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Petition to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Support Building the FM 1093 Trail from Westheimer to Barker Cypress

Please support the construction of a three-mile trail along the south side of Barker Reservoir as shown on the attached map. (And if you haven't already done so, please sign the companion petition for the Westheimer Access Trail.)  TXDOT is applying for a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant to build a multi-use path on the north side of FM 1093 from Westheimer Parkway (West Oaks Mall) southwest to FM 1464 (Barker Cypress), primarily on property owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  This trail will eventually enable connection of the extremely popular Terry Hershey/George Bush/Cullen Park/Mason Creek/Willow Fork Drainage District trail system (over 40 miles combined) to the Brays Bayou trail system which will run about 30 miles from Archbishop Fiorenza Park to the Houston Ship Channel.  These are high comfort trails which provide safe access to the roughly 27,000 acres of greenspace in Barker and Addicks reservoirs.   All of the connected trails provide hundreds of thousands of Greater Houston residents access to these federal lands.  Along the way several high activity centers are connected, such as the Energy Corridor district, the Houston Medical Center, the University of Houston, Rice University, Houston China Town, and Hermann Park along with many other parks. In addition, this project will provide safer pedestrian and bicycle access to local businesses, including the grocery store at FM 1464 and a large variety of services around Westheimer and Hwy 6. Significant public support is needed for projects to be funded.  If you would like to see this trail built, please sign this petition.  It will be used as demonstration of public support in TXDOT's application for FLAP funding.

Bryan Dotson
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Petition to

Investigate Houston Police and Mayor Turner in the murder of Alexander Silva III "AJ."

My 19 year old nephew, Alexander Silva III aka Lil AJ, was a normal, American teenager (on the verge of manhood) when he got into some trouble, fell into an addiction, and began a relationship with an older, married woman who is allegedly involved in drug trafficking and was arrested with someone who was trafficking drugs. In April of 2021, he went missing in Houston, Texas while wearing a pretrial ankle monitor. No officer tried physically looking for him. After two months of red tape, we got his ankle monitor GPS log. His last days were spent at a warehouse in the Langwood area of Northeast Houston. Since cops wouldn't look for him and no big search and rescue organizations were willing to help (Texas EquuSearch denied us twice), I drove from New Mexico back to my home town of Houston to investigate. I went to the warehouse where his monitor pinged, unmoving, for 41 hours. The first person I talked to, saw him shot by a fence and saw someone resembling his girlfriend cover him in garbage bags and, hours later, after people were able to pose with his body and take pictures with it, take it away. While in the neighborhood, my family literally witnessed men trafficking assault style weapons in laundry baskets. A vehicle with disabled veteran plates was seen leaving his girlfriend's house not long after AJ's murder. That disabled veteran is connected to the mayor of Houston. Cops claim the eyewitness lied. Twice. Cops won't polygraph his girlfriend. Cops haven't looked for his girlfriend's car which conveniently went missing just after AJ did. When we found a matching car that contained blood stains, same damage to the rear fender, and sand in the flood boards (AJ and his girlfriend had recently gone to Galveston), cops first question was "How did you find it and who do you have looking for information?"  Cops claim our cadaver dogs were inaccurate when they gave a full alert at the murder scene, but wouldn't send their own cadaver dogs to confirm nor would they test the soil for DNA evidence. They allowed the owners to put fresh soil over the crime scene, allowing them to tamper with it.   Cops have bullied us. Cops have threatened to arrest me. Our lives have been threatened and our family has been physically stalked. Cops claimed this is normal and wouldn't look into those who stalked us even though that person mentioned the weapon he killed AJ with AND confessed to several murders and kidnappings. Cops have repeatedly violated my sister's ADA rights for a reasonable accommodation. Why aren't cops helping? Is it because the mayor is involved? Is it because the city of Houston is overrun by people who are trafficking drugs and guns and they are outnumbered or is it more sinister than that? Or does AJ's girlfriend have friends in high places? We'll never know if this city government and police department isn't properly investigated. We need this department investigated. We need Detective Huff fired for violating Federal Law. We need justice for AJ.        

Paul Vasquez
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