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Petition to Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas

For the French Civil Code to allow Consanguineous Marriage

Cher Monsieur Jean-Jacques Urvoas Aujourd'hui, la loi française permet des relations consanguines mais pas le mariage consanguin. L'inceste entre adultes consentants est légal, mais la loi française est discriminatoire envers les personnes incestueusement orientées dans les relations avec les adultes en les empêchant de se marier même s'ils ont des enfants. C'est injuste et nuisible. Liberté, égalité, fraternité est le français pour «liberté, égalité, fraternité», et la devise nationale de la France, mais où est l'égalité si les gens ne peuvent pas se marier et d'autres minorités sexuelles? Les gens de CIAO peuvent avoir des enfants et eux aussi doivent être protégés et ont les mêmes droits légaux que tout le monde. Les personnes de la CIAO et leurs enfants ne doivent pas être victimes de stigmatisation sociale ou d'incestophobie institutionnelle et ne doivent pas non plus être privées des droits que d'autres ont en relations consensuelles pour adultes: le droit de se marier et le droit d'avoir une mère et un père qui sont Légalement mariés. Toutes les personnes de la CIAO ne veulent pas se marier, mais ceux qui le souhaitent devraient être autorisés à. Refuser de leur permettre de se marier est une violation de leurs droits civils, et de les traiter comme différents des autres personnes est de les discriminer. En tant que ministre de la Justice, pourriez-vous, s'il vous plaît, initier la réforme des lois françaises afin que, à l'avenir, les personnes qui souhaitent se marier puissent le faire.Votre aide dans cette affaire sera appréciée.Je vous remercie beaucoup au nom des personnes de la CIAO partout aujourd'hui et à l'avenir. Cordialement, Richard Morris Dear Mr. Jean-Jacques Urvoas Today, French  law permits consanguineous relationships but not consanguineous marriage. Incest between consenting adults is legal but  French law discriminates  against incestuously oriented  people in adult relationships by prohibiting them from  marrying, even if they have children. This is unfair and  harmful. Liberté, égalité, fraternité  is French for "liberty, equality, fraternity", and  the national motto of France, but where is the 'égalité'  if CIAO ( Consensual Adult Incest Oriented )  people cannot marry and other sexual minorities can? CIAO people may have children and they too  need to  be protected and have the same legal rights as everyone else. CIAO people and their children should  not be subject to social stigma or institutional  incestophobia and nor should they  be deprived of rights that others have who are in consensual adult relationships : the  right to  marry, and  the right to have  a mother and a father who are legally married to each other. Not all CIAO people may want to marry, but those who wish to should be permitted to. To refuse to allow them to marry is a breach of their civil rights, and to treat them as different from other people is to  discriminate  against them.  As the Minister of Justice, will you please initiate the reform of French laws so that in future CIAO people who wish to marry are able to do so.Your help in this matter will be most appreciated.Thank you very much on behalf of CIAO people everywhere today and in the future. Yours sincerely, Richard Morris

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Petition to , Australian Department of Health

Australias first mobile mental and physical health application

Hope Is Where the Heart Is Bluey Australia wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community by making professionals in mental and physical health available to your door via a mobile application, and that collective action can greatly impact Australia and hopefully the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good. Bluey Australia CEO and Co-Founder Stormy Chase Forrester want to solve a crisis in Australia affecting the young and old by innovating on an application that can help suicide rates, domestic violence cases, veterans, the elderly, the sick and people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The statistics for these categories alone aren't just felt by friends family, but by the individual themselves and because there is no professional help available and if there is it's between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm and waiting times can be up to 2 hours or even days more Australians are taking savage turns towards not fixing or even addressing an issue before it's too late. The immediate needs and 24-hour availability of Uber, Dominoes, eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon, unfortunately, outweigh the necessary availability doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists have and with your contribution towards this project, Australia can have a positive and brighter future. Please sign this petition and helps Australia's cause.

Bluey Australia
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Let's care for the world, not Trump it! I do not agree.

I wish to create a new conversation about our world.  I do not support Trump's ideals at any level. I believe he is a provocateur of our next potential war. I don't want this war. His ideals are creating more hate. I choose compassion, peace and cooperation - without this our "issues" will never cease!  Trump has dropped one of the largest bombs in history - we aren't questioning this! This scares me more than anything ever has in our world today. I cannot stay silent. Why are we not questioning this? He has provocated North Korea (like a school bully who antagonises and then blames the victim)  and still tells us they are the problem??? I have no doubt there is much work to do with North Korea, I think it would be lovely to begin to build bridges and work cooperatively...but I'd personally like to deal with the Trump issue first!  I feel for the Americans I know who have a heart and care too about the future of our world - in heart, in science, in the environment, in people....  I want us to start an international conversation about the damage this man is doing....I know I am not alone...he has to be stopped. Very disturbed by the news I hear, the impact on Americans and the latent international impact on us all... I've been waiting to sign a petition like's not happening so time to create my own...  I'm an Australian - I care.  Part of my caution in writing this is - I'm not an American. People voted for him. I was asked a really good question...what am I asking for? I'm in weird place. I'm not American....many people voted for him...but he impacts me in my country.  So I'm asking for - 1. For my own PM Malcolm Turnball to only act upon UN agreements in terms of war involvement 2. To seriously review & investigate the reasonings and impact and damages that the 69 bombs in Syria caused, and the 1 mother of all bombs caused in Afghanistan = it needs to be honestly reported. 3. I want collaborative agreements within UN for any future action with North Korea. 4. I agree the with the current Popes idea of independent management between North Korea and America. I don't believe Trump has the diplomacy skills to work on this in a way conducive to civil society. . If I get the signatories beyond 10,000...I'll hand deliver this to America!  If I get numbers I'll get it tabulated in parliaments wherever I can!  I know for millions around the globe who deal with conflicts every day war has become normal, that I have privileges other people don't. I start this petition because I can and so many can't!  In peace,  Nicole

Nicole Fernley
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