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Support the Proposal of Postponing the Board Examination to Help Rural Students Catch up

      Moving ahead with completion of this year's term would have a devastating effect on students of marginalised background. Scheduling a board examination with students who still do not have technological facility or access would lead to a drastic drop in their performance. According to UNICEF only 23% of Indian household has had access to the internet. Majority of rural teachers and students still struggle to manage classes online leading to a severe lag in their syllabus. This would further hurt their chances to get admitted in the colleges they deem worthy of, leading to critical quality labor and an upsurge in unemployment. The public had been quiet with the belief that these issues would be addressed in due time, but as we have drawn ourselves closer to the finish line we have found out a number of people left behind. The average number of death by suicide of students has roughly been 10,159 every year. India might also witness a surge in student and teacher suicides as the speculated dates of the Boards draw closer. The sources are still unsure by how much the estimation might multiply if the boards where not postponed since the quarantine is said to have increased suicidal idealisation of several individuals. Majority of the suicide victims would be students of rural and marginalised background.  Given the delicate condition of vulnerable students and teachers who have been physically and emotionally drained they need time to recover their crisis and focus on academics and revision. Perhaps, it is already a controversy. The Indian educational system has often been referred to as a mere institution which programs machines with data rather than educate its pupils and enhance creativity. It is the basis of job discrimination through out the nation. That given, it's governance and handling has come unto question under the pandemic, However, not many sources have reflected the true setback it may cause by not remaining flexible to the students and teachers needs. The institute must realise that the extreme circumstances is too chaotic for tender young adults and must work to destress their livelihood. The ministry has not published the statistics of underprivileged students to be even addressed by NGOs and other citizens. The pandemic has forced us to go into an online platform to learn, there were apparently no other options, the teachers have drained their resources to reach out to students and perform their best, the officials have been considerate in policy making, but we can not terminate this academic year by leaving helpless students and teachers who have had restrains since the beginning. We need to ensure they have facilities before calling it a year and conducting the board exam. We need a two month delay in the examination for them to catch up with their lagging portions. and to conduct the exam when the situation is under control. This would also provide time for students and teachers of urban society to have adequate time to revise and plan the performance of the exam.          A 2 month lag would have its consequences on us but the consequences are minor as compared to troubled livelihood of the students and teachers who have been under pressure to complete the curriculum without facility or access to the internet. We cannot be blinded by this silver curtain put upon our society. Some students neither have access to an online platform or know how to operate them. Some students with physical and psychological difficulties are also vulnerable. If we proceed to complete this year early without helping these students catch up, our ideology is not any different from Nazi's "lebensraum" or "purification". We must not ignore the individuals left behind. The concept of conducting boards based on mere online class is a clear violation of RtE act and is entirely unconstitutional to the underprivileged and differently abled sect. To allow these students to catch up at their pace we do need at least a 2 month delay. Moving at the pace of underprivileged children would also allow other students time to revise.The students and teachers have a priority to solidify their revision and unity within the pupils, and this priority must be noticed by the Government and Ministry. In a true democracy we expect the Institutes to act in favour of the majority and well being of all and not in the pride of schedules.          We are still unfortunately a patriarchal society, having rushed Board exam procedure could cause a severe backlash in the ongoing feminist movements. Gender equality could also go into oblivion. Statistics suggests that this may also cause the gender gap to widen further leading to non-consented marriage at a younger age since they were unable to attend or clear the boards. Various LGBTQ+ members within India would be more prone to job discrimination due to the lack of academic performance under chaotic circumstances. The economic gap would likely be widened by eyeballing the schedule of the boards. Reform policies in the future may not be effective in providing them the protection they deserve, when the damage has already been done. We can not allow that to happen in our conscience. Postponing the boards is in the best interest of the society. Several students who have lost touch with education due to economic drawbacks could regain their platform to continue their path of education and could catch up with their peers in due time. Our nation's foundation has been based on equality. We can not proceed without addressing these issues now.           One perceives the digitalisation of education to compromise the interactive classes as a milestone to modernisation. They often choose to ignore the cons as such. Claims about the institutions enjoying the benefit is apparently half the story. Digitalisation of education does come with its' banes. Probably the most common argument is the accessibility to the students who don't find affordable gadgets. Besides the inaccessibility, online learning causes a major problem of digitalised fatigue, eyesight problems, drowsiness etc... Teacher's are expected to drain their resources and energy in delivering their class through a mode alien to them. The grasp of online lectures on meeting apps to some students has been zilch. Quarantine has had a major psychological effects on a child and her emotions. Some students and teachers with existing and unnoticed psychological conditions have worsened. A digital platform has made it difficult for students and teachers to sort out their assignments. It has also amplified social anxiety disorders amongst various children and teachers. The scenario is chaotic with students unable to  focus on academics due to the sudden shift of the platform online. Without an in-person class or social platform the motivational level of any human would drastically drop. Further this may lead to secondary psychological conditions. The institution must consider and reconsider this. This is about the students not the system. These circumstances need more than 8 months to get adjusted to amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Some students and teachers have found it tough to start preparation since the online class simply have little effect.  A focus on an amateur meeting itself is quite strenuous, a focus on an online lecture is simply not something students  and teachers are immuned to. The institution has entirely not considered the manner this affects the pace of the student and teacher's ability to complete her curriculum.           This has even devastatingly impacted the students who were enrolled in private schools. With several parents being let go by employers and families running into a financial crisis the students had to withdraw from their schools. This would have caused a severe lag in their portions and need an adequate amount of time to catch up with their peers in their new schools         Neglecting these consequences is disaster prone. We need to consider delaying the exam and a further syllabus reduction to effectively carry out the conductance of classes. Experts have already stated that such a move is inevitable. Despite this, the institution does not employ a direct means to deliver its' scheme and policy. Students and teachers are entirely dependent on speculations and rumours. That given, recent speculation has provided that the institution is considering to repeal the proposal of postponing the exam and to rather prepone it conduct the scheduled entrance examinations. Given that various students have not been considering their fate on entrance exams but on the boards. However, the institution rather than taking the consideration of students and teachers has relied on the coaching institutes to see the scenario. The CBSE and ICSE has always relied upon the competence of students and does not pay adequate attention the quality of knowledge. The pandemic is not a time to hold back to rigid  system but to rather reform. This pandemic to the education institutes has all been about to flaunt the handling to woo the public and media on how the pandemic has not change the schedule of the board examination.         It seems like the institutes have chosen to neglect the perspective of students and teachers. But we have our faith in the institutions to look upon the current circumstances and accept reality. No one benefits from peer pressure at this critical hour. If we were to consider a 2 month delay, this would improve the performance of the institution as a whole. A delay by 2 months would provide students and teachers a perfect amount of duration to recover the syllabus and boost the confident of students. Students with no access earlier could benefit from revision and remedial. Students could also begin the application to their desired undergraduate courses. This would also give time for the 10th graders to reconsider the stream they have chosen. The teachers could further not drain themselves to complete the syllabus in the hurry. The CBSE and ICSE must understand the situation under the pandemic is simply not normal.  The future itself is at stake. We require a stabilised environment to have ourselves abide the exam norms without fear. We need to bring ourselves to consider a realistic approach. The delay in board examinations and further reduction seems the most rational during the pandemic. We must not remain conservative during the pandemic. The pandemic is here to test our flexibility, and we should employ the most liberal approach to it.  We need unity at this hour. No one should be left behind.          If the boards were conducted as per the traditional schedule the performance of students of every sect would drastically drop, leading to significant decline in the institution's performance. This would eventually lead to panic and depression of several students especially the underprivileged, and further students taking extreme measures to deny reality. This has been a consequence of boards earlier, but under the pandemic if the CBSE remains rigid the numbers would be drastic. We have simply placed forward the problem which has haunted us since the past 8 months. We have known the CBSE and ICSE to be occasionally progressive and liberal, however this pandemic require the backing and voice of the students and teachers as well. This may be the beginning to decongest and amend the educational sector as a whole. Racial, economic and educational issues are at stake and further will be if we do not postpone the examination...         We need to walk hand in hand with different sects through the society. When our peers have fallen we wait and pick them up, and move forward, and cross the finish line together. We all know the justified option is to consider a 2 month delay. We are not placing our arguments against the CBSE or CICSE, but we are providing facts to support them to take the step of postponing the Boards boldly.

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Petition to Ankita Karwal, cbse chairperson, JOSEPH EMMANUEL, CBSE Director(Academics), Biswajit Saha, CBSE Director(Training), CBSE , Prakash Javadekar, Ministry Of Human Resource Development

CBSE switch to modern compilers instead of TurboC++

CBSE provides the choice of C++ and Python for the Computer Science course for the students of 11th and 12th grade.  When it comes to C++, most schools in the country, still teach students using the Turbo C++ compiler. This compiler is obsolete. It does not follow the modern C++ standards. In fact, its development was discontinued long back in 2006. TurboC++ was designed for 16 bit machines which don't exist today. And when installed on modern machines, it emulates the same old architecture, thus creating unnecessary confusion among students.It relies on the old C++ standards that are no longer used anywhere. It promotes the use of bad programming practices. Moreover, it tries to keep the students away from command line interface , which should be promoted and inculcated in CS students right from the begining. Once the students complete their 12th and go to college, they end up finding that most of the things that they learnt are no longer applicable and many are in fact wrong. After that it becomes really difficult to forget what you have learnt for 2 years and then replace it with new materials. And since Turbo emulates 16 bit architecture, it confuses students due to the subtle differences between modern machines and Turbo.Personally, it took me a lot of time to get over the old fundamentals that were stuck in my mind after 2 years of studying. It would have been much better if I had not learnt C++ at all rather than learning wrong things.With this petition, I would like to request CBSE to direct all schools to move on to much superior, modern compilers like GNU GCC/G++ which support modern syntaxes,libraries promote good coding practices and in general do not teach wrong things to students.

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