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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Dr. Eric Hoskins, The Government of Ontario

Improve the Canadian Mental Health System

Canada’s mental health care system is grossly inadequate for those suffering from mental illness with all types of disabilities. I am just one example of many people in need that the system has failed to help due to insufficient resources. Short-term mental health facilities that can provide me with the care I need have waitlists up to two years long. Supportive housing for persons with disabilities can have up to a 7 year wait time. Sign this petition to improve Canada’s mental health care system to support those with disabilities! On Monday, December 4th, 2017, I was released from the psychiatric ward. I have been suffering from mental illness since I was ten years old. I have been suicidal – on and off – for the past little while. Since being in the hospital, I have been put on a new medication that is meant to help with the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. That part is fantastic news. However, I also have Cerebral Palsy – and am now struggling to find a new place to live that can adequately deal with my mental health issues and provide me with personal autonomy. I will be homeless as of Monday, December 18th, 2017. Due to my mental health issues, the current residence I am staying in is becoming concerned for my well being. On December 8th, I was notified that I can no longer stay in residence and I was withdrawn from all my winter courses. Please sign this petition if you believe that everyone deserves adequate treatment for their mental health issues, including adequate housing and treatment programs. The Canadian government should make the necessary changes to ensure help is available to everyone.  Side note: I also have a gofundme open to help me save me from homelessness. You can share it and/or donate here:

Falum Gibson
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Petition to Municipality of Delta, Carla Qualtrough, Tsawwassen First Nation, Vicki Huntington MLA

We want a Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in South Delta

I am a Tsawwassen Resident and have lived in the South Delta community for over 45 years. I am a mother, a business owner, a home owner and an active member of our community. I recently had a cancer scare turn me towards organic cannabis oil, as well as other alternative cancer prevention treatments. Almost weekly, I drove to Vancouver to consult with a caring and knowledgeable team of people to purchase my organic cannabis oil. My last set of biopsies came back 100% clear!  Hearing this news, I finally cried for the first time. I had been so scared.  My doctor had given me six months to strengthen my immune system and rid my body of CNI cells (precancerous cells) before treating me with the typical procedure. I believe the organic cannabis oil protocol I used was the leading treatment to eradicate the CN1 cells.  I want a safe, responsible and knowledgeable team of people to open a high quality, regulated Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in South Delta.  Unfortunately, Delta council has approved a bylaw amendment prohibiting the production, storage, research or sale of medicinal marijuana anywhere in the municipality - See more at: As a collective voice we have the power to make a change.  If you want access to a medicinal dispensary in our community, please speak up and be heard.  Help me advocate and support people who choose to use Medicinal Cannabis as a medicine/therapeutic aid.  If you want the Delta Municpality to approve and  support the opening of a Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Clinic in South Delta,  please sign this petition.  Doctors may prescribe or patients may use medicinal cannabis to treat the following: Cancer Muscle spasms caused by MSNausea caused from cancer/chemotherapyPoor appetite caused from a chronic illnessSeizure disorders  Menopause  Symptoms related to the menstrual cycle  Autism Crohn's diseaseP.T.S.S. (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)Gastrointestinal SedativeDepressionAnxietyWithdrawal from opiate or alcohol addictionParkinson's diseaseAlzheimer's Chronic Pain    For more information about Medicinal Cannabis  

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