as to serve us, rather than to breaching some of the cardinal rules that considered in former eras that "Money must serve and not govern" as now does extend to the 'sense making' capacities made available for us via Artificial Intelligence empowered informatics infrastructure.   This petition asks that our global cyber-platform providers, make our informatics systems (structured data, metadata, etc.) able to be operated by humanity under the same 'choice of law' that we live in, that we are able to participate in defining, that your global corporations do not ask us to change our ways so that we should click the button as to forcibly accept terms that not only breach and/or undermine the principle enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as to protected by 'rule of law', but moreover inhibits our ability to maintain it. Most of your organisations already have offices in our countries.  Whilst some semantic frameworks and differentiated employment policies would be required to fulfil this request, it appears to me that this will be much faster / better, than what may otherwise occur as to form the apparatus to make this request again, later.  

Web Civics
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Petition to Peter Dutton, Peter Dutton

Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland

As many of you will have seen, just over one week ago Priya, Nades, and their two daughters were separated by guards, bundled into vans, and forced onto a Skytraders plane bound for Sri Lanka. At 11pm, Priya was violently carried onto the plane (where her children and husband were already locked) from a van on the tarmac. The plane taxied down the runway, and we thought this was the end. On the ground, the protesters at the airport sobbed in each others arms. Then, ten minutes later, we got word that a federal court judge intervened after they had taken off and granted an emergency injunction while the plane was still in Australian air space, forcing it to land in Darwin. The family were removed from the plane and are currently in accommodation in Darwin. Then, in the middle of the night the family was transported to Christmas Island. They are the only detainees on the island. Now, the federal court granted an injunction until September 18 so that 2-year-old Tharanicaa’s claim to asylum can be re-considered. The Ministers have the power to step in and let them stay. They could end all this today. Protesting the family’s departure has afforded us a few days to pressure the Home Affairs Minister to intervene and let this family return to their community in Biloela. This family’s fight is now a national priority. Read on for the full story. ************************************ Priya, Nades and their beautiful little daughters are valuable members of the close-knit rural community of Biloela, in Central Queensland. They have lived here for over three years and are a caring, hardworking family.One day, this peaceful family were going about their early morning routine. Nades was getting ready to go to his job at the local meatworks and Priya was warming a bottle for the baby.At 5am, their home was stormed by armed police and Border Force officers. Their seven month old baby and two and a half year old daughters were ripped from their beds. Priya and Nades were told they were being taken to a Melbourne detention centre and given ten minutes to pack up their lives.Priya and Nades were put into separate vans, driven to Gladstone Airport and flown to a detention centre in Melbourne. Border Force officers told them that if they didn’t sign “voluntary” deportation documents, they would be denied access to a phone, separated and forced back to Sri Lanka.They begged to be returned to Biloela. But after two days of pressure, they gave in and signed the documents.This beautiful, gentle family is now being held in a single room by three armed guards.Priya and Nades were settled in Biloela after fleeing torture and suffering in Sri Lanka. Despite the advice of human right organisations on the ground, our current Government has decided that Sri Lanka is now safe. This is why they are trying to force Priya, Nades and their two beautiful young children back to Sri Lanka.The life awaiting this family in Sri Lanka is uncertain. In a country that represses Tamil people, and where child brides and child sex trafficking exist, the future of Priya, Nades and their two beautiful daughters is grim.Our community is not ready to let this family go. They love living and contributing to our society. We want them here. Mr Dutton, please return this family to Biloela, their home, where they are wanted and welcome  

Angela Fredericks
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Petition to Poto Williams

Help Juliana stay in New Zealand with her family

For the past 7 years, Juliana has called NZ home. She has productively lived and worked, as well as advocated for people with disabilities. Juliana was disheartened to learn that her application for a permanent residency visa has been denied for the second time because she doesn’t meet the immigration health requirements as she has Lupus and is paraplegic. Juliana is now facing deportation and might be separated from her family members (her mother Nadmea, brother Alex and, sisters Viviana and Luciana) that live in New Zealand. Please sign her petition to change the immigration policy that discriminates on disability and health grounds. Juliana works full time and she’s a taxpayer. People with disabilities should have the same rights as others and live life as they want. It’s a matter of fairness, dignity and respect. Many individuals with disabilities already have a tough life, the government and its policies should not make their lives more difficult. Let’s end systemic discrimination. Please help Ju to stay in New Zealand with her family and friends. Help change the immigration policy that discriminates against disability. Every signature counts! Juliana Bio Juliana Carvalho was born in 1981 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She has a big family and had an amazing childhood. When she was 19, a spinal cord inflammation left her in a wheelchair. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she turned this life-changing event into an amazing opportunity to grow and develop. She created and presented the Brazilian public television show Make a Difference, which promotes Human Rights and respect for diversity. She is the author of the Comedies of Crippled Life blog ( and also collaborated with the media group RBS to create the blog No Barriers addressing topics pertaining to accessibility. She produced and directed the award-winning short film If the Eyes Cannot See, The Legs Cannot Feel and won the Award for Best True Story from Marie Claire magazine Brazil 2012 for an essay on her sexual rediscovery after becoming paraplegic. Juliana coordinated editions of Movimento Superação (Overcome’s Parade - it celebrates diversity, timed to commemorate the International Day of People with Disabilities) in her native state in Brazil. Juliana published her autobiography In my chair or yours? In 2010. With the publication of her inspiring story, Juliana made headlines across her native Brazil. Garnering a strong public response, her book sold more than 30,000 copies and has been distributed to public schools throughout the country by the Ministry of Education. Major television networks have interviewed Juliana, and before long she had become a spokeswoman for the inclusion movement. Juliana currently lives in New Zealand with her mum, brother and 2 youngest sisters. 

Juliana Carvalho
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