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Petition to Michel BARNIER, Theresa May MP

Joan and Lynn want a Green Card for Europe #EUGreenCard

Français - Español - Deutsch - Italiano - Polski We are two individuals, one from the UK and the other from the EU, campaigning for a Green card so we can work and live freely between the two states. Here's our story. Joan's story My name is Joan (John in English) – I am an EU citizen in the UK, a nurse and an award-winning NHS change-maker working to improve care for patients across the UK. I am also the father of three beautiful children. I feel scared about what will happen to my family and to me when Britain leaves the EU. I am worried about my kids’ education and our access to healthcare. I feel insecure about my long term rights to stay in Britain. I don’t want to be a second class citizen. The British government’s offer of settled status “deal or no deal” (unilateral guarantees) is a step in the right direction but it is not enough by itself. That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe.” An #EUGreenCard would give me: -  physical proof of my settled status as an EU citizen in the UK -  guarantees of all my rights as an EU citizen in the UK -  permanent right to return to the UK -  backing of the EU -  peace of mind   Lynn’s story My name is Lynn and I’m a British national living in the EU. I’m a journalist and a translator and I don’t want to lose my right to freedom of movement. I also have a disabled step son who is very well looked after by the Spanish authorities. I am concerned about our access to care post Brexit. I don’t want to apply for Spanish citizenship which would mean giving up my UK passport and rights if my step son and I ever return to the UK. That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe. An #EUGreenCard would give me:  - physical proof of my status as a Spanish resident -  free movement rights within the EU -  right to equal treatment -  recognition of my qualifications -  ability to retain my UK citizenship Help Joan and Lynn get what they need to sustain their livelihoods post Brexit. Join the call for an #EUGreenCard   Sign this petition Please note that a lot of the updates we send end up in spam filters - please make sure you allow emails from to stop this happening! And for information updates directly from New Europeans, sign up  

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Petition to Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, Shri Narendra Modi, Smt. Punya Srivastava, Smt. Swati Maliwal, Maneka Gandhi, Smt. Saheli Ghosh Roy, Shri. Vivek Bhardwaj, Smt. Punya Srivastava

AASHA DNA Evidence Collection Kits for every Survivor/ Victim of Sexual Assault in India

It is reported that every 20 minutes, a woman is raped in India, making rapes the commonest crime in the country. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, 98 percent of the rapes in the country are committed by someone known to the victim. A measly 10 percent of the rapes are reported and out of which, 25.5 percent of the felons are convicted. Project AASHA is a social cause that focuses on women empowerment through the principles of Citizen Safety. The AASHA DNA Kits help Officers solve Crimes in methodological, standardized procedures that we aim to promote Pan-India. Outdated D.N.A. evidence and sample collection equipment,guidelines and procedures are leading to a lack of viable evidencein the Courts of Law.Project AASHA aims to promote a standardized, top-quality, medico-legal response in cases of sexual assault by the implementation of AASHA DNA Kits Pan-India, which will be provided free-of-cost to the survivors/victims. Every year, thousands of Women and Children and  are assaulted and sexually abused in our Country. This heinous crime requires to be addressed with strict procedures and protocols, which will effectively discourage this crime and decrease the number of crimes committed over the years to come. Research proves that the presence of viable, forensically analysed  DNA Evidence plays a crucial role in the Courts of Law, when it comes to crimes of this nature. DNA Evidence allows the Court to take a confident, informed decision. This results in an increase in the number of convictions, thereby reducing the number of criminals roaming free in our society. DNA Kits and their implementation along with training and sensitization practices are of paramount importance in today's day and age. With the rising number of crimes in our Country, it is the responsibility of the youth of the nation to concentrate their time and resources into the betterment and development of our societies, to improve Citizen Safety and to create a better, safer future for our families, societies and Country. We, at ADIRO Labs. Pvt. Ltd. (Advanced Design, Innovation and Research Organization Pvt. Ltd.), believe that as young and educated Citizens of our Country, it is our responsibility to be constantly aware, and actively respond to the gradually increasing rate of sexual assault, violence and other crimes that are a menace and plague to the development and future of our Country. We strive, through our mission, to push to boundaries of forensic evidence collection and documentation with the primary aim of providing top-quality healthcare and medical interventions for our Country, through the processes of Design, Innovation and Research. We aim to create, innovate, integrate and provide solutions in the sectors of medicine, healthcare and social welfare, for the betterment of our society and country. We aim to make our Country safer for all its citizens by transforming the process of DNA Evidence and Sample Collection, by further enabling our medical and law enforcement agencies with quality equipment and perfected guidelines that meet International standards, through our project name “AASHA.” (Assault and Sexual Healthcare Assessment.) We strive to provide a holistic solution to the procedure of forensic evidence collection by providing exclusive DNA-collection training modules for the medical and police officers that will be using the kits. Our kits contain guidelines created by the top forensic authorities within the Indian Government, to better guide officers in the field, in cases of doubt. This project aims to bring the values of accountability and assurance into Indian healthcare systems through a free-of-cost tracking system that can help track the movement of the kit once DNA has been collected in it. Keeping Citizen Safety and Women Empowerment at the heart of its revolution, Project AASHA will lead to a better, safer tomorrow for the Women and Children in our Country. ‘AASHA’ means hope in India's national language Hindi, and that is exactly what we plan on spreading. Hope among our civilians of a better tomorrow. Hope among Victims of Sexual Assault and Violence, that there will be an evidence collection procedure for each and every one of them, free of cost. Hope that they will have a fair chance at a trial in the Court of Law. Hope and confidence among the police officials of our country who will no longer need to depend on teams of forensic scientists from laboratories, to come collect DNA Evidence for them, from their Crime scenes. Hope amidst our Country, India, for a better, safer tomorrow. Let's join our voices and unite against Sexual Assault for a safer tomorrow.#AASHARakho.   To know more, visit https://www.adirolabs.com

ADIRO Labs. Pvt. Ltd.
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