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Petition to New Forest District Council, Southampton City Council, Vodafone

Stop 5G coverage being launched in Southampton

Vodafone is planning to launch 5G in 19 towns and cities across the UK during 2019/2020 which includes Southampton. Vodafone engineers have already installed 5G antennas in Birmingham, Glasgow and London which will give customers connection speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second to allow video streaming without buffering.  4G networks use radio waves to broadcast data, however 5G uses millimetre waves to allow for higher frequency and therefore transmitting more energy.  Southampton would be covered with thousands of high energy millimetre waves, which means residents of the city, and surrounding areas will never be far from a strong signal. Trees, buildings, rain and potentially ourselves will absorb the short waves which could lead to adverse biological effects such as; oxidative damage (crucial factor in the development of chronic diseases), melatonin reduction, generation of stress proteins, effects to the skin and sweat glands and decreased bacteria resistance.  Not only is 5G damaging to human health, the effect it could have on the environment are unimaginable. The millimetre waves are susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain which not only damage the plant, but may also be consumed by humans. Bird species in particular are affected by low level, non-ionizing microwave radiation as well as bees, with the declining bee population being linked to the radiation and reduces the egg-laying abilities of the queen. An Ofcom response to the environmental and health impact of 5G networks stated, 'We have published information on our website Enabling 5G in the UK about what is being done to make 5G available in the UK. We do not, however, hold risk analysis data of the impact on the environment from 5G technology deployment and consultations concerning the consequences of blanket coverage of non-ionising radiation. This is because we have no statutory duties in this area, it does not fall within our remit and other bodies such as the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and Public Health England are better placed to address such issues''.  We don't want to see 5G coming into Southampton and cannot see a significant benefit to the coverage that is not outweighed by the potential fatal consequences to not only the planet, but our personal health.  If you agree please sign the petition so we can show it is not wanted in our city. If the petition exceeds 100 signatures I will send copies of the petition as well as a letter to New Forest District Council and Southampton City Council to show the increasing opposition to 5G coverage. 

Chloe Rudderham
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