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Petition to Joe Biden, Ms. Theresa May, Theresa May MP, International Court of Justice, Joseph Borrell, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Vanessa Baraitser, Judge Vanessa Baraitser

Help stop the attack by the UK and the US on the ability to condemn abuses.

Julian Assange has been subject to arbitrary detention by the government of the UK, as it has been formally determined by the UN working group on arbitrary detention (UNWGAD).  The determination came after a sixteen months investigation during which the UK and Sweden took part by making submissions to the Working Group in their defence. The UN is an international body whose previous determinations have been welcomed by the United States, the European Union, and most democracies in the world. The opinions of UNWGAD are based on binding international human rights law and its authority has been given by the UN Human Rights Council. The opinions of UNWGAD are considered authoritative by the European Courts of Human Rights.  UNWGAD has ruled on many other cases, in particular in favour of Aung San Suu Ky, President of the National League for Democracy and recipient of the  Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 1990 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, illegally forced under house arrest by the Burmese government.  UNWGAD is composed by members coming from Norway, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Ukraine and Benin. Julian Assange has won several journalistic prizes, but, despite the value of its activity that has earned him the nomination to the Nobel prize, he has also seen his freedom unjustly restricted for several years, and he has recently been charged with espionage by the US in retaliation for publishing material that proved wrongdoing by the US. We urge the governments of the UK and the US to abide by UNWGAD determination, to stop persecuting Julian Assange, to respect the international body's decision and stop undermining the UN body. In a letter signed by many Nobel Peace Prizes there is already concern that many countries, such as Sri Lanka, are using the UK defiance towards the UN decision to justify non-compliance with UNWGAD determinations compromising  investigations of war crimes. In addition, we request that the request for extradition by the US be denied also at the appeal level. Therefore, we respectfully request UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the US President Joe Biden to signal the intention of their countries to respect the UN, to grant freedom of movement to Julian Assange, to stop prosecuting him for his journalistic work, and to award him compensation for his arbitrary detention as determined by UNWGAD.  

Brillo DeLuca
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Petition to Mario Draghi, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Josep Borrell, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Pedro Sánchez

Grant Patrick Zaky European citizenship to help him gain his freedom

IT  / DE / ES / FRFebruary 7, 2021 marked one year since the imprisonment of 28-year-old Patrick George Zaky, an Egyptian student at the University of Bologna in Italy. The Egyptian regime has accused him of subversive acts towards his own country and keeps renewing his preventive detention - where he is languishing in very difficult conditions. He has lost weight and like all prisoners is at grave risk from the COVID crisis.In light of Patrick's deep ties to Europe, we ask that the governments of Europe take a clear public position on this severe violation of human rights and unite to pressure the Egyptian government to release Patrick Zaky immediately.Italians have already been deeply wounded by the tragic Giulio Regeni case and are committed to seeing Patrick Zaky freed. 200 municipalities have said they would grant honorary citizenship to Patrick -- a commendable initiative, but it is still not enough. We ask that all European nations, which continue to do business of all kinds with Egypt, send a very strong signal by pushing to grant Italian citizenship to Patrick. This can be granted for “special merits” and in the case of exceptional interests of the state, as per article 9, paragraph 2 of the Italian citizenship law.  We want to move from words to deeds. We want to send a strong and united message to Egypt from the international community. Time is running out, and the hopes of Patrick’s release feel increasingly faint.  Station to Station exists to keep the memory alive of heinous massacres that took place in Italy, to fight against inequality, and to defend civil and human rights. As such, we ask European governments and institutions to intervene urgently and decisively to save Patrick.  We ask that all European governments take a clear and official position on the Patrick Zaky case because of the bond that unites us to this Egyptian student: Patrick left Egypt to accept a scholarship sponsored by the European Union to support Egyptian students. It is immoral for us not to take responsibility for the consequences of his imprisonment now. We want a Europe that gives life to our Charter of Fundamental Rights -- for the defense of whose principles Patrick is paying with years of his life and undergoing torture. Europe must not give up and cannot remain indifferent. Please sign and share this petition. Let’s make our voices heard and let Patrick know that the people of Europe are with him. Each signature and each sharing of the petition is a powerful sign that each of us can give. Let's not abandon Patrick. #freepatrickzaki#patrickcittadinoitaliano

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Petition to Twitch

International Class-Action Lawsuit Against Twitch Bans

Confirm your email when sining the petition, or your signature won't be counted by is the last and final warning against Twitch and its unlawful and arbitrary way to ban creators. Creators are being falsely accused of various ToS infringement. Twitch, with its incompetent and ignorant moderation team, can literally ruin the life and the economic stability of content creators all over the world. We're here to say ENOUGH! We're here to demand the TOTAL REINTEGRATION of everyone that has been banned from Twitch, and the reform of the moderation system, which will have to include the choice and the opinion of real users.All the help that we are going to collect will be used to rise an international Class-action against Amazon and Twitch, and we'll bring them to the Supreme Court to face their human rights and business violations. For too long those corporation have decided on our behalf, and we are no longer prone to accept it. The change starts now! If you are one of us, if you have seen one of your favorite creators disappear for the caprice of a fake social justice moderator, If you are a well known personality who was deprived of its human right of expression, this is your petition. We can force Twitch and Amazon to respect the law, we must collectively bring this violations to the attention of the international law. Creators are people, they must be respected by this platform, not neglected. 

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden, Lewis M. Eisenberg, US Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen, Luigi Di Maio, Sergio Mattarella

Stop the Death Penalty for Lisa Montgomery - Stop alla Pena di Morte per Lisa Montgomery

*Petizione accessibile anche a persone minorenni* La pena di morte per Lisa Montgomery è stata eseguita... questa petizione rimarrà aperta nel suo ricordo. The death penalty for Lisa Montgomery has been carried out ... this petition will remain open in her memory. —ENGLISH— Nobody deserves to die. A state that is founded on the glory of God, on the Right to Life and Happiness, cannot continue to dictate victims. Lisa Montgomery is a mentally unstable woman who, due to an incorrect legislative system such as that of the United States of America, has not found peace since she was a child and who suffered from physical, psychological and sexual torture without justice ever helping her. Lisa Montgomery today is a 52-year-old woman who does not reflect in the slightest in the mistake made years ago and who today would simply like to receive the psychological treatment that is due to her in order to finish serving her just sentence. On January 12, 2021, she will be executed for a murder she committed in 2004 and linked to her psychological problems. Donald Trump in 2020 reopened federal executions retroactively by supervising 10 cases to be directed to execution, despite the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow due process and opposition. Lisa Montgomery would be the first woman with an execution sentence in more than 70 years!  Representing the international community, we ask that the death penalty be commuted to a life sentence. All of this is expected to happen 8 days before the start of Biden’s mandate who promised the abolition of the death penalty and who would surely have pardoned Lisa Montgomery. It is not politics that can decide who should live, however it is imperative that the president-elect Joe Biden express himself officially as soon as possible. —ITALIANO— Nessuno merita di morire. Uno stato che si fonda sulla gloria di Dio, sul Diritto alla Vita ed alla Felicità, non potrà continuare a dettare vittime. Lisa Montgomery è una donna mentalmente instabile che per colpa di un sistema legislativo errato come quello degli Stati Uniti d’America non ha trovato pace fin da bambina e che ha sofferto di torture fisiche, psicologiche e sessuali senza che la giustizia l’abbia mai aiutata. Lisa Montgomery oggi è una donna di 52 anni che non si rispecchia minimamente nell’errore commesso anni fa e che oggi vorrebbe semplicemente ricevere le cure psicologiche che le spettano in modo da poter finire di scontare la sua giusta pena, quella di un ergastolo. Il 12 gennaio 2021 sarà giustiziata per un omicidio da lei commesso nel 2004 e collegato ai suoi problemi psicologici. Donald Trump nel 2020 ha riaperto le esecuzioni federali con effetto retroattivo supervisionando ben 10 casi da dirigere all’esecuzione, nonostante la pandemia da Covid-19 non ha permesso il giusto processo e le opposizioni. Lisa Montgomery sarebbe la prima donna con una condanna di esecuzione dopo più di 70 anni! In rappresentanza della comunità internazionale chiediamo che la condanna alla pena capitale sia commutata in un ergastolo. Tutto ciò dovrebbe accadere 8 giorni prima dell’avvio del mandato di Biden che ha promesso l’abolizione della pena di morte e che avrebbe sicuramente offerto grazia a Lisa Montgomery. Non è la politica a poter decidere chi deve vivere, tutta via è d’obbligo che il presidente-eletto Joe Biden si esprima in maniera ufficiale il prima possibile. —STAY UPDATED— Follow us on Instagram (@mysocialdrug) and on our website

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