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Petition to The National Football League, Roger Goodell

Where He Took a Knee on Our Behalves We Stand! Remove Kaepernick from NFL Black list NOW

Greetings Dear Friends, We have started this petition to stand beside a man, who has done nothing but display his humanity and compassion for his fellow man. Despite the possibility of losing everything that he has worked hard for, Collin Kaepernick showed great courage by standing for justice; he took a knee to highlight the plight of African Americans, who are routinely targeted by police disproportionately, and suffer under the constant threat of police brutality. Despite his own success, he decided that money would not stand above principle and he took a bold decision to exercise his right to protest in a peaceful and poignant manner. For this reason, We must create this petition to let the NFL know that Kaepernick's views on social justice should not disqualify him from doing his job; a peaceful demonstration for fair and balanced treatment in the justice system for African Americans, given the history of racial intolerance in America, is not a cause to black list someone. It is not only the most American thing that anyone can do, but it is also the most beautiful thing to lay your life down for people that possibly wouldn't understand or appreciate the depth of your sacrifice. Today we ask the NFL to do the right thing and remove Collin Kaepernick from your black list and allow him to finish off his career with the dignity he deserves as a tax paying American. He has worked hard to see his dreams come true  and the outrage taken against this young man's decision to stand for what is just and good is preposterous. Not only do better policing practices helps African Americans, but also the greater society on a whole. White America also benefits from ameliorating policing practices, so what is the big uproar and blacklisting about really?  We have put the League on notice today! We will not stand for this! Give Kaepernick the respect he deserves to exercise his constitutional rights without penalty.... it is his right and the world will be a better place for it.

Zara munroe
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Started 7 months ago

Petition to Chris Christie, Rick Scott, Donald Trump

i am unemployed like colin kaepernick! west edmonton mall stole my 18 yr small business

lets save the American dream! west edmonton mall just stole my 18 year small business for writing a post on my surfco swimwear facebook page on june 1st and not removing it when they demanded. they had mall security remove me 30 min later, (video and post is still up on my facebook) changed the locks and illegally stole everything i own (close to a million dollars). 2 months after they did this, they hired a bailiff, lied, and claimed backrent, then added an extra $79,000 for the 3 months after they kicked me out.  this company, triple five, also owns the mall of america in minnesota, as well as they are opening 2 new malls in miami and new jersey and are ironically calling them the american dream mall. i AM the american dream! the dictionary definition, since i was 17, when i moved from a small town to start my own small business. this mall, has forced all the independent stores out by raising their rent so high that it put them out of business. i was the last longest one left. now, its so bad, that all retail is collapsing and we need to look at the real reasons why, such as the pure greed of the landlords. this mall raised my rent 7.31 times from when i first started in 1999. so a bikini that cost $150 in 1999 would now cost $1096 if it kept up with rent increases!!! the american dream mall does NOT care about the american dream at all. the same owners, west edmonton mall,  threw me out like all of the other american dream stores they once had. they want to fill that mall with the same stores that occupy every mall....destroying the american dream. so lets stop them! i am a single mom, and now i am unemployed, just like colin kaepernick because i spoke up and spoke the truth. and now my life is destroyed and they just want to tie this up in court for years, while i am now jobless. please sign my petition to save new jersey and miami from this globalist ghermezian company opening the american dream mall, and try to make it so our kids can open up a small business once again. let's bring back the american dream. the story can be followed on my surfco swimwear facebook page.  dana

Dana Proctor
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Started 8 months ago

Petition to Amnesty International, United Nations

Rescue work should continue on fallen buildings by the earthquake in Mexico City.

Immediately after the devastating earthquake occurred in Mexico City this past September 19, 2017, civilians presented an incredible level of organization to rescue survivors within the fallen buildings, specialist on this kind of rescue, carpenters, welders, masons, nurses, doctors, women and men all volunteers and international rescue groups of various countries such as Panama, Chile, USA, Japan, Israel have been collaborating, leaving their hearts and souls to free the survivors from the mountains of fallen and broken concrete, but this amazing and incredible work has been interrupted / forbidden in some buildings or just allowed partially  leaving survivors within these buildings alive.   The international rescue teams have been denied access to some fallen buildings, civilians in support teams remove and restricted from the areas, all this to make a final demolition of the mountains of concrete with alive people inside. This cannot be possible, it's a crime to bury these alive survivors, a crime to the families that are expecting to see and hug their mothers, fathers, grandparents and kids again. In addition to the enormous level of desperation, frustration and impotence that volunteers and specialists are experiencing because they know that exist ample opportunity to rescue many more survivors. This call is to protect the human rights, we ask the support of Amnesty International and United Nations to stop what the Mexican Government is doing to the people that is still alive within the fallen buildings, the survivors of the September 19th, 2017 earthquake have the right to be rescue, and the families of not survivors have the right to have the decease bodies of their family members, the call is to help stop the crime that Mexican Government want to keep committing. 1985 Mexico City Earthquake survivor requesting that the rescue of survivors contibue

Irina Rendon
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Started 12 months ago

Petition to Forever 21, Zara, NIKE, Victoria Secret, La Senza

Morality dictates that legislation be put in place to end the suffering in sweatshops

The fashion industry is a 3.1 trillion dollar business and the retail corporations are not supporting the millions of sweatshop workers by guaranteeing employees basic human rights and safe working conditions.  A human rights legislation needs to be implemented to protect sweatshop workers globally to effectively end this insufferable indigence that is spearheaded by nike, forever 21, H&M, La Senza, Victoria Secret etc.  All basic human rights are violated for those working in sweatshops.  They work in inhumane conditions, endure constant physical abuse, earn less than one dollar a day leaving the employees homeless, abused and often times workers will suffer from illness' due to chemical fumes that are dispersed from garment factors.   The fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution on earth after the oil industry. Pesticides and toxins are contaminating the villages’ water and soil which is resulting to many disease outbreaks. The mass amount of deaths this industry has seen is off the charts; due to the environmental impacts and structural disasters.  Global capitalism and classicism differences between major corporations and factory workers is the major issue. Western society has their priorities flipped. The environment is declining but people continue to abuse fashion items as disposables which is absurd and unnecessary.   Lets unite and make a moral change to save lives! This petition is for: 1. A human rights legislation put in place to protect sweatshop workers globally.   2.  Garment workers are entitled to clean water, minimum wages, protection from abuse, and most of all safe, clean working conditions.  3. The 1,127 workers killed in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh who should be alive today if the Plaza was built to correct building codes. The building standards of these factories are not acceptable in any developed country therefore these citizens deserve equitable treatment and their basic human rights to be met. Please sign this petition to bring about effective change by implementing a Human Rights Legislation to save lives! Thank you 

Megan Lemieux
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