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Petition to XVideos, Pornhub, XHamster, Google

Make the porn industry accountable for violent/rape/dehumanising Porn

We want all pornography platforms to take responsibility for the content available on their sites. The rise in violent sexual assault on women and children has reached epidemic proportions. Women and children trafficked to feature in these "productions" women and children murdered by Men with web histories showing thousands of violent degrading dehumanising videos some of which are actual sex crimes, some of which include child rape with millions of views!! There is supporting science that proves access to this kind of content especially from a young age has a profound impact on the brain development, how women and children are viewed by men, and how they are treated in real life. All we are asking for is a bit of dignity a bit of respect by implementing the following. 1~ Proof of age to view the extreme violent content  2~ Proof of consent from the actresses and actors along with proof of age 3~ A clear and visible disclaimer that no actual human beings were harmed in the production of the content and proof of same. 4~ A clear and visible warning about the damages caused by viewing such content to a person's health, relationships and empathy including information for support with porn addiction which has ruined lives and families. For the sake of women the world over and those who love us, please support this very small dignified request and help put an end to the real life consequences of this industry going unaccountable.

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Petition to Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning Kenya, Isiolo County Government, Waso Trustland Project, Isiolo County Assembly, Save Isiolo County


LEGAL NOTICE NO. 150 BY CS KARONEY ON ADJUDICATION OF COMMUNITY LAND IN ISIOLO IS ILLEGAL Land in Isiolo County has historically been trust land and has been utilised communally by the people of Isiolo County. The Constitution of Kenya 2010, specifically Chapter 5, renamed such land as community land which is now governed by the Land Act 2012 and Community Land 2016 as enabling legislation. Pursuant to Article 63 of the Constitution and Section 6 of the Community Land Act, unregistered/unadjudicated community land became vested in County Governments to hold in trust for communities. This is the prevailing situation in Isiolo where most community land remains unadjudicated and have been utilised by the communities inter-generationally for communal purposes such as cattle grazing. Such use is beneficial to thecommunities because that way, the land gets to be used beneficially by all members of the community. The Cabinet Secretary for Lands issued Land Adjudication (Application) Order 2019) gazetted as Legal Notice 150 of 27 August 2019 which purported to open up community land in Isiolo for adjudication. In the Legal Notice No.150, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Ministry Lands and Physical Planning, pursuant to powers vested upon her by Section 3 (1) of the Land Adjudication Act (Cap 284) has gazetted an order affecting Community Land in Isiolo County except gazetted areas of Resort City, Isiolo Township, Kenya Defence Forces School of Infantry and Combat Engineering, National Reserves and Isiolo Holding Grounds. Consequently, surveyors from the Survey Department have already commenced survey of land in Isiolo County. The implications of this Legal Notice are multiple, and adversely affect the interests of the people of Isiolo County. OUR IRREDUCIBLE MINIMUM a) Legal Notice 150 of 27 August 2019 and Land Adjudication (Application) Order 2019) be immediately revoked. b) The ongoing survey and demarcation of land in Isiolo County should immediately be halted until all outstanding issues on LAND are satisfactorily resolved. c) In relation to land in towns and trading centres, adjudication should be undertaken in accordance with the County Government’s Development Plan and the Physical Planning Act 2019. d) In relation to all community land in Isiolo County, an orderly process should be adopted where communities, residents and other stakeholders are adequately consulted through a robust and inclusive public participation process, and their approval sought and received; areas strictly needed for settlement identified, including beneficiaries; proper mapping undertaken; and mapped areas marked for adjudication. The County Government should make public the inventory of registration of community Land (Form CLA6) e) Areas utilised for communal purposes identified, protected, registered and managed in accordance with the Community Land Act 2016. f) Prompt and adequate compensation should be paid to communities and persons whose land is earmarked for the LAPSSET Corridor and Isiolo Resort City before these projects can proceed. g) The Isiolo Holding Grounds should immediately be released to Isiolo County Government to hold in trust for communities as community land. h) The ongoing court process aimed at determining the legal ownership of the land in Burat, Ngaremara and Gambella whose ownership is disputed by KDF and communities in Isiolo should be respected. g) Cabinet Secretary Karoney should be summoned by the either National Assembly Departmental Committee on Lands or Senate Committe on Lands to explain on what informed her decision to issue Legal Notice No. -150 on Land Adjudication Act  

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Petition to Boris Johnson, UK Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, Ian Blackford

UK Prime Minister: Protect your citizens abroad!

Did you know that the British Government doesn’t have a legal obligation to protect its citizens abroad? We  didn’t either, until we had our loved ones unjustly stripped of their freedom, and we found out there were no guarantees our Government would help.  As a British citizen, you or your loved one could be away on a holiday, studying, on a business trip, simply visiting friends and family, or even living a happy life of retirement. Suddenly, your life could take a 180 degree turn, your freedom taken away and your human rights violated – just because. Meanwhile, there is no law to make sure that your Government will protect you. They could instead decide to stand by because for example, they don’t want to upset the country where you are being detained.  Right now this is reality for more than 2,000 British citizens, like Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Jagtar Singh Johal, who are currently detained abroad. Over 1,000 of them are being held without a trial. Many have been unfairly convicted; many have been tortured or kept in solitary confinement; many have been deprived of their fundamental human rights – with no access to lawyers, medical care or support from a British embassy.  We are the British Rights Abroad Group (BRAG), a coalition of families of people from across the UK who are currently being unfairly held overseas or who have recently been released.  Our families have had to discover the Government’s lack of commitment to its citizens the hard way.  When our family members were unfairly imprisoned the British government stood (and in some cases continues to stand) passively by, until we started speaking out and using public pressure to make them take action. In some countries, like Germany, there are laws that ensure the Government does everything it can to protect their citizens in cases like ours. A law like this could have been a life saver for our loved ones. So, we are asking Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to lead an initiative in Parliament to make it a law for the British Government and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) – to defend and protect the human rights of Britons abroad. We want to make sure that you and your loved ones won’t have to live what we have been forced to endure.  Please, sign and share this petition to demand that your government does more than what it “can” do and starts doing what it “must” do for your rights to be protected – regardless of who you are or where you are. From: Richard Ratcliffe, husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and father of Gabriella Ratcliffe Daniela Tejada-Venegas, wife of Matthew Hedges Yemisrach Hailemariam, wife of Andargachew (Andy) Tsege Gurpreet Singh Johal, brother of Jagtar (Jaggi) Singh Johal Yvonne Irving, wife of Billy Irving Founders of British Rights Abroad Group (BRAG)  Follow us on Twitter @UKRightsAbroad #BRAG #BritishRightsAbroadGroup #BritishRightsAbroad *If you or a loved one have been affected by lacking or inappropriate consular assistance by the British Government and would like to join our campaign, please get in touch with us on 

British Rights Abroad Group BRAG
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