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Petition to H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES, Adama Dieng, Farhan Haq Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General haqf>at, Cyril Ramaphosa


PETITION TO THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UN, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES TO END FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 26 October 2017 His Excellency, Mr Antonio Guterres, my name is Louis Michael Green and I am a pastor and a concerned citizen from Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa. I am appealing to you to use your influence in the UN and throughout the world to help us in South Africa to end the scourge of farm killings in our country. We must end farm murders in South Africa before it is too late. Farmers throughout South Africa produce our fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat and without them, our nation will starve. At first, when I started this petition, I had one signature, my own. I was aiming for 100,000 signatures for this petition when I started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, I have decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. The huge response to my petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa. At first, I intended to take the petition to the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, and our Minister of Police, but after much prayer and thinking, and after receiving hundreds of messages from farmers, family members who lost loved ones and many petitioners, I have decided to take our petition directly to you at THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, the USA, and ask for an audience with you, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, H.E. Mr Antonio Guterrez. Many of my petitioners believe it would be a waste of our time to take the petition to the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, because he has done nothing about the farm murders since his election and he continues to do nothing. It would be a similar waste of time to take the petition to the Minister of Police, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, because he has been critical of the mass action on Black Monday, 30th of October, 2017, and he has not released the specific statistics of farm attacks and murders. We have great confidence in you as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that you will be able to place our petition on the international agenda. If it is possible to have an independent commission of inquiry from the Commissioner of Human Rights violations into the FARM MURDERS in South Africa, we would also greatly appreciate this. We would, in the meantime, also petition our own government to demand an independent commission of inquiry into farm murders to investigate the root causes of such murders and a response from the present government (from the Ministry of Police) on what will be done to stop these murders with immediate effect. We will, however, not hand over the names of the 125,000 petitioners to the state for fear that the petitioners would be intimidated. However, we could say in our petition to our government that we refer to the 125,000 petitioners as verified by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and that the record is kept at the UN that would verify the veracity of the amount of our petitioners. I was encouraged when I saw what a young South African, Talitha Basson was doing when she mobilized thousands of farmers almost on her own using Facebook to mobilize them to united action in a march to Cape Town on 30th of October, 2017.  We are mindful that all murders everywhere in South Africa are reprehensible and should be stopped. Every murder, irrespective where it happens, is regrettable. However, the murder of farmers in our country does not only impact the loss of life but also has a snowball effect of robbing our nation of its food security. I am planning to follow the correct Parliamentary procedures to get this letter and the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, so I will seek out the help of an M.P. who bears the same burden, to also submit our petition to our own Parliament in South Africa. This matter has been debated in Parliament on several occasions without any effect. This is the reason why I felt we should appeal to international organs, like the UN. Perhaps, our government will give this matter its most urgent attention when our petition reaches your office and if it can be arranged our South African delegation coming to see you in New York would love an opportunity to discuss our report with the dossier containing our claims of human rights abuses with the UNHCR. I and all my petitioners trust God for a positive outcome to all our endeavours. Be Blessed Kind Regards Senior Suffragan Bishop Louis Michael Green A concerned South African Citizen Affiliated to The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, South Africa

Bishop Louis Michael Green
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Petition to Amnesty International Australia, United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), US State Department, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Theresa May MP, Donald Trump, BBC, Council of the European Union, The British Council


IMPORTANT! A 25 year old Saudi Arabian woman in Riyadh is trapped in a household which promotes a rape culture and abuse through various beatings, threats, violence, as well as depriving her from basic needs such as food, water and medical care. I write this on behalf of her as this is a serious matter that needs immediate attention. I and many private individuals have contacted organisations such as UN women, Amnesty international, Human Rights Watch, Un Refugee etc only for them to ignore our cry for help or they would tell us that they do not deal with "individual cases". The young lady contacted local authorities and shelters for help but they would blame her instead for the abuse or they would turn a blind eye towards her case. This was proven from a variety of emails and proofs of which she provided us with in the hopes that it will spark attention. We call upon each and every individual to be a voice, in order for her to be placed in a safe environment after her endured trauma! She is also willing to testify on behalf of many other women who are trapped in her predicament in the hopes that Officials need to start taking lives seriously! I am desperate for this petition to reach as many people as possible because the young lady is looking through other means such as suicide. Who can blame her? It is obvious that she is mentally incapable and hence I redeem this matter as being serious. I have not provided her full name so that I can protect her identity from any further dangers especially from governmental entities and/or her oppressors. It is seen as a "shame" for a victim of the Saudi state to seek international help from outside their borders. That to me is absurd considering the fact that the victim and those who are oppressed wouldnt need to seek international help in the first place if their OWN state authorities and organisations didnt turn them away!  To the humanitarian organisational entities, we call upon you to act according to the promises that you preach on a daily basis! We cannot as a society allow you to weaken the voices of the vulnerable when they CALL OUT FOR YOU!  Furthermore, the whole purpose as to why your entites exist in the first place is to deal with violations that are a threat to human life! If you, yourselves do not follow your own mission and vision statements that you are willingly proud to boast about in public view, you are as bad as the individuals who find the need to cause unrest in society! The abuse of Saudi Arabian Women has been an ongoing issue that never ends. It is an atrocity that shouldn't even be considered a norm. Convenants and policies do nothing for these women as they are still being abused and mistreated in the most horrendous ways. A Saudi Arabian woman must not be killed or placed in a dention centre just because she knows her worth! The Saudi Arabian state must be held accountable for upholding a culture of abuse in its society!  Death should not be, by any means a way of escape for a woman who is oppressed! Stop turning a blind eye to a human rights violation that is killing many.  One Womans death equates to a fallen generation! Women are more than their beauty and their strength, They hold the world in the palm of their hands, therefore we need to rise to the occassion. Saudi Arabian women deserve their freedom. We talk about their freedom, we fantasize about it, we write articles about it and we even create mediocre policies for it but we never ACT on the freedom we so actively preach about it! ACT! ACT! ACT! GOALS 1. The Saudi Arabian Victim must be set free without any arrests. Furthermore, her oppressors must be dealt with legally for the crimes committed. She must be given the necessary treatment for the trauma and she must be able to have a say when it comes to her personal concerns. 2. Provide Saudi Arabian women of ALL ages places of safety ENSURING that they will not get turned back by organisational entities, ensuring that medical provisions are being made, ensuring that their perpetrators deal with the law immediately and effectively and ensuring that places of safety are checked on a constant bases for safety precautions. Any organisation that fails to account for the above, must face legal precautions. 3. Police Enforcement must be held accountable for not taking matters of abused women seriously. Women must NOT be forced back to their oppressors neither should they be arrested for reporting a crime that is considered urgent and pertaining a crisis that has the potential cause death. We ask that the Police enforcement must be held accountable for their actions if found to do so and this can only be achieved if investigations are conducted by the state and international organisations who have ties with such entities.    #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen   For more info please contact me on the following: Email: Ask for it. Social Media: Instagram and Skype. (Email me for such details)              

Thobeka Felicia
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Petition to Paul Dacre, Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, Kevin Beatty, Phil Bentley

Pay the Living Wage to cleaners at the Daily Mail

My name is Juliana and I’m a cleaner at the Daily Mail - one of many, most of whom are from Latin America and Africa, who are paid the poverty wage of £7.50 per hour - below the living wage. Like almost all the cleaners, I have a family, and with the wages that we earn it is almost impossible to have a dignified place to live and a dignified life. It is very hard because of the physical and mental strain you go through in order to fulfill your duties with your employer. We grouped together and asked to be paid the London Living Wage of £10.20 per hour which would allow us to have an acceptable standard of living in the capital, to have an adequate level of warmth and shelter, a healthy diet, and allow us better integration and to avoid chronic stress. In other words, the London Living Wage would enable us to live and work in dignity. Instead of agreeing to our request to be paid a living wage, or to sit down and talk to our union United Voices of the World, the Daily Mail sent in the manager of the contracting company MITIE who threatened to sack us all if we ever strike. That threat was in gross violation of our trade union and human rights. The biggest difficulty on such a low wage is having to work overtime in order to survive and we have very little time to rest. Being able to cover all your responsibilities that you cannot fail to meet such as rent, tax, food, transport, etc. I dream of being able to have an income that allows me to meet the basic needs of my family. And also, why not? Being able to afford at least one family holiday. These offices are kept spick and span by a 100% migrant workforce. Sadly, the Mail have blamed migrants for depressing wages and yet the agency they employ choose to pay their cleaners the absolute minimum that is legally possible – a wage that keeps the cleaners in poverty - and then unlawfully suppresses any efforts to gain a pay rise. This dispute makes it crystal clear: those who are really responsible for low wages are not migrants, but rich employers like the Daily Mail, whose editor Paul Dacre received a whopping £2.37 million in remuneration last year, a 50% increase on the year before. Please support me and my colleagues as we face one of the hardest battles of our lives. I have never been on strike before but if we do it, it will only be to improve the life of my family.

Juliana .
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Petition to Mme Hidalgo, Anne Hidalgo, Emmanuel Macron

Liu Xiaobo est mort, n'abandonnez pas Liu Xia !

[28 octobre, dernière mise-à-jour : Le Prix Nobel de la paix Liu Xiaobo, pour lequel j'avais lancé cette pétition en juillet (voir ci-dessous), est mort derrière les barreaux, abandonné de nos démocraties. Son corps a été incinéré le lendemain même, au mépris des coutumes funéraires chinoises. Ses cendres ont ensuite été dispersées en mer pour le priver, à jamais, de sépulture. La veuve de Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia, reste l'otage de l'Etat chinois, qui fera tout pour la réduire au silence. Paris, capitale mondiale des Droits de l'homme, doit faire entendre sa voix pour qu'elle échappe enfin au cauchemar kafkaïen qu'elle vit depuis 2010. Littéralement séquestrée dans son appartement depuis 2010, longtemps privée même du droit de lire les lettres que Liu Xiaobo lui écrivait, Liu Xia, qui a perdu son père en 2016 et sa mère tout récemment, sans internet et sans téléphone, n’avait d’autre joie que de voir son mari une fois par mois à travers un guichet de verre après un interminable voyage jusqu’à la prison. Encore ne pouvait-elle lui parler de la vie de recluse qu’elle menait ou des persécutions qu’endurait son frère, condamné à une lourde peine de prison après un procès truqué… Elle ne les lui a révélées que peu de temps avant sa mort, bravant l’interdit des autorités au risque d’encourir de nouvelles brimades de leur part.   Enlevée par le pouvoir immédiatement après les funérailles de Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia a été portée disparue pendant les 49 jours du deuil rituel, exhibée dans deux vidéos de propagande, puis ramenée à Pékin où elle suppliait qu’on la laisse demeurer chez elle mais les autorités l’ont à nouveau contrainte à des « vacances forcées » à la veille du Congrès du PCC… On ne sait ni où elle est ni quel est son état de santé, sinon qu'elle reste depuis des années sous antidépresseurs et qu'elle a des problèmes cardiaques exigeant une surveillance médicale régulière. La détention de Liu Xia par le régime communiste ne repose sur aucun fondement juridique, pas même dans la loi chinoise. Comme l’affirme Jared Genser, l’avocat américain qui a entrepris de plaider sa cause à l’ONU, Liu Xia « a désespérément besoin de l’aide du monde entier pour recouvrer la liberté. » Mais la Chine, qui s’affirme désormais comme une puissance économique mondiale, a réussi à museler les défenseurs des droits de l’homme un peu partout dans le monde et les leaders mondiaux du G20 ont préféré saluer "le grand leader" qu'est Xi Jinping plutôt que d'exiger, d'une seule voix, la libération de Liu Xia. Il serait dramatique que Paris, après avoir abandonné Liu Xiaobo, garde le silence sur le sort qui est aujourd’hui réservé à sa veuve.  En exhibant les portraits géants de Liu Xiaobo et de Liu Xia sur la façade de la Mairie de Paris, Mme Hidalgo apporterait à cette femme courageuse un soutien inestimable et démontrerait, une fois encore, l'attachement de la Ville de Paris à la liberté et aux idéaux auxquels Liu Xiaobo a sacrifié son bonheur, sa liberté et sa vie. « Il y a des formes et des gestes très symboliques qui montrent l'engagement d'une ville », disait Mme Hidalgo en pavoisant l’Hôtel-de-Ville aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel pour défendre le droit d’aimer au-delà des frontières du genre. Nous  lui demandons, aujourd'hui, de ne pas l'oublier en agissant concrètement pour la libération de Liu Xia.  Liu Xiaobo is dead but his death must not prevent you from signing this petition. Liu Xiaobo's wife, Liu Xia, is still a prisoner of the chinese state. China will do whatever it can to silence her. Paris, the world capital of human rights, must speak out so that Liu Xia eventually escape the Kafkaesque nightmare she has been living since 2010.]  You'll find an English translation below A Madame Hidalgo, Maire de Paris                 Paris est, pour le monde entier, la ville de la liberté et le symbole de la lutte pour les Droits de l’homme. Vous l’avez montré, tout récemment encore, en pavoisant l’Hôtel-de-Ville aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel pour défendre le droit d’aimer au-delà des frontières du genre : « Il y a des formes et des gestes très symboliques qui montrent l'engagement d'une ville », expliquiez-vous alors. Nous vous demandons aujourd’hui un geste tout aussi symbolique pour la défense de Liu Xiaobo, le Prix Nobel de la Paix, qui se meurt en Chine, et dont la dernière volonté est de mourir « à l’Ouest »… Si mes souvenirs sont bons, la Mairie de Paris avait clairement affiché son soutien à Liu Xiaobo lors de la cérémonie au cours de laquelle le Prix Nobel de la Paix lui a été décerné devant une chaise vide. C’était en 2010. Les années ont passé et la Chine, qui s’affirme désormais comme une puissance économique mondiale, a réussi à museler les défenseurs des droits de l’homme un peu partout dans le monde. Il serait dramatique que Paris garde le silence sur le sort qui lui est aujourd’hui réservé. Liu Xiaobo, qui purgeait une peine de onze ans de prison pour avoir exercé son droit constitutionnel à la liberté d’expression en participant à la rédaction de la Charte 08, a été admis à l’hôpital de Shenyang, dans le Liaoning, pour traiter un cancer du foie en phase terminale. Mais, loin d’être « libre », comme on a pu le lire ici ou là, il reste sous surveillance étroite des autorités dans cette lointaine province, proche de la Corée du Nord. Sa femme, la poétesse Liu Xia, dont le seul crime est d’être l’épouse d’un dissident et qui vit depuis 2010 en résidence surveillée (un régime proche, en Chine, de la séquestration pure et simple), a pu se rendre à son chevet. Elle affirme que les autorités ont refusé à maintes reprises de lui transmettre le dossier médical de son mari. Bien que les autorités chinoises affirment que celui-ci a bénéficié une fois par an d’un examen médical approfondi et d’une visite médicale tous les quinze jours depuis son incarcération, Liu Xia se demande pourquoi le cancer n’a été diagnostiqué, officiellement, que le 7 juin, et pourquoi son hospitalisation a été aussi tardive. Alors que ce cancer, conséquence probable d’une hépatite B contractée en détention, ne peut être ni opéré, ni traité par les rayons ou la chimiothérapie, mériterait d’être pris en charge par les meilleurs spécialistes, Liu Xiaobo s’est vu refuser le droit d’être soigné à Pékin et les demandes des pays étrangers qui se disent prêts à l’accueillir, comme la France, sont restées lettres mortes. Le Prix Nobel de la Paix, dont toute la pensée politique est inspirée de la philosophie des Lumières, veut quitter la Chine pour mourir en homme libre. Mais il veut aussi libérer sa femme, Liu Xia, et le frère de celle-ci, lui aussi victime d’une féroce répression du seul fait de ses liens de parenté avec elle, du cauchemar qu’ils endurent. En militant pour les droits de l’homme dans son pays, Liu Xiaobo défendait les valeurs universelles qui sont les nôtres. Les prisonniers politiques chinois sont aussi prisonniers de notre lâcheté et de notre silence. Il serait inacceptable que Paris ne fasse pas entendre sa voix et ne fasse pas un geste pour Liu Xiaobo. Paris occupe une place toute particulière dans le cœur des Chinois. Ils sont nombreux à visiter la capitale mais bien peu savent le martyre du Prix Nobel de la Paix. Paris ne peut accepter cette conjuration du silence ! En affichant les portraits géants de Liu Xiaobo et de Liu Xia sur la façade de la Mairie, vous leur apporteriez un soutien inestimable dans la nouvelle épreuve qu’ils traversent et vous démontreriez, une fois encore, l’attachement de la Ville de Paris à la liberté et aux idéaux auxquels cet homme courageux a sacrifié son bonheur et, peut-être, sa vie.  En espérant que vous serez nombreux à signer cet appel et qu'il ne restera pas vain,  Béatrice Desgranges ENGLISH TRANSLATION To Mrs Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris Paris is the symbol of freedom and human rights all over the world. You lately gave evidence of that in displaying the rainbow flag on the Town Hall façade to support the right for all to love beyond gender boundaries: “there are symbolical forms and gestures that show the commitment of a city”, you said. Today we ask you to do a symbolical gesture to support the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Liu Xiaobo, who is dying in China and whose last will is to die in the West. From my recollection, The City Hall of Paris openly declared its support for Liu Xiaobo when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him in front of an empty chair. It was in 2010. Years have passed and China has become the world's second-largest economic power and managed to silence human rights defenders in many places around the world. If Paris kept silent about Liu Xiaobo’s fate, it would be tragic.  Liu Xiaobo has used his constitutional freedom of speech when he participated in the drafting of the “Charter 08”, that is why he was condemned to serve an eleven-year prison sentence; diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, he has been granted medical parole to receive medical treatment. But far from being “free” as too many are writing, he is kept prisoner under close watch in a hospital affiliated with The China Medical University in Shenyang, far away from Beijing, in Liaoning, near North Korea. His wife, the poet Liu Xia, whose only crime is to be a dissident’s wife and who has been living under strict house arrest since 2010 (actually a form of mere sequestration in China), has been allowed to visit him and look after him. She stated that the officials refused to transfer her his medical record. Although Jinzhou prison authorities pretend they had given Liu annual health checks since he started his prison term in 2010, and that he was given medical consultations every two weeks, Liu Xia wonders why he was officially diagnosed with terminal cancer on the 7th of June, and he has been admitted so late to hospital. This liver cancer is likely a consequence of the hepatitis B he has contracted during his detention (either in camp or in prison); Liu Xia is stating this late phase cancer may not be cured either with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy and deserves to be handled by the best experts but Chinese officials denied Liu Xiaobo the right to go to a hospital in Beijing; as for foreign requests of the countries who say they are ready to host Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia, they went unheeded. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, whose whole political thought has been drawn from the Enlightenment Philosophy, wants to leave China and die as a free man. But he also wants to free his wife, Liu Xia, and her brother (who has been severely harassed by the power only because of his ties of kinship with Liu Xia) from the nightmare they are both living. Defending human rights in his country, Liu Xiaobo was defending the universal values which are ours. The Chinese political prisoners are also prisoners of our silence and cowardice. If Paris does not speak out for Liu Xiaobo, if Paris does not make a significant gesture for him, it will be tragic. Paris is dear to the heart of the Chinese people. They are many to visit the capital city but very few of them have ever heard of Liu Xiaobo’s martyrdom. Paris cannot bear the conspiracy of silence. In displaying giant portraits of Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia on the Town Hall façade, you would provide them a tremendous support in the plight they are going through and you would demonstrate, once again, the commitment of Paris for freedom and ideals to which this courageous man sacrificed his happiness, and, maybe, his life. Hoping many of you will sign this petition and it won’t be in vain, Beatrice Desgranges

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