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Petition to The National Football League, Roger Goodell

Where He Took a Knee on Our Behalves We Stand! Remove Kaepernick from NFL Black list NOW

Greetings Dear Friends, We have started this petition to stand beside a man, who has done nothing but display his humanity and compassion for his fellow man. Despite the possibility of losing everything that he has worked hard for, Collin Kaepernick showed great courage by standing for justice; he took a knee to highlight the plight of African Americans, who are routinely targeted by police disproportionately, and suffer under the constant threat of police brutality. Despite his own success, he decided that money would not stand above principle and he took a bold decision to exercise his right to protest in a peaceful and poignant manner. For this reason, We must create this petition to let the NFL know that Kaepernick's views on social justice should not disqualify him from doing his job; a peaceful demonstration for fair and balanced treatment in the justice system for African Americans, given the history of racial intolerance in America, is not a cause to black list someone. It is not only the most American thing that anyone can do, but it is also the most beautiful thing to lay your life down for people that possibly wouldn't understand or appreciate the depth of your sacrifice. Today we ask the NFL to do the right thing and remove Collin Kaepernick from your black list and allow him to finish off his career with the dignity he deserves as a tax paying American. He has worked hard to see his dreams come true  and the outrage taken against this young man's decision to stand for what is just and good is preposterous. Not only do better policing practices helps African Americans, but also the greater society on a whole. White America also benefits from ameliorating policing practices, so what is the big uproar and blacklisting about really?  We have put the League on notice today! We will not stand for this! Give Kaepernick the respect he deserves to exercise his constitutional rights without penalty.... it is his right and the world will be a better place for it.

Zara munroe
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Petition to Forever 21, Zara, NIKE, Victoria Secret, La Senza

Morality dictates that legislation be put in place to end the suffering in sweatshops

The fashion industry is a 3.1 trillion dollar business and the retail corporations are not supporting the millions of sweatshop workers by guaranteeing employees basic human rights and safe working conditions.  A human rights legislation needs to be implemented to protect sweatshop workers globally to effectively end this insufferable indigence that is spearheaded by nike, forever 21, H&M, La Senza, Victoria Secret etc.  All basic human rights are violated for those working in sweatshops.  They work in inhumane conditions, endure constant physical abuse, earn less than one dollar a day leaving the employees homeless, abused and often times workers will suffer from illness' due to chemical fumes that are dispersed from garment factors.   The fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution on earth after the oil industry. Pesticides and toxins are contaminating the villages’ water and soil which is resulting to many disease outbreaks. The mass amount of deaths this industry has seen is off the charts; due to the environmental impacts and structural disasters.  Global capitalism and classicism differences between major corporations and factory workers is the major issue. Western society has their priorities flipped. The environment is declining but people continue to abuse fashion items as disposables which is absurd and unnecessary.   Lets unite and make a moral change to save lives! This petition is for: 1. A human rights legislation put in place to protect sweatshop workers globally.   2.  Garment workers are entitled to clean water, minimum wages, protection from abuse, and most of all safe, clean working conditions.  3. The 1,127 workers killed in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh who should be alive today if the Plaza was built to correct building codes. The building standards of these factories are not acceptable in any developed country therefore these citizens deserve equitable treatment and their basic human rights to be met. Please sign this petition to bring about effective change by implementing a Human Rights Legislation to save lives! Thank you 

Megan Lemieux
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Petition to Durham District School Board, Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services, Ontario Minister Responsible for Anti-racism, Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, Premier of Ontario

ACTION NOW, not Study: Black Children Deserve to Excel in Durham District School Board

Instead of moving forward decisively with specific strategic actions to address the thorny issue of Anti-Black Racism (ABR), the Durham District School Board has commissioned yet another study/consultation. There is no need for another study, there are enough local and North American studies with recommendations done by experts and specialists in the field of education addressing the same phenomenon of oppression distinctly featuring ABR in our education system. We do not need another study with timelines, we need ACTION in the form of community-centric programs that specifically meet the needs of Black children and delivered by caring and committed individuals. Funds being used for studies should be channelled to supporting local grassroots organizations that are making a significant difference with little or no funding. I daresay, the stalling strategy appears intentional to get the next crop of administrators and teachers promoted locally or to the ministry level while our children continue to languish in academic agony and eventually socio-economic failure, in which case none of us win - after-all, Black Lives Matter! Like Canada's Indigenous Peoples, are we going to wait until far into the future, some premier or prime minister have to apologize for the injustice meted out to our children or, are we going to demand justice NOW? We have with us, a very complex social problem for which we are seeking solution. The first step to finding solutions is defining or naming and acknowledging the problem. In general terms, this problem is oppressive phenomenon of power and privilege of which ABR is the predominant feature exhibited. In the education literature ABR is a well-defined problem across Canada, the United States as well as the United Kingdom but I will focus on Durham Region because this is where we are. In addition, the very same constituent issues we are addressing in the education sector are also being addressed in the other two major interconnected sectors of Child Protection Services and Law Enforcement/Policing which are significantly impacting our children. In the area of Child Protection Services which is the mandate of the Durham Children's Aid Society, I think they are somewhat ahead, in that, they own and acknowledge the problem that the organization is inherently oppressive and is now looking for solutions on how to change that culture. I am actually indignant that the Durham District School Board is “playing” Black People with yet again another study/consultation. I think in order to have a sustainable long-term solution we need to bring an integrated community-centric, problem solving approach that would include all three major sectors of Child Protection Services, Education and Policing with some mandate from the Government of Ontario, rather than a piecemeal strategy. I am a faithful taxpayer and citizen of the Region, I speak as one who has merited the highest level of academic achievement in the field of education and a certified teacher, worked, volunteered and continues to be intimately engaged in the education system in the Durham Region. I go back over 25 years, the era in which the Durham District School Board was winner of the distinguished international Bertelsmann Prize with leaders such as Board Chair Audrey Maclean, Trustee Ruth Ann Schedlich Director of Education Pauline Laing, Superintendent Bev Freedman and Antiracism Consultant Sarah McDonald. There is hardly anything new except that the Black and other non-white populations have grown exponentially and we have not kept up with addressing the needs of a growing and diverse population. They are in the archives, we need to follow and monitor recommendations from back then and hold accountable the powers that be. In closing, in 1985, over 30 years ago, the United States College Board concluded its report by issuing a warning, "the rapid changes that are occurring in the racial and ethnic composition of the nation [United States] bring a new sense of urgency to improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of students of color. This need has become a moral and pragmatic imperative because when a great many individuals—and entire groups of people—do not have a genuine chance to develop their academic talents fully, our society is much poorer for their lack of educational opportunities...this is fundamentally unjust and potentially an enormous source for social divisiveness." I think we are seeing the results of non-compliance with this warning right here in Durham where everyone─marginalized and privileged in some way or other, will experience the negative impacts. There is still hope however, we can stem the tide by ACTION NOW! We owe it to our children to help them build a brighter future by changing current circumstances of liabilities into tomorrow’s assets. Together in Action,  Leroy Clarke BEd, PhD, OCT Oshawa, ON  

Leroy Clarke
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