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Petition to Alan Haselden, Peter Gangemi, Robyn Preston, Jeff Lowe, Yvonne Keane, Michelle Byrne, Mike Thomas, Mark Taylor, Tony Hay OAM, Raymond Harty OAM, Gabriel Upton, Gladys Berejiklian, Sarah Mitchell, The hills shire council

Calling upon The Hills Shire Council to Acknowledge Traditional Owners at Council Meetings

IT’S TIME THE HILLS SHIRE COUNCIL ACKNOWLEDGES THE TRADITIONAL OWNERS OF THE LAND IT MEET'S ON. THAT IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH THAT THE FIRST AUSTRALIANS (THE DARUG PEOPLE) ARE NOT ACKNOWLEDGED AT COUNCIL MEETINGS OR SPONSORED MAJOR EVENTS.  On 13 September the Liberal majority on The Hills Shire Council voted down the motion to acknowledge the traditional owners on the land they meet.  Seven Liberal party Councillor's refused to amend Council's code of meeting practice to include an acknowledgment of country. They include former candidate for Greenway The Mayor Yvonne Keane, Deputy Mayor Robyn Preston, Clr Mike Thomas, Clr Alan Haselden, Clr Peter Gangemi, Clr Jeff Lowe and Councillor Michelle Byrne. We the undersigned call upon the seven Liberal Councillor's to include an acknowledgment of country at The Hills Shire Council and that 'Council acknowledges that the meeting is held on the traditional lands of the Darug people'.  In total The Hills Shire council on three occasions have refused to amend meeting practice to include acknowledgement of the traditional owners. HELP SUPPORT THE DARUG PEOPLE IN THEIR FIGHT FOR RECOGNITION AND SIGN THIS PETITION. CURRENTLY THERE IS NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Currently there is no acknowledgment of traditional owners at The Hills Shire Council ordinary meeting or major events such as Australia Day held by The Hills Shire Council.  DARUG PEOPLE CALL FOR ACKNOWLEDGMENT           Darug elders have been calling for acknowledgement requesting Council to include an acknowledgment of country at the start of every council meeting. Aboriginal elder Wes Marne said, “I think that everyone who lives on this land should be able to say this here is my land," he said. “After everything that has happened to us in the last 228 years … It’s starting all over again and I don’t want to go through it again. “We cry like other people, we laugh and we bleed red like everybody else … It’s wrong.”  Aunty Edna, a Darug elder who lived in Kellyville for 31 years before moving to Hawkesbury, said she was hurt by the lack of respect shown to the traditional elders. “This is Darug land, always has been, always will be,” she said.  Darug elder Ross Fogg said “its recognition of the first people of this land and their history. Our history is their history as well. If this is not acknowledged than history is distorted. "By acknowledging the traditional owners we recognise the first peoples of this nation for their unique place in our history". Clr Ryan Tracey Labor Councillor The Hills Shire Council  FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In Federal Parliament, both houses start each day with the Lord's Prayer and the Welcome to Country.  Premiers protocol: Aboriginal people are the original owners of the land and it is important that this special position of Aboriginal people is recognised and incorporated into official protocol to enable the wider community to share in Aboriginal culture and facilitate better relationships between Aboriginal people and the general community.  "Irrespective of what government is in power they pay their respect and recognise that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people are the traditional custodians of the land and pay their respect". Labor Councillor Raymond Harty OAM The Hills Shire Council  LIBERAL COUNCILLORS CLAIM ACKNOWLEDGMENT AS 'TOKENISTIC'  Liberal Councillor's refuse traditional Aboriginal 'Welcome to Country' before meetings because it's 'divisive and too politically correct. Seven Liberals of the eleven member council voted against the acknowledgement to be included in the meeting practice. Liberal Councillor Peter Gangemi said "We make our own decisions". "For me personally, political correctness is something I'm wary of," he said. An acknowledgement of country "can be a tokenistic gesture by non-indigenous Australians to make them feel better about indigenous Australians" and contained no practical benefits, he said, echoing the words of former prime minister Tony Abbott who dismissed the practice in 2010 as "out-of-place tokenism".  Liberal Councillor Michael Thomas said he was "disappointed" the debate had been brought before council, and told the room an acknowledgement of country generated exclusivity. "When you treat one group differently to others that's exclusive," he said, adding, "It's never been clear to me how we can recognise people based on race and not be racist."  'I'm unconvinced by the argument for it. I'm told it's inclusive but to say it's inclusive is to say they're being left out at the moment,’ 'when it's the opposite were talking about one culture based on race – that troubles me'. 'We don't tolerate divisions on race, religion or gender.'We're a very intelligent council. Three of the Councillors have doctorates, most have a graduate or post-graduate degree - we're all very intelligent people, at least on the Liberal side.' WHY ACKNOWLEDGMENT IS IMPORTANT  It is not only a symbolic gesture it is important to Aboriginal people. It promotes an inclusive modern society, it has been a custom to acknowledge the traditional owners and in turn The Hills Shire Council must play its part.    “all of us, regardless of race, culture or gender, share a strong identity as Australians wanting to build a common, tolerant and prosperous future together. If we work to find what we have in common rather than what divides us… We can be better people; we can build a better Australia; we can build a better place for the next generation together.” Senator Patrick Dodson’. The Hills Shire Council has a role to play in the story of our Australian History. Of the 34 councils that make up the Sydney metropolitan area, 22 have an “acknowledgment of country” as part of their meetings including Hornsby, Hawkesbury, Parramatta & Blacktown City Council. This is about connecting with our past, acknowledging the present circumstances and paving the way toward a positive future.  ACKNOWLEDGING ALL OF OUR HISTORY H.R.H Queen Elizabeth II picture is adorned within the Council chamber, there should also be room for an acknowledgment of the first Australians and the sacred history they have, the dream time and rich culture. HELP SUPPORT THE DARUG PEOPLE IN THEIR FIGHT FOR RECOGNITION AND SIGN THIS PETITION. “We will keep going until we get council to accept an Acknowledgement of Country incorporated into the Code of Meeting practices.“  EARLY ABORIGINAL HISTORY IN THE HILLS   The rock dwellings found in the Darling Mills Creek area of West Pennant Hills date back almost 12,000 years. In the years 1789-1790 a smallpox epidemic swept through the Sydney Aboriginal population killing many of the people living in the region. Most of the clans around Port Jackson were almost completely wiped out and the disease killed off many inland Darug people as well. The change from bush to farmland meant that game animals were driven away and the Darug people found themselves increasingly displaced in their own country.  For a number of years some clans fought against the Europeans with Pemulwuy leading the resistance until he was shot and killed by Henry Hacking in 1802. Once the rebellions were put down by British soldiers, the Darug learned to live within European society or on the fringes around it. By 1820 the Cumberland plain had been heavily occupied by over 24,000 colonists and the pattern of life that the Darug had developed over thousands of years had almost completely vanished in the area.          

Ryan Tracey
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Petition to Minister for human services, Shadow Minister for Human Services, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

AUSTRALIAN KINSHIP CARERS NEED YOUR HELP [What if this happened to you? Could you cope?]

An infant is dropped off to you by the police at 2am in the morning. A quick phone call was the only warning. She has been removed from her parents (your kin) due to abuse or neglect or for safety reasons.  DHHS follow up in a few days and deem the child to be safe and close their case. You are left with an unsettled child, no funds, no support and many years later massive court costs to ensure that child remains safe and loved and cared for. This is one of many horror stories Kinship carers are forced to live through. Could you?   As many of you are aware the incidence of children being cared for by relatives is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia. What you may not know is that many of these carers –Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles Etc- are doing so WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT from the government or community service providers. They receive no funding to assist with raising this child and many have no option other than to access their superannuation to support a safe environment for the child/ren and raise them above the poverty line. Often having to give up their job, their lifestyle must change completely to accommodate the needs of the child. They do the same job as foster carers however they receive no acknowledgement, nor any financial assistance. They receive no legal aid as this is given to the biological parents to attempt to reunify with that child. Some of the parents of these children may have mental health issues or a history of drug abuse however they are not held accountable for their actions or lack of care for their child knowing that the government will support them in getting the child back even though no requirements have been met. Having a child is not a right it is a privilege. These innocent children are being abused by the system and being forced to return to their biological parent/s into an unsafe, and at times volatile environment where their needs are not being met and more psychological damage is being done before being returned to the kinship carer who then is faced with challenging behaviours and professional bills to attempt to repair the damage caused. There are no accurate statistics on how many kinship carers there are in Australia as many choose not to be known officially for fear of DHHS reprisals, and those that have had children placed in their care by DHHS have had their case closed (and therefore aren’t counted in statistics) due to the child being in a safe environment. Funding is not offered if the case is closed early. Kinship carers love, feed, clothe and pay for all medical expenses out of their own pocket and as they are ageing themselves often put their own needs last and cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses. The childrens needs cost more each year and the carers do a fantastic job in an uncertain environment. The children are their priority. ALL kinship carers should be recognised and provided with the same financial assistance as foster carers. (Foster carers get a choice to be carers, we have no choice!) This is the next generation they are raising, to be productive, stable members of society. But they need your signature, to raise awareness, to change the system and to provide a life above the poverty line for Australia’s most vulnerable carers and children. Please sign and share to show your support.

Sue Erben
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Petition to Nick Xenophon, Senator Richard Di Natale, Bill Shorten

Inquiry into ethics/practices of ASADA AFL WADA antidoping case against the 34 EFC players

We believe these players were denied:  The presumption of innocence  The right to an independent Hearing The right to remain silent The right to privacy and confidentiality  The right not to be tried twice for the same offence The right to be dealt with promptly and not subject to unnecessary delays The right for an appeal to be heard in an Australian Court We believe: None of the sporting or governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of these players have given the appearance of objectivity in the selection of evidence. None of the sporting or governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of players, perhaps with the exception of the AFL Tribunal, have given any regard to whether evidence could be regarded as expert or scientific. In fact, some supporting evidence needed to be discounted on the grounds of relevance. The sporting and governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of the players ran their own agenda in order to achieve a preconceived outcome.  As a result, the outcome that was reached contains numerous factual errors and is based on suppositions which in many cases are unsupported.     As a consequence of 1, 2, and 3, we believe the prosecution of the case was built on inexact proofs, indefinite testimony, and indirect inferences that do not reach the standard of ‘comfortable satisfaction' and therefore has no place in Australian sport. Innocent or guilty, we want the players to receive a fair go. That’s the Australian way. Therefore, this petition requests a Senate Inquiry in order to: Investigate and consider all the relevant facts so they are publically available.  To date, the evidence against the players has been based on taking ‘bits out that might compromise what we need’.  Investigate the role, motives and ethics of each sporting, government body and the media during the investigation and prosecution of the case.  Identify if any person or organization has breached an Australia law during the investigation and prosecution of the case; make sure everyone is held accountable for their actions; and if warranted, prosecute the offenders.   Investigate a mechanism for a review of this matter in Australia to ensure the players are given the opportunity to clear their names if they so wish.    Review and amend legislation and rules so any identified injustices can never happen to Australian sports people again.

Philip Nelson
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