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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull: Don't let women suffer any longer without proper family violence support

Trigger warning: discussion of domestic violence While I was trying to find a way to escape my ex-partner, it got to the point where I was pretty much fighting for my life. At one point he started strangling me, and I remember having to fight to breathe, and losing consciousness.My local domestic violence service helped save my life. But right now thousands of women like me are being left without proper service support because our Federal Government isn't committing the level of funding needed.It took me two years to escape hell. Things with my ex-partner gradually went from normal, to controlling, to violent – until I was fighting for my life. A family violence service helped me get safe -- helping me plan my escape; linking me to the legal help I needed to attend court, and safe housing where my ex couldn't find me.But right now thousands of women like me are being denied the critical support they need from family violence services because of our Federal Government's funding decisions.It’s incredibly dangerous -- that’s why I’m supporting Fair Agenda's campaign to ensure no woman is left without the service support she needs to be safe from family violence. I'm pleading with Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten: stop leaving women and children in danger.This election is a critical time to change this situation, and Fair Agenda members are going to deliver this petition to key election candidates. Please help today: SIGN & SHARE -If you've been affected by family violence, you can access 24/7 counselling support by calling 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). In you are feeling unsafe, always call 000.-

Rebeca Carro
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Petition to Postal address Minister for Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 6022 Parliament House Canberra, The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in the Parliament House Canberra, Warren Entsch MP Suite RG84, House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600, Warren Entsch MP Cairns Electorate Office Location: 200 Mulgrave Road Cairns Queensland 4870, MAYOR Julia Leu, Mayor Douglas Shire Julia Leu, Mail: PO Box 723, Mossman Q 4873 | Office: 64-66 Front St, Mossman Q 4873, COUNCILLORS David Carey, Douglas Shire Abigail Noli (Deputy Mayor)


PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION SO MY MOMMY AND DADDY CAN STAY IN AUSTRALIA WITH US!!!! We are the May’s, our names are Natalie, Manuel and the puppies that are calling out to you are Moos and Tommy. We desperately need your help to stay with the puppies in Australia as one family because we are facing to be deported if the Minister does not grant our “begging” for mercy through our “Application for Ministerial Intervention” with the help of our Migration Agent !!! Please sign the petition below as a sign of your support to help us stay with our “kids” which will be sent to the Minister. Our journey to Australia began in 2013 when we sold everything we owned in Germany, so we could make our dreams come true and immigrate to this beautiful country of yours and to become vital members of this caring community. The people we met whilst our wild journey through Australia have been overwhelmingly nice and lovely and have given us unforgettable heartwarming memories. After one really bad experience in South Australia with our former 457 Visa sponsor, and 26.000 AUD total of immigration and Visa costs later, we almost faced to be deported once but within the deadline we luckily did find a new 457 sponsor here in Cape Kimberley. Manuel took on his position as Diesel Motor Mechanic and Senior Research Officer and within 1 month time worked himself up to becoming the new Executive Farm Manager of a local organic farm. Manuel gave his heart and soul into the farm and made it his personal “baby”, working up to 95 hours each week. After half a year later he severely injured himself when he cut his ligaments and knee cap of his left knee with a cane knife. The employer closed the farm down right before Christmas 2015 and has been very abusive towards us ever since Manuel could not perform his duties any more and is illegally withholding his overtime payments and wages over 70.000AUD since November 2015. The former sponsor is still engaging in a “living nightmare” like hate campaign against us, wanting us “out of the country” and has even gone as far as issuing death threats via his solicitors, committing perjury, bribery for subornation of perjury, verbal assaults and all kinds of other crimes and defamation of our character against us. Even though being a multimillionaire, with “unlimited funds” the boss from Sydney did not even have a WorkCover insurance for the local farm staff and that is why he even claimed Manuel’s work injury to be fraudulent so he would not have to take on his responsibilities as his employer. We had to fight for over 4 months with the WorkCover Qld insurance to even get Manuel’s urgently needed surgery approved because of the false claims and LIES the former sponsor is spreading everywhere he can; so he can continue to discriminate against us. The treating specialist/doctors still say Manuel is not able to fly, due to his high pain level and the pressure changes in the cabin. But despite all that, we already have been told by the Department of Immigration that they will still deport us, ripping our little family apart. Unless YOU HELP US “beg” the Minister for Immigration to grant us MERCY! WE LOVE MOOS AND TOMMY AS THEY WERE OUR KIDS AND IT WOULD BREAK OUR HEARTS INTO PIECES TO LEAVE THEM ALL ALONE AS WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO FLY THEM TO GERMANY.MANUEL CAN NOT FLY AND WILL NOT EVEN BE TREATED IN GERMANY OR ELSEWHERE BY ANY HEALTH INSURANCE DUE THIS PRE-EXSISTING MEDICAL CONDITION FROM HIS SEVERE WORK INJURY IN AUSTRALIA!!!!WE BOTH DO HAVE PROSPECTIVE SPONSORS FOR WORKING VISAS BUT DUE TO THE VERY LIMITED OPTIONS LEFT FOR VISAS WE ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR, AFTER THE “EVIL” SPONSOR CANCELLED HIS 457 SPONSORSHIP AND NOMINATION WE ARE ON A 3 YEAR BAN TO APPLY FOR ANY OTHER VISAS ONSHORE! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR EVERY SIGNATURE AND FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ OUR “HORROR”STORY! MAY GOD BLESS YOU! WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES AND YOU CAN HELP BE THE WONDER TODAY!! “Dear Minister, Please intervene in this urgent case with exceptional circumstances in order to grant Manuel May and Natalie May mercy and let them stay in Australia permanently as residents of our community, as they are a very positive asset to our local community and this is a matter of our public interest for Far North Queensland. Kind regards,...”

Natalie May
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