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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Ahmed D. Hussen

#RescueAfghanWomanAndBaby Help Amena & baby to flee Afghanistan & join family in Winnipeg

A family living in Winnipeg, who fled the Taliban in Afghanistan and found refuge in Canada in 2015, are fighting to bring their murdered son's/brother's wife and baby to Canada. They will remain anonymous out of concern for the safety of the young woman and child. The family represents a minority ethnicity and religious group. They fled Afghanistan under the dark of night to escape persecution and to find freedom, such as education forbidden to their daughters. Their son/brother, Dadvar*, was not able to flee and remained behind in Afghanistan. He was living in hiding with his family until he was discovered and executed by unknown individuals in the fall of 2017. It is believed that the Taliban are responsible for his execution due to previous threats. Dadvar was only 30 years old when he was murdered, leaving behind a young wife, Amena*, and a two-year-old son. The lives of Amena and her baby are at grave risk due to the same threat. They are traumatized, in poverty and internally displaced. They have been hiding in different locations, trying to flee to another country in the hopes of seeking refuge in Canada.  Dadvar's family is fighting to bring their son's widow and child to Winnipeg, where they can support them financially and emotionally. However, their attempts have been in vain. Every second that passes, the lives of Amena and her son are in jeopardy. As friends and supporters of Dadvar's family in Winnipeg, we call on Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and the Government of Canada to allow Amena and her baby to come to Canada under humanitarian and compassionate provisions in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. PLEASE join us and tell Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada to allow Amena and her son to join their family in Canada. *Pseudonyms have been used to protect the identity of the woman & child.  Photo: CNS photo/Ghulamullah Habibi, Reuters

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Petition to Cathy McLeod, Justin Trudeau

Transparency of child welfare funding in Canada

Indigenous child welfare agencies (Delegated Aboriginal Agencies or DAAs) in Canada are grossly underfunded which has resulted in issues such as: -DAAs are chronically understaffed and unable to provide services comparable to those received by children and families who are served by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) -Staff retention is made difficult because their funding constraints mean they often cannot afford to pay equal wages or offer training and benefits comparable to what is offered by MCFD -Shortage of services for children and families served by many of these agencies, especially in rural and remote areas – most notably Child and Youth Mental Health services, parenting programs and early childhood development programs. -Has contributed to the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in foster care There have been numerous studies and reports that outline the problematic funding formula and its impact. The government is currently in the works to establish new funding procedures, however, there is limited information regarding what these changes will look like, how they will be implemented, or how they will address the issue. We demand that the government be held accountable. We are seeking transparency in the process of funding distribution to all Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAA) due to the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in care.  In conjunction with the Representative for Children and Youth, we recognize the need for transparency because of flawed and discriminatory funding practices, inequitable and inconsistent funding to DAAs, lack of trust and communication, and unable to provide comprehensive services that are needed. As well, DAAs have limited capacity to offer culturally-based prevention services staff retention and funding issues. In response to the recent announcement regarding the increased federal budget for Indigenous child welfare services in Canada, we request the federal government to be transparent with communities in regards to funding for DAAs to ensure accountability. We request the government's transparency through posting reports on the progress being made. We request the reports to be posted in quarterly periods at the minimum on the: Truth and Reconciliation WebsiteAssembly of First Nations WebsiteFirst Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada WebsiteDAA’sHuman Rights Tribunal Image Credit: Indigenous Peoples in Canada. (2016). In Amnesty International. Retrieved from

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