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Petition to Honorable Scott Morrison, Hon. David Coleman, Hon. Julia Banks, Hon. Christian Porter, Hon Kathy McGowan, Hon. Doctor Kerryn Phelps

Minister please cancel the Visas of Foreigners Wanted abroad for Crimes against children

Minister David Coleman, More than 26,000 Australians who are supporting me and have signed this Petition for you to act.. My suffering has been ignored by Australian Immigration for 24 months while they protect and give a Safe Haven to a Wanted person who is hiding in Australia on a Visa from her crimes in the Philippines and who has an INTERPOL Red Notice issued against her for 2 counts of trying to kill me (Attempted Murder) and 1 count of child Abuse. I am an Australian child and seeking Justice for two attempts on my life and the accused is a Filipino who is taking refuge in Australia on a Visa to hide from her crimes. Three (3) Warrants have been issued in the Philippines for two (2) counts of Attempted Murder and one (1) count of child Abuse. The accused fled to Australia to avoid prosecution after having sex with a minor in the Philippines, and a Warrant for Child Abuse has been issued with two (5) more Warrants expected soon. Since the second attempt on my life I have suffered traumatic nightmares every night and I need Justice. Under Section 501 (Character Test) of the Australian Migration Act the accused should have had her Visa cancelled as there is an INTERPOL Red Notice issued against her and she is Wanted. These nightmares ceased when I returned to the Philippines as I thought I was finally going to get Justice. The nightmares have returned, and my sleepwalking, waking up in different places crying as somebody is chasing me with knives. Cancelling her Visa will force her to face her crimes in the Philippines, but Australian Immigration have not acted and are ignoring an INTERPOL International Red Notice. Besides the many Witnesses to the crimes that Australian Immigration have been sent through Diplomatic channels their Affidavits, Australian Immigration have her written admission that she Posted in Public last year on the Internet that she tried to kill me.   Immigration are fully aware and have evidence that she has been breaking numerous criminal laws in Australia while she has been given a Safe Haven, such as Stalking, Conspiring to Bring False Accusation, Extortion, messaging death threats, and Fraud and this is not "Good Character" Immigration have evidence her Visa Application was Fraudulent as she did not declare her crimes in the Philippines as required on the Application which is a serious Commonwealth Offense. In 2014 the Minister for Immigration was given Super Powers to personally Cancel Visa's under Character Grounds, and I request you use your powers and be compassionate with me like the Au Pairs so I can have Justice. Being discriminatory or having selective Justice, is no Justice at all. You need to have the same rules for all. I am waiting for you to show your compassion before I surrender and cut a little deeper. Name of Accused withheld so she does not get my petition deleted again!

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Petition to Daniel Andrews

Maximum Punishment for crimes that cause the death of women

Sentencing laws must be changed and the maximum punishment for crimes that cause the death of women in our society must be enforced. Mandatory sentencing must be introduced for murder and violent crimes against women. The continued appalling judgements and grossly inadequate sentencing handed out by the judiciary continue to see the law working in the favour of the defendant, not the victim. This includes plea bargaining to reduce sentences for murder, concurrent sentencing for multiple crimes and decisions in domestic violence whereby the fact the victim was known to the perpetrator is considered a lesser crime. The following women have been murdered by men in Victoria in 2018/2019 and this list does not include all women whose lives have been so brutally taken away: Emily Miller, 31Kym Taylor, 37Dannyll Goodsell, 33Gayle Potter, 46Samantha Fraser, 38Laa Chol, 19Fatima Batool (age unknown)Amanda Harris, 36Eurydice Dixon, 22Caroline Willis, 69Simone Fraser, 57Katherine Daley, 29Le Ngoc Le, 77Radmilla Stevonovic, 65Mary Freeman, 41Antonia Tatchell, 43Aiia Maasarwe, 21Vicki Ramadan, 77 We send our deepest and heartfelt sympathies to their families, however this is not enough. Enough is enough, it is time to act. *Names of victims have been collated through the work of 'Destroy the Joint, Counting Dead Women Australia' a "national toll" of women killed by violence.

Monique Richardson
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Marise Payne, Bill Shorten, Senator Penny Wong, Senator Richard Di Natale

Condemn ALL countries that persecute the LGBT community - Brunei is not alone!

We want the Australian government and elected officials to condemn foreign persecution of people who identify as LGBT. We, as a collective community, call upon our leaders to denounce countries that whip, stone and imprison homosexuals. They must impose sanctions and reconsider Australia’s relationship with these barbaric nations. Countries like this have no place in our global community. More needs to be done to educate LGBT Aussies on countries that pose a risk to our basic human rights. These countries are dangerous, and the government needs to increase the threat level on Smart Traveller in order to protect our citizens. It is unacceptable for the Department of Foreign Affairs to advise travellers to simply “exercise normal safety precautions”. Nor should Smart Traveller advisors suggest gay travellers “act heterosexual” as reported in this article: Although Brunei is currently in the media, they are not the only country whose laws victimise people from the LGBT minority. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore all have laws that criminalise homosexuality. Western countries are often silent on such oppression, especially when the country in question is their ally. Australian citizens should not be fearful of visiting other countries due to their laws. We must stand against all nations which represent the worse of humanity. Australia must play its role in our global society and call out hate wherever it manifests itself.  More articles:

Jayden Roberson
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Petition to David Colman MP Minister for Immigration Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs, Shayne Neumann MP Shadow Minister for Immigration & Border Protection, Peter Dutton MP Minister for Home Affairs

Let Kinley and his family stay in Australia

Imagine working hard to build a new life for your young family in your adopted home of Australia. Imagine discovering that one of your children is deaf, and giving them all the support they need to learn sign language. Imagine after years of building your new life, you learn that your entire family is about to be deported back to Bhutan - because the government doesn’t want to provide any care or support for your deaf son. Kinley and his family deserve to stay in Australia, but because of Kinley’s hearing loss and learning difficulties, he does not meet the health requirements for permanent residency. As a consequence, the family will face deportation unless given special consideration by David Coleman MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs. It was only when Kinley arrived in Australia that his hearing loss was accurately diagnosed and hearing aids provided for him. It was also only upon his arrival in Australia that Kinley was exposed to sign language and that his language and communication skills started to develop. If they are forced to return to Bhutan, Kinley will not be able to continue developing his sign language skills. He will be forced back into a life of isolation, and silence. Kinley’s parents, Tshering and Jangchu have contributed in many ways to Australia. They have been excellent, peace-loving citizens; they have been consistent members of our workforce and been willing to move to a regional area that was requiring workers; they have contributed as taxpayers and become financially independent; they have actively contributed to the Australia-Bhutanese and wider Australian communities. Should they be returned to Bhutan, it would be Australia’s loss. Can you help me send a message to the Immigration Minister by signing and share this petition? Let the minister know that this decent, hardworking family deserves to stay here. What kind of country would deport a family simply for having a deaf son? This is not who we are. Thank you.

David Randall
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