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Petition to home office, UK Parliament

Allow the ailing 85-year-old Gurkha widow to be joined by her daughter in the UK!

Ms Dhansari Budha Magar is an ailing 85-year-old widow of a former Gurkha soldier, late Manjit Bura Magar (Army Number 21133680).  She has been experiencing very distressing situation since her arrival in the UK on 10th June 2019.  She is very frail and has been constantly restless and agitated due to being in a completely unfamiliar environment and not seeing her daughter around.  This has significantly impacted her health and wellbeing.   Ms Dhansari Budha Magar and her daughter Miss Kamala Budha Magar are interdependent on each other financially and emotionally.  Miss Kamala is the only remaining family member Ms Dhansari has who was looking after her as a sole carer until she flew to the UK for settlement.  In order to seek medical help and to settle in the UK under Home Secretary’s discretionary policy for Gurkhas discharged before 1st July 1997 and their families, Ms Dhansari made a joint application with her daughter Miss Kamala.  However, the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) granted leave to enter only to Ms Dhansari and refused Miss Kamala’s entry clearance application to join her mother in the UK under Human Right claims. The ECO’s decision put Ms Dhansari and her daughter under financial and emotional stress.  Given the situation, Ms Dhansari had no option but to travel to the UK on her own without any support with a hope to appeal against the decision for her daughter.  However, due to the bad logistic plan and her ill-health, Ms Dhansari ended up in Hillingdon Hospital straight from the airport on her arrival.  After spending 52 unpleasant nights at the Hospital, she is transferred to her bungalow in Uxbridge.  Since Ms Dhansari has no immediate families and close friends to give her that extra support here in the UK based on her complex needs, I have been supporting her in the capacity of support worker, advocate, carer and what not in her best interest and in good faith.  However, it has been very challenging four months for me and those around me supporting to support Ms Dhansari meet her needs and maintain her health and wellbeing.   Therefore, I have launched this petition on her behalf to call on the Home Office to review its decision at an earliest opportunity and allow her daughter Miss Kamala Budha Magar to join her mother Ms Dhansari Budha Magar without any further delay. Ms Dhansari has multiple health conditions including traumatic brain injury, dementia, depression, incontinence and chronic open wound on her right toe.  Her medical needs are being addressed and she is being assessed and supported by a number of health professionals and entities.  Despite all that, she keeps wandering day and night and keeps calling her daughter Miss Kamala’s name.  She gets frustrated for not having her daughter present.  If we are to think of sending her back to her daughter for a minute, her mental and physical health will not allow her to make such a long flight to Nepal.  On the other hand, let say she has safely landed in Nepal.  Then what happens?  She will be deprived off the medical and welfare support in Nepal which will significantly plummet her dignity, health and wellbeing.  Ms Dhansari is under 24/7 care and supervision.  She needs full help with personal care and nutrition intake.  She has impaired hearing, vision and cognitive function.  I am helping her out to maintain her health and wellbeing and have a functioning household until daughter joins in.  Miss Kamala on the other hand is having the lowest time of her life for not being able to support her mother at this difficult time.  I put Miss Kamala and Ms Dhansari on the phone.  This helps Ms Dhansari calm down for a bit but again she starts to physically look for her daughter.   Ms Dhansari is emotionally attached to her daughter Miss Kamala as much as Miss Kamala is attached to her mother.  Like any committed daughter Miss Kamala never left her mother alone and chose to remain unmarried just to support and look after her ailing mother.  However, the ECO did not take note of the reality and refused Miss Kamala’s application.  Had both the applications been rejected, Ms Dhansari and Miss Kamala would not have been in such a miserable and unjustifiable situation today. The ECO’s thought process to think that an 85-year-old lady with multiple health conditions would survive on her own in a completely unfamiliar environment was categorically flawed.  This decision has not only ripped the family apart but also has done a significant emotional and financial damage to the family of a loyal former Gurkha soldier.  Furthermore, this judgement has made the Gurkhas reflect on their position in the British society. We call on the Home Office and the Government to:1)  Review its decision and grant Miss Kamala Budha Magar the leave to enter the UK  without any further delay so that Miss Kamala could join in to spend some quality time with her mother Ms Dhansari Budha Magar and exchange the emotional support to each other 2)  Substantiate the debt of honour to the Gurkhas and families for their sacrifice3)  Make historic injustice a thing of the past and get it right on this occasion 4) Make us feel proud for the service we have done to Her Majesty and as a member of the Armed Forces Community.    

Bhim Tamang
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Petition to GOVERMENT POLITITIONS Prime Minister


RICHARDS LAW PLEASE HELP REMOVE THE DISCRETIONARY WORD My son died in his sleep just age 29 years old he was a professional footballer he was fit and healthy he held a death in service policy which he placed his wishes to who he wanted to be contacted in the event of his death.When contacting the company IN QEUSTION after my son’s death they told me there was no paperwork with my name on (his mother) it took me three years under the 1998 data protect act to get a copy of this document from the company to prove I was named.I was told that the death in-service document was not legally binding even though it was signed by my son and witnessed.I was then told that the death in service policy was discretionary which meant the TRUSTEES OF THE POLICY IN QUESTION CAN DO AS THEY WISH THEY SEEM TO BE ASWESABLE TO NO BODY THEY do not have to tell you anything even though you are named on the document and they decide what to do with the death in service policy even though you are named. What I wish to achieve with my petition is for the discretionary word to be removed so in the event of your death your wishes will be followed through so trustees who have never met you or your family in their lives cannot change your wishes or your decision in the event of your death.YOUR WISHES SHOULD STAND AND SHOULD BE UP HELDPlease signed my petition and help me change the law thank you.

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Petition to UNICEF, United Nations, President of the United States, Human Rights Campaign, Amnesty International Australia, USAID


SHOCKING: Police rescue 9 Kano children kidnapped, renamed and converted to Christianity in Onitsha . The Kano Police Command has traced and rescued nine children kidnapped in Kano and trafficked to Onitsha in Anambra State for child slavery.   DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that the rescue followed a public outcry by some parents that there was rise in cases of missing children in the metropolis. Addressing a press conference on Friday, the state commissioner of police Ahmed Ilyasu said the command’s Tactical Teams of Operation Puff Adder were detailed for a discreet investigation, deploying community policing tools in rescuing the minors.   “A syndicate perpetuating this heinous act was busted and Eight (8) suspects that specialized in kidnapping, concealment and keeping in confinement kidnapped persons, buying and selling of minors and trafficking in persons were tracked and arrested.   “Nine (9) kidnapped victims were rescued at Onitsha in Anambra State. All suspects confessed to their offences.”   Although the police chief was silent about their conversion and rechristening, a security source familiar with the situation told DAILY NIGERIAN that the children were first shaved, renamed, converted to Christianity and then sold off either for adoption or “child slavery”.   A document sighted by DAILY NIGERIAN reveals the original names and new names of the children. For instance, 10-year-old Umar Faruq Ibrahim and nine-year-old Aisha Mohammed Abdullahi – kidnapped some four year ago – were renamed Onyedika Ogbodo and Ozioma Ogbodo respectively.       DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that some of the children could not even recall their real names as they only answer their new names.   What leads to the rescue   Between year 2014 to 2019, one Sagir Mohammed Bako of Yankaba quarters and others reported to the commissioner of police that several number of their children whose age are between two and six years have been kidnapped and taken away to unknown destination by unknown persons.   On September 12, at about 11:00am one Paul Owne of Dakata Quarters and Mercy Paul alias Maimuna of same address were arrested while trying to take one of the kidnapped victims, Haruna Sagir Bako, to Onitsha in Anambra State.

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