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Petition to European Parliament, European Commission

Equal rights for the LGBT community in developing countries

Did you know that more than 70 countries and territories worldwide continue to criminalize same-sex relationships? LGBT community is still persecuted and face legally the death penalty in numerous countries. This madness has to end. Since the dawn of time, homosexuality has existed in many parts of the world. Today, the LGBT community struggles to be accepted as normal and natural in many countries. Sanctions are still going from mere insult to the death penalty in the worst case across the globe. Humanity is still struggling to change beliefs and mentalities on a subject that should no longer be taboo. How can homosexuality still be described as a crime in 2018?  This can easily be explained by one main reason: popular beliefs and religion. Many developing countries today do not dare to take the plunge because their policies depend for the most part on the opinion of the people who do not wish to accept these orientations and identities. ALL EQUAL community invites you, all European citizens, to sign our petition, in order to alarm EU authorities of the atrocities suffered by LGBT community in developing countries, especially in Africa and the Middle East. We also invite you to massively share our petition through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ..), to talk about this action with your family, your friends and your colleagues so that they too can sign it, and call finally, your elected representatives to defend this cause in the European Parliament and other EU institutions.   Thank you, All Equal team.

All Equal
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Petition to Government of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, United Nations


Bombing civilians is not war, it's a crime! Join our fight against the bombing of civilians by signing our international petition. We have the power to demand action from the Canadian government and other States.  WHY? Recent years have seen entire cities, neighbourhoods and villages in countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen become battlegrounds. The use of very powerful or inaccurate explosive weapons in densely populated areas has led to massive civilian casualties. This practice contravenes international law and the Geneva Conventions.  92% of the victims of  bombings in populated areas are civilians: men, women and children killed by indiscriminate and barbaric weapons! Every day, 90 civilians are killed or injured by explosive weapons! This is unacceptable! TARGET: 1 MILLION SIGNATURES Your signature is our weapon in the fight to protect civilians. Together we succeeded in banning anti-personnel mines in 1997 and cluster munitions in 2008. Today, we can and must protect civilians from the devastating effects of indiscriminate bombing in populated areas. WE CALL ON Canada and States worldwide to: Publicly condemn the bombing of civilians, End the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, Assist victims and support demining of bombed areas. _________________Going further : Our presence on the field Like us on Facebook and share this campagin #StopBombingCivilians

Humanité & Inclusion Canada
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Petition to Charles Bordeleau, Stephanie Burns

Help Demand that Robert Griffin Jr Resign from Ottawa Police for Abuse Against Elderly

Ottawa Police officers are among the best in Canada.  Ottawa Police officers have saved many lives and always take a great professional pride and joy in doing so.  Unfortunately, that apparently doesn't include Detective Robert Griffin, Jr. of the Ottawa Police Services. Thanks to this "fine" Detective, Dezrin Carby-Samuels can no longer walk, write or talk anymore. The above photo shows the condition that Dezrin was in back in June 2015 after one month of being subjected to abuse by her husband with the the apparent support of Detective Robert Griffin who has turned a once energetic superwoman into a even worse condition today, thanks to this "fine" Detective. Back in April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services was shown a note from Dezrin presented by Dezrin's son to Ottawa Police Services.  In Dezrin's own handwriting, she wrote down that "Dad Abuses Me". Now, most police officers would have thanked the son and sought to protect Dezrin from further abuse from her husband.  That's what Dezrin had wanted. Instead, Detective Robert Griffin hijacked the Ottawa Police's investigation and has since then sought to protect the wife abuser from his wife's representation of his abuse and in order to apparently punish Dezrin, has sought to prevent her from seeing her own son since 12 June 2015. One 15 June 2015 Detective Robert Griffin apparently stormed down to the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Centre and demanded that they prevent Dezrin and her son from having any further contact with each other. Ms Alison Timons had wanted to present evidence to court in support of Dezrin's son of the abuse they had witnessed by Dezrin's husband against her.  But as a result of these apparent threats, they became scared by threats which Dezrin's son had also experienced from Robert Griffin Jr. As a result of Robert Griffin getting Dezrin's son to be illegally evicted from  protecting his Mom from her husband's abuse, Dezrin's suffered continued abuse by her husband with the apparent support of a misogynistic police officer. Who but an apparent "dirty copy" and low-life who has neither respect for women or the elderly would be responsible for such apparent cruel and sadistic behaviour an especially against a woman like Dezrin who had been an able-bodied, energetic "super-woman" before she was exposed to an apparent criminal conspiracy perpetuated? Dezrin had begged to see her son, but made Dezrin know that she would never ever see her son again.  What could she a "nigger" and a "cripple" do about it, and the public would never know! In the featured video, you will hear this "fine" Detective many one of many phone calls that were apparent of his strategy of harassment against Dezrin's son for having shown the Ottawa Police the note from his Mother. And this Detective is apparently being paid $129,000/yr to repress a little old lady for now more than three years who has become severely disabled as a result of this "fine" Detective's activities? We, the undersigned demand that the Office of the Police Chief accept the resignation of Detective Robert Griffin and that the Ottawa Police Chief ensure that Detective Griffin cease and desist his apparent criminal interference for over three years which has prevented Dezrin and her son seeing each other.      

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Petition to Faure Gnassingbé

Faure Gnassingbé: Cessez de tuer, d'arrêter et de torturer les togolais!

Scroll down for the English version of this petition Veuillez signer cette pétition avant qu’il ne soit trop tard ! Please sign this petition before it is too late! Togolaise, togolais, chers compatriotes et amis du Togo, nous avons décidé de lancer cette pétition pour lancer une mobilisation salvatrice des militants des droits de l'homme pour protéger de pauvres innocents et victimes de l'arbitraire. En créant cette pétition, nous souhaitons lancer une action urgente contre la situation d'arbitraire et de violation flagrante des droits de l'homme très inquiétante qui prévaut au Togo depuis le samedi, 19 août 2017. Voici quelques preuves photos et vidéo pour appuyer cette pétition. VIDÉO Horrible: Femme battue par 25 soldats Horrible: Jeune homme fusillé au visage et perd son oeil Répression sauvage d’une manifestation pacifique Séance de torture de manifestants Note: Cette vidéo a été retirée de YouTube après le lancement de cette pétition. Ce retrait était peut-être commandité par les autorités togolaises pour cacher la vérité à la face du monde. Manifestants blessés par balles Tir de balles et de gaz lacrymogène dans des maisons PHOTOS Manifestant blessé par balle Manifestant tué par balle Manifestant tué par balle Que s'est-il réellement passé avant, pendant et après? En effet, des marches pacifiques organisées par un parti politique de l'opposition (le PNP ou Parti National Panafricain) simultanément dans plusieurs villes du Togo (Lomé, Sokodé, Kara, Anié et Bafilo) ont été réprimées dans le sang par la police, la gendarmerie et l'armée togolaises. Selon les informations rapportées par les médias, il y a eu près de 7 morts, des dizaines de blessés parmi les civils (dont un petit garçon de 13 ans) et les militaires. Les manifestants avaient deux revendications: 1. Le retour à la constitution de 1992 (qui limite le mandant présidentiel à 2 fois 5ans et les scrutins présidentiels à deux tours) 2. Le vote de la diaspora togolaise à l'étranger Pendant et après la manifestation, il y a eu plusieurs arrestations et détentions arbitraires dont celle du Secrétaire Général du parti PNP (Parti National Panafricain), organisateur de la marche. Dans la nuit de samedi au dimanche, il y aurait eu une chasse à l'homme implacable qui s'est soldée sur plusieurs autres arrestations arbitraires de jeunes. Comment Faure Gnassingbé compte-t-il poursuivre la répression arbitraire? Comme pour empirer la situation, le gouvernement togolais et le parti au pouvoir UNIR, tentent de faire porter toute la responsabilité des violences et les tueries commises par les forces de l'ordre togolaises aux dirigeants du PNP. Ce qui implique que si nous les laissons faire, ils vont perpétuer la culture d'impunité en laissant libres les soldats qui ont assassiné des manifestants pacifistes non armés, tout en emprisonnant arbitrairement des innocents, surtout les dirigeants du PNP. En effet, pour justifier leur crime crapuleux, le gouvernement togolais veut faire croire à l'opinion publique nationale et internationale que "le PNP a organisé de la violence pour sortir de l'anonymat". Oubliant qu'en moins de trois ans à la suite de fortes mobilisations sur le terrain, le PNP est devenu le parti le plus populaire au Togo. Donc, ses dirigeants non nullement besoin de sortir d'un quelconque anonymat. Le ministre de la Sécurité, Yark Damehane l'avait lui-même déclaré que: "le PNP a un bon électorat". Voilà un bref aperçu de la situation qui prévaut actuellement au Togo. Vous pourrai lire plus bas en annexe un récit plus détaillé des événements que nous avons suivis de près grâce aux médias locaux et internationaux, avant, pendant et après les manifestations. Pourquoi c’est urgent de signer cette pétition? Nous devons agir rapidement avant qu'il ne soit trop tard, car le président dictateur Faure Gnassingbé est prêt à tout pour s'accrocher au pouvoir au-delà de son troisième mandat de 5 ans qui se terminera en 2020. Cette pétition s'adresse directement à lui. Il semble faire profil bas, mais c'est à lui que profite toutes ces atrocités. Quels sont les objectifs de cette pétition? Exiger la libération immédiate et sans condition de tous les manifestants injustement arrêtés et incarcérés dont celle de Dr. Sama, le Secrétaire Général du parti PNP (Parti National Panafricain). Exiger la fin immédiate de la chasse à l'homme opérée arbitrairement par les forces de police, de gendarmerie et l'armée togolaises dans les villes de Kara, Sokodé, Lomé, Anié, Bafilo ou ailleurs dans le pays contre les manifestants et les dirigeants du PNP dont le président Me Tikpi Atchadam; Exiger la levée immédiate de l'état de siège dont est victime la ville de Sokodé et ses habitants; Exiger la démission immédiate des ministres Yark Damehane et Payadowa Boukpessi qui délibérément et pour des raisons partisanes ont donné l'ordre à la police et à la gendarmerie de réprimer de façon violente, arbitraire et barbare une manifestation pacifique; Réclamer l'ouverture dans les plus brefs délais d'une enquête internationale indépendante pour évaluer les circonstances dans lesquels près de dix (10) togolais sont morts et des dizaines ont été blessés alors qu'ils manifestaient pacifiquement pour réclamer le respect leur droit le plus absolu et inaliénable; Exiger que les policiers, gendarmes et militaires qui ont délibérément tiré à bout portant sur des manifestants non armés à balle blanche ou réelle, ainsi que leur commanditaires soient identifiés et traduits devant une cour de justice impartiale pour répondre de leur acte criminel; Exiger le respect absolu du droit et de la liberté de manifester pacifique sans répression militaire, ni entrave à caractère partisane; Exiger de Faure Gnassingbé la restitution immédiate et sans condition de la constitution de 1992 et l'institution du vote de la Diaspora togolaise, soit la revendication que les manifestants du PNP et ainsi que le peuple togolais réclamaient en ce jour du 19 août; Demander à Faure Gnassingbé d'annoncer sa démission immédiate sans condition et de s'engager solennellement à garantir la paix et la cohésion nationale.  Qu'est-ce qui motive le lancement cette pétition? Pour votre information, Charitogo n'est pas affilié au PNP, ni à aucun autre parti politique togolais, nous avons une vue d'ensemble et impartiale de la situation avec des preuves concrètes à l'appui. Et nous sommes consternés et très inquiets de constater les atrocités commises par le gouvernement de Faure Gnassingbé sur mes frères et sœurs de Lomé, de Kara, de Sokodé, d'Anié et de Bafilo. Vous pouvez signer la pétition maintenant! Sinon, si vous voulez en savoir plus sur la situation avant de signer, veuillez lire le sommaire ci-dessous. Vous préférez signer incognito? Si pour une raison quelconque vous ne souhaitez pas que votre nom soit visible sur ce site, vous pouvez décocher la cache qui paraît au bas du bouton de signature de cette pétition. Que devez-vous faire après avoir signé cette pétition? Avant tout, je vous remercie vivement d'avoir pris  le temps de lire et de signer cette pétition. Le Togo et les togolais ont besoin de vous et vous en serons reconnaissants. Si vous êtes indigné(e) et trouvez inacceptable que les droits fondamentaux des êtres humains soient ainsi et constamment foulés au pied, vous pouvez poser un geste fort. Cela ne vous demandera pas grand-chose. Invitez tout simplement vos amis à signer aussi cette pétition. Partagez-là dans les réseaux sociaux. ***Fin de la pétition*** ANNEXE - Pour en savoir plus Merci pour votre soutien au peuple togolais et surtout à des victimes innocentes d'une dictature qui veut perdurer après plus de 50 ans au pouvoir. Que réclamaient les manifestants et la grande majorité du peuple togolais? L'objet de la marche comportait deux exigences: Le retour à la constitution de 1992 qui limite l'exercice de la fonction présidentielle à un maximum de deux mandats de cinq ans et au scrutin à deux tours; Le droit de vote de la diaspora togolaise, qui est estimé à près de trois millions de ressortissants. Était-ce la première manifestation pacifique d'un parti politique à être réprimée de la sorte? Avant la manifestation du 19 août 2017, différents partis politiques dont UNIR le parti au pouvoir ont déjà organisé des marches pacifiques empruntant un itinéraire similaire sans se faire imposer des modifications. Donc, oui, c'est la toute première fois que des ministres partisans décident arbitrairement non seulement d'imposer une modification d'itinéraire, mais aussi de réprimer sauvagement le rassemblement au point de départ. En outre, la répression policière s'est quand-même poursuivie malgré que les manifestants aient fini par emprunter l'itinéraire modifié qu'on leur a arbitrairement imposé. Cela démontre clairement une volonté partisane de la part des ministres Yark Damehane et Payadowa Boukpessi qui consistait à sournoisement empêcher la tenue effective de cette marche qui visiblement dérangeait le pouvoir en place. Suite à une série de machinations incongrues, de menaces et d'intimidation, le Ministre de la Sécurité a effectivement pris les mesures musclées qu'il avait annoncées la veille pour empêcher les manifestants de se rassembler au point de départ de leur marche pacifique. Pourquoi la manifestation est-elle réprimée dans le sang? La première raison La raison est sans équivoque, Faure Gnassingbé a déjà fait 12 ans au pouvoir après avoir succédé dans un bain de sang en 2005 à son père, le feu Général Gnassingbé Eyadema, qui avait lui gouverné le Togo pendant 38 ans. Mais, il cherche désespérément par des moyens dilatoires à s'éterniser au pouvoir, ce en violation flagrante de tous les accords politiques qu'il a signés avec l'opposition togolaise depuis 2006. Il ne veut donc pas entendre parler de restitution de la constitution de 1992 que les togolais avaient adoptée à près de 99% à travers un référendum dont le taux de participation dépassait largement les 85%. En clair, accepté la constitution de 1992 signifierait que Faure Gnassingbé ne pourra plus solliciter un quatrième mandat en 2020. La deuxième raison L'autre raison est qu'après avoir utilisé les députés de UNIR son parti, majoritaire à l'Assemblée Nationale togolaise pour bloquer les projets de réformes soumis par l'opposition, il a nommé une commission composée uniquement de ses partisans pour proposer une nouvelle constitution au togolais. Selon les rumeurs, cette nouvelle constitution portera à 7 ans le mandat présidentiel qui sera renouvelable une fois. Et peut-être bien qu'après les 14 ans supplémentaires au pouvoir (soit 29 ans au total), il décidera de modifier cette hypothétique constitution pour prolonger indéfiniment son mandat pour règner tout simplement à vie. Alors que cette fameuse commission formée de soi-disant intellectuels sillonne le pays prétendant furtivement demander l'avis de la population et que celle-ci lui répond avec véhémence qu'elle veut purement et simplement un retour à la constitution de 1992, il ne souhaite pas l'entendre de la part des manifestants qui envahiraient simultanément les rues de grandes villes du pays.  Il avait également promis de tout faire pour mettre fin à la violence policière, partisane et électoraliste qui avait marqué son accession au pouvoir en 2005. Au fil des années, on se rend bien compte hélas et surtout en ce 19 août 2017, qu'il n'a aucunement envie de respecter ses promesses faites au peuple. Charitogo, c'est quoi? Charitogo est un mouvement de citoyens qui sont contre la haine, l'arbitraire, la répression et l'injustice au Togo. Nous ne sommes affilié, ni commandité par aucun parti politique. Notre initiative est née suite à la répression sanglante des manifestations pacifiques des togolais du 19 août 2017 à Lomé, Kara, Sokodé, Anié et Bafilo. Notre mission est de collaborer avec tous les acteurs togolais et étrangers qui peuvent contribuer à bâtir une nation togolaise moderne, paisible, unie, solidaire et prospère. Comme vous l'avez probablement deviné, le nom Charitogo est un sigle qui signifie: Contre la haine, l'arbitraire, la répression et l'injustice au Togo. Merci de nous soutenir!   --------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH VERSION Faure Gnassingbe: Stop repressing the peaceful demonstrations in Togo! Please sign this petition before it is too late Togolese, dear fellow citizen or friend of Togo, we decided to launch this petition in order to mobilize human rights activists to save lives and to protect innocent poor and victims of an arbitrary rule. In creating this petition, we wish to launch an urgent action against the situation of arbitrary and flagrant violation of human rights which is very worrying in Togo since Saturday, 19 August 2017. Here are some videos and photos in support of our petition VIDEOS Horrible: Woman beaten by 25 soldiers Horrible: Young man shot in the face lost his eye Savage repression of a peaceful protestA scene of torturing a protesterNote: This video was removed from YouTube after the launch of this petition. The withdrawal may well be an act from the Togolese government trying to hide the truth to the world. Protesters shot and wounded Shooting of bullets and tear gas in houses PHOTOS Protester shot and wounded Protester shot dead Protester shot dead What happened before, during and after? Indeed, peaceful demonstrations organized by an opposition political party (PNP or Parti National Panafricain) simultaneously in several cities of Togo (Lomé, Sokode, Kara, Anié and Bafilo) were repressed in blood by the police and the Togolese army. According to media reports, there were nearly 7 deaths, dozens injured among civilians (including a 13-year-old boy) and the military. The demonstrators had two claims: 1. The return to the constitution of 1992 (which limits the presidential mandate to 2 terms of 5 years and a two-round presidential election) 2. The vote of the Togolese diaspora living abroad During and after the demonstration, there were several arbitrary arrests and detentions, including that of the Secretary General of the Parti National Panafricain (PNP), organizer of the protest. It has also been reported that during the night of Saturday to Sunday, there has been an implacable manhunt that ended in several other arbitrary arrests of young people, all peaceful protesters. There are several pieces of evidence including video, audio and photographs confirming the peaceful nature of the protests and the torture to which young demonstrators have been subject to. How does Faure Gnassigbe intend to perpetuate arbitrary repression? As if to make matters worse, the Togolese government and the ruling party UNIR are trying to blame the leaders of the PNP for the violence and the killings committed by the Togolese armed forces. This means that if we do nothing, they will perpetuate the culture of impunity by leaving the soldiers who have murdered unarmed pacifist demonstrators free, while arbitrarily imprisoning innocent people, especially the leaders of the PNP. Indeed, in order to justify their crapulous crime, the Togolese government wants to make the national and international public opinion believe that "the PNP has organized violence in order to break out of anonymity". What they seem to deny is the fact that in less than three years and following a methodical grassroots mobilization, the PNP has become the most popular political party in Togo. So its leaders do not need to get out of any sort of anonymity. The Togolese Minister of Security and Civil Protection, Yark Damehane himself declared that "PNP has a good electoral base". This is a brief overview of the situation currently prevailing in Togo. A more detailed account of the events closely monitored through local and international media, before, during and after the demonstrations, can be read below. Why signing this petition is so urgent? We must act quickly before it is too late because President Dictator Faure Gnassingbe is ready to do anything, including killing, arbitrarily arresting and torturing innocent and peaceful protesters, in order to cling to power well beyond his third five-year term in office, which should normally end in 2020. This petition is addressed directly to him. He seems to be keeping a low profile, but he is the one who intends to profit by all these atrocities. What are the objectives of this petition? Call for the immediate and unconditional release of all unjustly arrested and incarcerated demonstrators including that of Dr. Sama, the Secretary General of the Parti National Panafricain (PNP). Demand the immediate end of the arbitrary execution of the manhunt by the Togolese police and army forces in the cities of Kara, Sokodé, Lomé, Anié, Bafilo or elsewhere in the country against peaceful protesters and PNP leaders including President Tikpi Atchadam; Demand the immediate lifting of the state of siege of the city of Sokodé and its inhabitants; Demand the immediate resignation of the ministers Yark Damehane and Payadowa Boukpessi, who deliberately and for partisan reasons have ordered the police and the army to repress a peaceful demonstration in a violent, arbitrary and barbarous manner; Call for an independent international investigation to be opened as soon as possible to assess the circumstances in which nearly ten (10) Togolese died and dozens were wounded while demonstrating peacefully to demand respect for their most absolute and basic human rights; Require that police and military members who have deliberately shot peaceful demonstrators at close range and their sponsors are identified and brought before an impartial court of justice to answer for their criminal act; Demanding the absolute respect of the right and the freedom of peaceful demonstration without military repression or hindrance of a partisan nature; To demand from Faure Gnassingbe, President of the Togolese Republic, the immediate and unconditional return of the 1992 constitution and the institution of the vote of the Togolese Diaspora, the protest that the protesters of the PNP and the Togolese people demanded this day of the 19th of August; Ask Faure Gnassingbe to resign immediately from power without any conditions and to solemnly pledge to act in peace and national cohesion. What motivates the launch of this petition? We are Togolese from the Diaspora. For your information, we are not supporters of the PNP, nor of any other Togolese political party. Therefore, we do have an overall and impartial view of the situation with concrete evidence to support it. And we are appalled and very worried about the atrocities committed by the government of Faure Gnassingbe on our brothers and sisters in Lomé, Kara, Sokode, Anié and Bafilo. You can sign the petition now! If not, if you want to know more about the situation before signing, please read the summary below. Do you prefer to sign incognito? If for any reason you do not want your name to be visible on this site, you can uncheck the box that appears below the signature button of this petition. What to do after you've signed this petition? First of all, we thank you very much for taking the time to read and sign this petition. Togo and the Togolese people need you now more than ever and will be ever grateful to you. If you find it unacceptable that the rights of human beings are so constantly trampled underfoot, you can make a strong gesture. It will not require much of you. Simply invite your friends to sign this petition as well. Share it in your social networks. *** End of petition ***   APPENDIX - Learn More about the Situation Thank you for your support to the Togolese people and especially to the innocent victims of a dictatorship that wants to endure after more than 50 years in power. What did the demonstrators and the great majority of the Togolese people demand? The object of the peaceful protests was twofold: 1. The return to the 1992 constitution, which limits the exercise of the presidential function to a maximum of two five-year terms and two-round elections; 2. The right to vote of the Togolese diaspora, which is estimated to be close to three million people. Was it the first peaceful demonstration of a political party to be repressed in this way? Before the demonstration on 19 August 2017, various political parties, including UNIR, the ruling party, have already organized peaceful demonstrations along similar routes without being imposed any changes. So, yes, this is the first time that partisan ministers have decided arbitrarily not only to impose a change of itinerary, but also to brutally repress the gathering of protesters at the point of departure. In addition, police repression continued despite the fact that the demonstrators eventually took the modified route arbitrarily imposed on them. This clearly demonstrates a partisan will on the part of the ministers Yark Damehane and Payadowa Boukpessi, which consisted of slyly preventing the effective holding of this protest, which visibly disturbed the power in place. Following a series of incongruous attempts, threats and intimidation, the Minister of Security did indeed take the strong measures he had announced the day before to prevent the demonstrators from gathering at the starting point of their peaceful protest. Why is the manifestation repressed in blood? The first reason The reason is unequivocal, Faure Gnassingbe has already spent 12 years in power after succeeding in a bloodbath in 2005 to his father, the late General Gnassingbe Eyadema, who had governed Togo for 38 years. But he desperately wants to use dilatory tactics so as to drag on to power, in flagrant violation of all the political agreements he has signed with the Togolese opposition since 2006. He therefore did not want to hear about the restitution of the 1992 constitution that Togolese had adopted to almost 99% through a referendum whose turnout was well over 85%. Clearly, accepting the 1992 constitution would mean that Faure Gnassingbe would no longer be able to run for a fourth term in 2020. The second reason The other reason is that after having used his party, majority party in the Togolese National Assembly (parliament) to block the reform bills of law submitted by the opposition, he appointed a commission composed solely of his supporters to propose a new constitution. According to rumors, this new constitution will bring to 7 years the presidential term which will be renewable once. And perhaps, after ruling for 14 additional years (for a total of 29 years), Faure Gnassingbe would try to modify the constitution again so as to stay president for life. While this famous commission of so-called intellectuals is going from city to city throughout the country pretending to seek the opinion of the population and the latter responds with vehemence that it simply wants a return to the constitution of 1992, Mr. Gnassingbe does not want to hear it from the demonstrators who would simultaneously invade the streets of big cities of the country in protest. He also promised to do everything possible to put an end to the police, partisan and electoral violence that marked his accession to power in 2005. Over the years, we realize, alas, and especially on August 19, 2017, that he has no desire to respect any of his commitments to the people.   About Charitogo Charitogo is a movement of citizens who are against hatred, arbitrary, repression and injustice in Togo. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any political party. Our initiative came about after the bloody repression of the Togolese peaceful demonstrations of 19 August 2017 in Lomé, Kara, Sokodé, Anié and Bafilo. Our mission is to collaborate with all the Togolese and foreign players who can contribute to building a modern, peaceful, united, solidary and prosperous Togolese nation. As you probably guessed, the name Charitogo is a French acronym which means: Against hatred, arbitrary, repression and injustice in Togo. Thank you for supporting us!  

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