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Astrodome in MLB: The Show

For the last few years, there have been classic stadiums introduced in recent MLB: The Show video game titles. Stadiums that include Polo Grounds, Sportsmans Park, Forbes Field, Shibe Park, Griffin Stadium, Crosley Field to name a few. There is 1 hugely popular, well known stadium, missing, from this list. The Astrodome. Why is this? MVP baseball 2005 included the Astrodome. Triple Play baseball 2001 included the Astrodome. Why, does this graphically beautiful, popular, baseball video game, MLB THE SHOW, not included the Astrodome. I know many people, Astros fans, myself included, that grew up going to the dome. Rather it be for baseball, football, motocross, rodeo, or even mister trucks. Many memories were built in this stadium. A stadium that we would all like to share with out younger generations, even if through virtual imagine in a video game. I grew up living out a dream as a big league pitcher on the Astros, taking the mound in the dome. I recall using the instant replay free roam camera to tour the stadium. Going to viewpoints I remember going to ask a kid to watch games. A video game, flooding me with flashback and memories. As of now, to play in the dome, you have to have an older system, with blurred graphics, and not get a full appreciation of the stadium. The 8th wonder of the world. The first domed stadium of its kind. It feels almost blasphemy to not include it in major MLB titles. Especially now that Houston has won a world series. So please, we ask that it be brought into new titles, in its full glory, for people of all ages, to experience for the first time, or 100th time, whatever the case. Add the Astrodome, the 8th wonder, to MLB THE SHOW.

Chase Prinz
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