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Petition to, Amazon

tell Amazon to remove book "How to prevent autism"It is damming to autistic people

When I came across this book in my news feed on Facebook I was infuriated , the heading alone is enough to make someone from the autism community weep.... autistic people are not to be feared , hated, cured, abused, humiliated , used as a means to gain money , they are people just like everyone else... if this book were tilted (how to prevent Down's syndrome  ) ( how to prevent your child from been gay)  it would not of been touched by anyone, but society still have yet to step up and change the views on autistic children and adults!! what right has anyone to change another human from who they were born to be? I cannot cure treat prevent my child from been autistic anymore than could if he/she were gay nor would I want to... autisitc people are been abused all over this world, portrayed as damaged!! Damaged.. could you imagine for one moment what that must be like ? To be feared to be abused to be hated to be seen as wrong  all because you were born different?! this book is a slap in the face to the autistic community . By allowing it to be sold Amazon are sending a message to the world that autism is wrong that it is not right that you should fear the thoughts of your child been born autistic .. please join me in asking Amazon to stand with the autism community not against them!! they are people , they are our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, teachers, doctors, artists, builders, dancers, singers, actors and actresses and so much more,  they have rights just like everyone else , what rights do anyone have to tell them they shouldn't be here?!!!!NONE... Amazon I implore you to remove this book , supporting autism community the right way.. thank you,Gillian 

gillian o brien murray
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Petition to Mr Richard Bean

STOP SEXUALISATION - ACMA Review Broadcasting Standards within Australia NOW

Are you tired of driving in the car with your kids and hearing about premature ejaculation, radio hosts having listeners ring up and talk about what they once stole (or other bad conduct) laughing about it like it is OK, or hosts talking about sex, adultery, swearing and discussing content that kids should NOT be exposed to? Do you TURN OFF your radio because you've had ENOUGH? Are you tired of sexualised songs and songs that encourage teenagers and adults to 'just like someone for their body'. Just a small snippet of examples: Lyrics such as "put your body on mine", "feel the weigh of me between your hips" or "I can feel that body shake And the heat between your legs", "How you gonna breast feed me mom? (Wah!) You ain't got no tits! (Wahhh!)" etc, etc., sexualised video clips, soft porn on RAGE? I used to love RAGE. I still enjoy the countdown 'style' songs (of any era) for the quality but most of it these days is just thrusting crotches and lewd moves with very little quality song or lyrics. Whatever happened to respectful and fun? The denigration of girls and women in particular on radio and tv is sending a message to boys and men. And it's not just the odd song or show, it's nearly everything you and your kids see and hear. We have a huge domestic violence issue here in Australia and I believe change needs to take place and that includes the way we speak to, respect and view others. Why is the ACMA allowing this CRAP on radio and tv? What good is it for our children to be exposed to low energy language and sexualised imagery CONSTANTLY? I want the ACMA to STEP UP and CRACK DOWN on what we are exposed to. These days even my kids turn the radio off in the car as we have HAD ENOUGH. My kids tell me they are also tired of the fake laughs of the hosts and the amount they talk. They talk so much that there is very little music and then the music is becoming more and more inappropriate for young ears. Join with me to tell Mr Richard Bean, Acting Chairman of ACMA to review ALL content that is broadcast throughout Australia. We are tired of what we are hearing and seeing. Their motto: "Making media and communications work for all Australians" is NOT being adhered to.  

Eileen Baudinette
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Petition to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton (Australian Immigration Minister), Hon Alex Hawke

Minister Peter Dutton, Australia is not a Safe Haven for Crimes against children

I am seeking Justice for two attempts on my life and the accused is a Filipino who is taking refuge in Australia on a Visa to hide from her crimes. Two (2) Warrants have been issued in the Philippines for two (2) counts of Attempted Murder. The accused fled to Australia after Sexually Abusing a child in the Philippines to avoid prosecution, and a Warrant for Child Sexual Abuse is also expected within weeks. Since the second attempt on my life I have suffered traumatic nightmares every night and I need Justice. Under Section 501 (Character Test) of the Australian Migration Act the accused should have had her Visa cancelled. Minister Dutton you recently said, Quote: "I want to concentrate very closely on child sex offenders and people that have committed offences against children... If I do nothing else in my time in parliament, I'd be very proud of just that," Minister Dutton, Australia should not be a refuge for Wanted people to hide from crimes against children. We are waiting for you to act on child sex offenders and people that have committed offences against children. You can start with my Case which involves Child Sexual Abuse and Attempted Murder of a child, protect the Australian community and give us Justice. Name of Accused withheld so she does not get my petition deleted again!

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