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Petition to Federica mogherini, Dimitris Avramopoulos

Help us to stop forced repatriation to Afghanistan, a country more dangerous now than ever

Afghanistan is a country struggled by more than 20 years of war and frequent natural disasters, ranked towards the bottom of human development indexes. More than 250,000 Afghan civilians left the country between 2015/2016, and in 2017 there were about 360,000 internal refugees and more than 8,000 civilians had been killed. So far in 2018, the country has been torn apart by violent attacks resulted in hundreds of victims, both in Kabul and other provinces. Most humanitarian organisations have suspended their operations in the country which recorded in 2016 the second highest level worldwide of attempts on international personnel. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF): after the aerial bombing of their hospital in Kunduz;  World Food Programme (WFP):  following the loss of five convoy’s vehicles because of an ambush in the northeast province of Badakshan not affected by conflicts;  The International Red Cross (ICRC): due to the attack on its personnel in the northern province of Jowzjan; Save the Children (STC): present in Afghanistan since 1976, after the recent bombing which reduced to rubble their operating seat in Jalalabad.   Diplomatic representation has been notably reduced in the country, now considered one of the most dangerous in the world.    A newly released BBC report reveals that the government is in control of less than 30% of the country, leaving 15 million Afghan civilians abandoned in areas either controlled by the Taliban or where it operates openly. Nowhere in the country is safe, due to the volatile and impredictible situation of the conflict, despite this some countries continue to enforce the “voluntary” or forced repatriation of Afghan refugees. Among these there are European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, UK, France, Belgium and Holland. Repatriation takes place either through the Joint Way Forward, an agreement between Afghanistan and the European Union signed in 2016, or bilateral agreements based on repatriations/development aids exchange. Amnesty International has asked European countries to stop the deportation of Afghan nationals. “Afghan refugees are being forcibly sent back to their country and their lives are being risked” they wrote in a report in October 2017. Recent field research by Oxfam, also rejects the idea of safe locations in the country and states that “forced returns remain irresponsible.” The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) carried out a survey on over 2,500 repatriated families revealing 3/4 of those were unable to return to their homes because of violence and conflict intensification. So, 72% of Afghan returnees are forced to flee again. For all these reasons WE ASK EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS TO IMMEDIATELY STOP THE FORCED REPATRIATION OF AFGHAN NATIONALS AND TO GRANT ASYLUM TO ALL THOSE ALREADY IN EUROPE. Click below for more info  

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Petition to Alessio Nanni, Beppe Grillo, Animal Politics Foundation?, Animal Welfare party, ANIMAL PARTY CYPRUS, Stefan Eck, PACMA, European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union, Marianne Thieme, Niko Koffeman, Djurens parti, parti animaliste, Eläinoikeuspuolue , Tierpartei Schweiz (TPS), Animal Justice Party (AJP)

Establishment of 2 "Vegan Kitchen in All Public Canteens Of European Union ""

   Request at The  European Parliament   ""Establishment of 2 "Vegan Kitchen in All Public Canteens Of European Union "" The Movement Of Animals Right Vegan Vegetarian Antispecista Contrary to the exploitation of animals and the consumption of Sentient Beings in Human Food by choice Ethics.Considering, however, that: We demand guaranteed We Come In All Public Canteens O fEuropean Union , security that are not contaminated the production of vegan foods, Vegetables, Pasta in White, rice etc etc. contaminated foods made from meat and dairy products.Alwais in any kitchen and very hard not to contaminate food with meat contaminate foods without meat simply because it 's "impossible not contaminate other foods.Millions ofUropean  citizens Vegans and vegetarians need to be respected and not contaminated. We demand not to be contaminated either by atoms carcasses of dead animals, Festering that give off toxins and toxic substances, moreover, already contaminated with antibiotics and resistant infections. So we ask the Institution 2 "Vegan Kitchen in All Public Canteens Of European Union with dedicated staff and just another Space Body.This introduction of another working environment in all the canteens would also be a great opportunity "to create thousands of jobs. The staff the kitchens Thanks MRSA - EMERGENCY ON PLANET EARTH The so-called MRSA is a family of bacteria resistant to antibiotics that causes highly contagious infection and extremely difficult to treat. Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin (MRSA) causes 10,000 deaths a year in the US alone over the years and is becoming ever stronger.Survive an infection of this type could mean the radical amputation or years of rehabilitation. On the heels of the first global report of the WHO (World Health Organization) on antibiotic resistance, the situation has deteriorated to the point that Dr. Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General of the Department for the WHO health security, said last year that " without swift and coordinated action by all stakeholders, the world is destined to live post-antibiotic era. " Moreover, he added that "common infections and minor injuries, effectively treated for decades, could go back to kill."MRSA infects open wounds and can increase up to a 60% risk of death. Are bacteria that spread in hospitals and healthcare facilities, where they circulate and come into contact with large numbers of sick people. According to the latest report of the CDC, in 2011, in US hospitals, 80,500 people were hospitalized with MRSA infections. It has become one of the main primary health problems globally. In 2050 the antibiotic resistance will kill more people than cancer. A return to the Middle Ages that now appears inevitable, and we can not afford. The warning only a few months ago, the British report "Review on Antimicrobial Resistance". The British study was prompted in 2014: since then have killed more than one million people because of infection related to antibiotic resistance. Sadly a number expected to increase in 2050 when - according to the author's research estimates the economist Jom O'Neill - you might get to 10 million people a year, more than cancer; a catastrophe would cost the world economy 100 thousand billion. Deaths - writes O'Neill - will increase, especially in Asia and Africa, but also in Western countries. According to estimates there could be 390,000 deaths a year in Europe.

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