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Remove the residential requirement of 5 years of education outside India for NRIs for DASA

According to the brochure that DASA released on March 31st, 2017(first uploaded on March 10 with no such rule), that is one day prior to when the application process commences, at least 5 years of study outside of India is necessary for NRIs. Now that we have already wasted two years on SAT and DASA, not registering for major exams like the JEE (already conducted on April 2nd, 2017) and the NEET, my future stands in dark. The hard work that I put into working for SAT and getting good scores has been in vain. This update has changed the requirement for applicants, making it mandatory that the applicants should have studied abroad for at least 5 years in the last 8 years. Hopefully the HRD Ministry doesn't desire to kill the opportunities of the meritorious students of building a better future just because they haven't resided outside India for at least 5 years! The update is illogical. This update seems irrational as DASA is a scheme designed for students who have to live abroad with their parents due to their parent's work obligations. This update will make many students ineligible for this scheme as many families who work abroad have unpredictable work obligations. Many of the applicants have not completed 5 years of education abroad. Further, the abrupt change in the residential requirement happened on 31 March. There was no initial announcement of such a big policy change. The official deadline for applying to most colleges has long past been due. The students who were relying to get admission through DASA now face an uncertain future, wherein they might have to repeat 12th grade or wait another year to apply for colleges. Also, DASA considers admitted applicants on their merit, based on their SAT II scores. Many students prepare for this throughout 11th and 12th grade. Finding out that all of a sudden, they are not eligible only comes as a shock to the applicants and their families. Personally, I was looking forward to getting admitted through DASA as well. My parents had to move abroad due to work obligations after I finished 8th grade in India. By June 2017, I will have completed 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade abroad, thus making me ineligible for DASA. Now thanks to this new update, my family has no idea what to do next. Reverting the residential requirement for applicants to have completed 11th and 12th grade abroad will make it possible for applicants under such circumstances to get admitted to college. The new residential policy only seems irrational and makes it harder for the very people it set out to help. Shouldn't this information be given WELL IN ADVANCE and not just one day before? Shouldn't I and many students like me not told about this information so that I didn't waste three years like this? Will the officials at DASA understand the importance of this matter? Is there no transparency to the new rules? I question the democracy of the nation. I have called many officials of DASA through the numbers given on the site but no proper response has been received. I also called Mr. Prakash Javadekar's office but my questions were simply rejected. Now considering the situation where our entire lives are going to be affected, please CHANGE THE RULE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Priyansh Soni
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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India

Make NCERT books compulsory at all CBSE schools

PARENTS ARE FORCED TO BUY PRIVATE PUBLICATION BOOKS AT 300-600% HIGHER PRICES THAN NCERT BOOKS, story of most of the CBSE schools throughout the country. Even though Ministry has made it compulsory for all CBSE schools to use only NCERT books, schools are not using it and forcing parents to buy private publication books. All the parents are suffering as schools have made a trend of compulsion in everything and they have left parents with no options than saliently buying the books whatever they give. Ministry has also directed NCERT to make all the textbooks available, in adequate numbers, through its 680 empanelled distribution vendors across the country by the last week of March, so that the April deadline for the 2017-18 academic session can be met and also asked all the CBSE schools to raise their demand online on CBSE's website by February 22, 2017. But the school businessman's  do not care of it and already made us buy private books for the 2017-18 academic year. Books for class III costed me Rs. 5000/- (Pearson Publication) for 20 books having average quality and on average 60-80 pages per book. I cant even give it a thought that how come a 60 page normal book can be sold for Rs. 250/-. Hardly the school would have purchased it for Rs. 1000-1200/-. Think how schools are making fool out of parents as they know we cant do anything. Please join my petition asking Ministry of Human Resource Development to enforce all CBSE schools to use NCERT books only from this academic year itself as they were notified much before ( and if not make a standardization in the book prices class wise so that it should not touch the sky. Also take legal actions against the schools which are reported not following the rule.    

Sagar Jadhav
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