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Petition to Google Inc., Brian McClendon (Vice President of Google Maps), Alan Eustace (Senior VP of Knowledge), Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google)

Google Maps: Help people with mobility challenges. Make your maps accessible!

Multiple sclerosis landed me in a wheelchair in 2006. Suddenly a too-narrow door, or one step outside of a restaurant turned the daily activities I had always taken for granted into huge obstacles. When most people plan to go to a restaurant they don't have to worry about whether they'll actually be able to get in the door to meet their friends, or whether they'll be able to get into a bathroom stall. Many of us just choose stay home rather than face these challenges - there's got to be a better way. Google Maps has the ability to help people with disabilities across the world. Currently Google Maps has different options -- you can add traffic info, bike info or weather info to your maps. People with mobility challenges like me need Google Maps to include an accessibility option so that we are able to find out in advance which buildings, transit stations etc. are accessible to us or not! No one wants to discriminate, but accessibility isn't something most people have to think about ever, thankfully. Most of the time I just need to point out why something is inaccessible for people in wheelchairs and people spring into action. I'm hoping that's the case with Google. After all, their motto is: don't be evil.  Google already designs their products to be accessible for blind and deaf people, so we know they already care about accessibility.  When I first lost the ability to walk, I felt invisible. I had been an industrial millwright mechanic for 30 years and suddenly couldn't do that anymore. But I decided to see my disability as a new challenge. I went back to college to study Community and Justice Services, and I developed a passion for helping others.  I started this because I know that not only would an accessibility feature on Google Maps change the daily lives of people with disabilities around the world, but more importantly, it would be saying that people with accessibility challenges matter too.  Sign my petition and spread the word! Thanks, Randy McNeil ___ There are two ways this should happen that would be easy for Google!  1) Work with other map aps that are working on mapping accessibility. There are a couple map programs that I know of already. They are excellent, but Google has the ability to reach the whole world. One solution could be for Google to work with aps like Axsmap, Wheelmap or and Planat and integrate their data into google maps. Everyone would benefit.  2) Include an "accessibility" review on Google+ so that when people click on a location on Google maps they are able to look up or contribute to an accessibility review. This could be useful for people with different challenges. For example, the fact that a restaurant has a ramp outside and also a menu in braille could be listed.

Randy M
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Petition to Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Gilad Erdan, Mr. Michel Forst, Mr. S. Michael Lynk, UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Unconditional Release of Palestinian Social Worker Munther Amira

Munther Amira is a Palestinian Social Worker and Human Rights activist. Munther has previously served as the Secretary-General of Palestinian Union of Social Workers & Psychologists (PUSWP). Meet Munther - Munther was arrested on the 27th December in the Occupied West Bank by Israeli Forces while peacefully protesting to defend the rights of Palestinian children and youth currently detained in Israeli military prisons, such as Ahed Tamimi. Munther's arrest - Story here - Munther suffers from high blood pressure and is currently detained in Ofer prison, located in the West Bank, in bad conditions.  Munther Amira was sentenced on March 12 to six months in prison and five years’ probation by Ofer military court in the occupied West Bank. Amnesty statement (March 12, 2018): Amnesty UK statement (March 12, 2018):  Social Workers are human rights defenders, they stand up for peace, human rights and social justice. Munther Amira was standing up for basic social work values and principles. He was conducting his protest in a peaceful and non-violent way and should not have been arrested for his basic democratic right to free speech and to campaign for human rights concerns. Statement by the International Federation of Social Workers - Human Rights Commission - IFSW update concerning detention of Munther Amira (15th January 2018) - Munther Amira in The Guardian (March 7, 2018) - We, Social Workers and Human Rights activists from all over the world, demand the unconditional release of our colleague Munther Amira.

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Petition to Paul Reifenstein, Lucian Ionescu, Daniela Marin, Bronwyn Blakley

Lease Violation - St. Patricks Day Petition Against The Marq Student Housing

As a current student of Wilfrid Laurier University, I made the decision to lease an apartment at The Marq on Ezra Street as well as many other students. The building chose to implement a new rule specifically for St. Patricks Day. This means that in no way did we, the tenants, know about this rule when we first signed our leases.  The following email was sent from The Marq Waterloo last week to all tenants: "To align with the goals of the City and to reduce potential issues related to the fire code and potential overcrowding in the building, there will be a limit of one guest per person, up to 35 guests in each building." Regardless of the assumptions that The Marq may make about potential fire hazards, this contradicts how many people were allowed into the building during previous years and even the 2017 homecoming. This story should be reported because I believe it is not only a violation of our lease agreement because in no way does it specify the number of guests we are allowed to have, but it is a violation of our rights as tenants. This implemented policy violates Section 22 of the Tenancy Act, the Landlord and Tenant Act of Ontario AND they are breaching their own lease by not stating this policy before having students sign it. The Marq is committing an illegal act and they are well aware of their actions as I and many other students have reached out to them.  I have spoken to an attorney and he has instructed me to start a petition to take to the property manager of The Marq Building.  Our goal as students currently living in Waterloo is to enjoy our time here especially on popular events such as St. Patricks Day. All I ask is that we all come together to support this issue and fight for our rights as tenants. If you currently live in one of The Marq Buildings and support this petition, after signing, please leave a comment of which building you live in.  Thank you for reading this petition; let's have a fun St. Patricks Day! 

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Petition to Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate, Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Call for Diverse Jewish Voices on Ontario Anti-Semitism Committee

We the undersigned Jews from Ontario, Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and allies applaud the establishment of the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate (OARD) and its Anti-Semitism Committee. However, we are extremely troubled by the exclusion of the United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO) and Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) from this committee. We believe that this exclusion rests on an unwillingness on the part of the OARD and their partners in the institutional Jewish community to include voices that are critical of Israel and supportive of Palestinian rights. We take this opportunity to point out that criticism of Israel’s government or policies is not inherently anti-Semitic, but that equating the two has been used to ostracize and silence many voices. We are concerned about the current rise of anti-Semitism and we believe that Jews and allies must stand united, not fractured, as we address all forms of bigotry and racism. All Jews are vulnerable to anti-Semitism, regardless of their political opinions.  The Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate will increase its credibility and effectiveness by expanding the Anti-Semitism Committee to include a greater range of Jewish voices, including those who are critical of Israel.We urge the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate to invite the United Jewish People's Order and Independent Jewish Voices to join the committee.For more background, visit these links:NOW article by Rachel Epstein, Executive Director of UJPO: by IJV to the Anti-Racism Directorate:

United Jewish People's Order Toronto / Independent Jewish Voices Canada
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