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Petition to United Nations

Change of UN Headquarters in Response to Trump's Xenophobic Discourse

While it is true that the land occupied by the United Nations Headquarters in New York is under the sole administration of the United Nations through an agreement of extraterritoriality, in exchange for basic services, the United Nations have agreed to acknowledge and abide by the federal laws of the United States. The United Nations were founded to "to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom." Just one week after being sworn President of the United States, Donald Trump has opened leash to a xenophobic policy that goes against all the intrinsic values of the UN Charter. As cited by the UN "[d]ue to the powers vested in its Charter and its unique international character, the United Nations can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, such as peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, and more." In his capacity of POTUS, Trump's hatred speech against women, the environment and all the people who were not born in the United States goes against everything the United Nations stands for. That is why the United Nations should respond. That is why we ask the United Nations to relocate their NY headquarters in a symbolic act that shows that the values upon which the United Nations were founded are still alive and shall be respected regardless of the xenophobic actions of the current President of the United States. We cannot trust humanity's basic human rights be derailed by a volatile and impulsive goverment that overviews process and promotes xenophobia. The United Nations were created to promote peace among the nations and that's what they should still fight for.

Nistai Silveira
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Petition to Alan Jara (Director de la Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas), Juan Manuel Santos, Paula Gaviria, Miguel Samper, Carlos Alfonso Negret Mosquera, Juan Fernando Cristo

Support ASOTRACAMPO one year after the eviction of El Tamarindo

Para la versión en español, haz clic aquí. The 10th of December is International Human Rights’ Day and, ironically, coincides with the displacement of our partner organization, ASOTRACAMPO, violently displaced from their lands one year ago today. One year after the displacement, ASOTRACAMPO remains in conditions of total abandonment. The past 10th of December, ironically on International Human Rights Day, our volunteers accompanied the members of ASOTRACAMPO in the displacement of the Humanitarian Space El Mirador, the only space remaining from the El Tamarindo settlement in Barranquilla. Despite the untiring struggle of the members and the political accompaniment carried out by FOR Peace Presence and others, 62 families that make up ASOTRACAMPO continue to remain, one year later, in conditions of extreme vulnerability, completely forgotten by the state. The only offers of compensation have been made by private individuals claiming the land, interested in the value acquired after it was declared part of the International Free Trade Area of the Atlantic Department. These families, vulnerable farmers displaced by violence and victims of the armed conflict, have not received even the slightest attention from Colombian State institutions, while the State seeks to construct peace in Colombia following a signed agreement with the FARC. For members of ASOTRACAMPO, peace in Colombia will be built when effective restitution for victims can be provided and guarantees against repetition can be assured; these cannot compete with economic interests. Please support members of ASOTRACAMPO in their struggle for dignity by signing this letter of concern directed at Colombian State entities by the 10th January 2017. Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic Paula Gaviria, Presidential Office for Human Rights (Consejera Presidencial para los Derechos Humanos) Miguel Samper, National Land Agency Director, (Director Agencia Nacional de Tierras) Alan Jara, Director of the Unity for Attention and Integral Reparation for the Victims (Director de la Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas) Carlos Alfonso Negret Mosquera, National Ombudsman (Defensor Nacional del Pueblo) Juan Fernando Cristo, Ministry of the Interior 10th January, 2017 Concern regarding state abandonment of ASOTRACAMPO, El Tamarindo, Barranquilla, one year after their displacement. Dear Sirs and Madam, Through this letter we would like to express our profound concern for the lack of State attention for the members of ASOTRACAMPO, Association of Land Workers (Asociación de los Trabajadores del Campo), one year after the displacement of the last remaining plots of the El Tamarindo settlement, the Humanitarian Space El Mirador, which occurred on the 9th, 10th, 18th, and 23rd of December 2015. No State institutions have assumed responsibility for this case and, to date, State entities responsible (UARIV, National Land Agency [Agencia Nacional de Tierras], and the Presidential Office for Human Rights [Consejería para los Derecho Humanos]) have not acted effectively, exposing 62 member families of ASOTRACAMPO to conditions of complete vulnerability. Neither the meeting carried out on the initiative of ASOTRACAMPO with the UARIV, INCODER, and the Ministry of Agriculture in May 2016, nor a subsequent meeting with the UARIV in Barranquilla in October 2016, have resulted in any concrete guarantees of protection and dignified living space for the families of ASOTRACAMPO. Formed in 2012 by the population residing in the 120 hectares of the El Tamarindo settlement in Barranquilla, ASOTRACAMPO was formed with the collective purpose of subsistence farming. However, since 2000, they have faced several eviction proceedings, threats (pamphlets and intimidation, amongst other tactics), attacks, the assassination of the vice-president of the settlement’s son, and four displacements (2012, 2013, 2014, and the most recent in December 2015). Economic interest in the zone has increased since 2007 with the creation of the International Free Trade Area of the Atlantic Department and the Ruta del Sol highway project began between Barranquilla and Cartagena. El Tamarindo was nominated by Amnesty International as an emblematic case noted in their November 2014 Report “A property title isn’t enough: for a Sustainable Restitution of Land in Colombia”.  In times of transition towards a lasting peace, we find it incongruent that the victims of multiple displacements from the armed conflict, and farmers in vulnerable conditions due to structural causes of the conflict with inequitable land distribution, have again become victims of displacement due to economic interests, with no guarantee of protection of their basic rights from the state at all levels. The only land grant was issued for private individuals (10 hectares in the municipality of Luruaco, Bolívar), after the displacement in December 2015. Therefore, we urge:  That the President assure coherence between the politics of economic investment and the restitution of victims and the guarantees of no-repetition, preventing and avoiding a surge of new victims of displacement due to economic interests. That the Presidential Office for Human Rights and the Ministry of Interior to effectively and immediately assume their role as intermediaries between institutions to guarantee attention, as much for the victims as for vulnerable farming families. That the UARIV to treat the case as a priority, as promised by Paula Gaviria in her directorship of the UARIV, resolving the situation of reparation for each of the victim member of ASOTRACAMPO, and taking into account the proposal for collective relocation. That the National Land Agency, in close collaboration with the UARIV, to adjudicate a terrain with sufficient plots for families from ASOTRACAMPO which correspond to the needs of the farming families for their subsistence. That the Ombudsman, to watch over and supervise the protection for the rights of the population in a dignified and effective relocation. We look forward to your support and response, Sincerely, [Signatures]

FOR Peace Presence
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Petition to Paul Liam R. Du Bois, Petra Ahman, Brita Ahmann

Eliminate the Electoral College / Constitutional Amendment Petition

WEBSITE ( COMING SOON!  ★ PURPOSE ★ Voices Elect is a 100% Non For Profit People's Movement and Campaign created with one purpose : to help realize a key cornerstone in the ideals which founded this nation, by eliminating the Electoral College and finally give a Voice to the people of the United States by achieving Freedom of Choice to directly elect its President through -- only -- the Peoples Vote (Popular Vote). TO PUT IT SIMPLY: ONE VOICE = ONE VOTE ★ GOAL★   Reach a 51% and above majority in 4 years to ensure our representatives listen to the people's choice.  Join the petition, and send a message to your Representatives in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress, petitioning them to put forth this Constitutional Amendment and see it passed, giving a re-birth to this nation, in its workings at home and its perception abroad. We want their 2/3 ; We want their support to give Freedom of Choice to 314 million voices in America. May the idea of America be reborn in the hearts of its people, and may it continue to be a beacon of hope for all those who still fight for the right of Freedom to Choose. ★ THE SPIRIT : THE POWER OF YOU ★ The idea of America, together with all Free Nations, stand as a powerful symbol of hope for all across the sand drawn borders that make up this planet — a promise of the social evolution of mankind and the creation of a better world — something beyond the end result. As such it is the responsibility of all free citizens around our world to stand by each other. Voices Elect was created with one purpose only : To eliminate the antiquated system of the Electoral College, finally giving to 314 million Americans // Freedom of Choice // to directly elect its President through [only] the Popular Vote (the People’s Vote), making it the only voice that counts by next election. We believe the voices of the American People need to be heard, and each voice given the democratic gift to choose the future of one of the world's greatest symbols of democracy and freedom — the United States of America — by allowing its People to directly elect its highest form of government. We believe the power of the choices every American will define its future, allowing this symbol of freedom to shine brighter still in the hearts of its people as an enduring beacon for all those who still fight, around our world, for the most powerful self-evident truth & a most fundamental of Human Rights, Freedom to Choose.AND WE, ABOVE ALL, BELIEVE IN YOU — THE PEOPLE — HEART OF AMERICA. ★ ABOUT VOICES ELECT ★ Voices Elect is a true, no joke, no-gimmick, 100% non-for-profit movement. We do not take donations. We do not make a profit of any kind nor accept any donations. We treat all who support Voices Elect as members of a Free-Peoples’ Citizenry — regardless of their nationality. Volunteers support with their effort, on their own time & talents ✚ Artist and Creators support with their gifts ✚ Enterprises and Businesses support with their services. The Voices Elect model was created to honor YOU, the People of one of the most charitable nations in human history, and that through their compassion, their hope, their hearts, they have re-shaped the face of our world, keeping the promise of what we can become, united as a Free-People’s Citizenry within one world. ★ THE PEOPLES DECLARATION ★ We here highly resolve that this nation and the idea founded in the hearts of all men and women of which it was born into, that now endlessly grows and shapes the face of our planet shall have its promise fulfilled and be given new birth, acknowledged and delivered in the form of its government, and under the law of liberty and of life, freedom of choice shall be appointed to all presently and all to come, and that the government by the people, and for the people, shall finally become a government of the people. America, it is to you that we keep this promise of what we can become; what we will become, and as a people, evolve into the promise of by which you, America, were born. We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to the world. We as a nation have come of age, and open to embrace our destiny -- and though we may not choose to be born in the times we are born into, as free men and women we step onto the world stage knowing that across our borders countless fight for you, America -- for Freedom -- for us. The faith given to our people by all people who stand for Freedom, for a hope of a better world -- a decent world -- will not have been in vain. We know now our lives are not just our own. That we are bound to each other, and as such, we accept such truths. Now the fight begins in our own land. Not a revolution -- but an Evolution.And now we send this message to you, 44th President of the United States, leader of the free world, and all our representatives in both houses: We want your two-thirds. In four years, We the People will choose, and when we are done you will listen to us: Three hundred and fifteen million strong (not 538). No longer will politicians make promises to other politicians and to those in front of the line. No longer will states battle each other and take the focus away from its brothers and sisters. This is the time to renew the faith the world has given to us. To Heart of the American People. We are America. We are Free to Choose.  

Voices Elect
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