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Petition to Seattle City Council

Say Yes! To Housing Near Transit #udistrict #yestothefuture

Now is the time to voice your support for the U District Urban Design changes! The proposal would allow our city to house more people in the blocks surrounding the new light rail station opening in 2021 at NE 43rd St. and Brooklyn Ave NE. The proposal would also implement new affordable housing and open space requirements, as well as incentives for childcare, historic preservation, and street improvements. Learn more about the U District Urban Design Changes here:  The City of Seattle identified the following as the framework for these changes: Recognize light rail as a catalyst for change Balance the regional influences with the eclectic local character Provide a network of great streets and public spaces Grow and diversify jobs Welcome a diversity of residents Improve public safety Encourage quality and variety in the built environment Build an environmentally sustainable neighborhood Improve integration between UW and the U District Support walking, biking, and transit In addition to signing this petition it is important that you write to Seattle City Council today! Please email all the councilmembers and tell them you want walkable, amenity-rich, transit-rich neighborhoods that are welcoming to everyone. The U District is getting more and more expensive everyday. Opposing these design changes will not prevent rents from rising or help long term affordability in our growing city. Please support the U District Urban Design changes by signing this petition today! 

Seattle YIMBYs
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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, PC Leader Patrick Brown, Deputy Premier Deborah Matthews, MPP Vic Dhillon, Minister Tracy MacCharles

End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontario's new home buyers a choice!

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne said the time for monopolies is over (National Post, Apr. 17, 2015). We think she’s absolutely right! Monopolies are notoriously inefficient and ineffective - the prices are too high and the production is too low - and they can "capture" the political and regulatory processes (CBS Money Watch, Sept. 18, 2014). And now Justice Cunningham has recommended ending Tarion's monopoly as a result of his Tarion Review! "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Justice Douglas Cunningham, Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016). But the Wynne Government has not yet accepted Justice Cunningham's recommendation to end Tarion's monopoly.   Tarion is a private corporation created as a monopoly by the Government of Ontario to provide warranty protection to new home buyers and to regulate builders. The legislation was established in 1976 – 41 years ago – and many agree that it has never worked properly. Numerous media reports show that there are many serious problems resulting from the legislation and how Tarion is administering the legislation - and now Justice Cunningham has agreed!  The following summarizes the situation in three other provinces – and then in Ontario: Prov       2015 Housing starts    # of Warr Providers       Avg #        Alberta             37,282                         7                         5,326 BC                    31,446                        5                          6,289 Manitoba          5,501                           5**                      1,100 Ontario             70,156                         1                         70,156  This means that Alberta, BC and Manitoba offer a CHOICE of warranty providers AND, on average, the warranty providers in those provinces have a much more reasonable number of homes to service than Tarion.     Sign this petition to ask Premier Wynne to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up! ------------------------------------- * Statistics Canada  **effective 2017

Canadians for Properly Built Homes
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Petition to Trumansburg Planning Board, Trumansburg Village Board

Keep Trumansburg Flourishing: Support Housing in our Village

The conversation around the Hamilton Square proposal has become increasingly divisive. We have seen misleading literature spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt; a group of Ulysses Historical Society board members using the Society's name to promote their personal views; and a small contingent of residents exploring ways to sue the Village. As members of the Trumansburg community, we hope to add new and diverse perspectives to the conversation. To The Village And Planning Boards of Trumansburg, NY We, the undersigned members of the Trumansburg community, believe in the future of our village. We believe in a future where our schools have turned around 15 years of declining student enrollment. We believe in a future where our Main Street businesses are bustling with new customers. We believe in a future where our school teachers and Main Street employees can find affordable housing in our village rather than commuting from outside the county. To realize this future, we recognize that more homes and more apartments will be built. We recognize that we will have new residents and more cars in our village. And we recognize that previously open land will need to be developed. We also recognize that development is complex. That’s why we rely on you, our elected and appointed representatives, to ensure that all development gets the proper and necessary review. We know that, as our friends and neighbors, you will ensure development in our community is done responsibly. To build towards this future, we the undersigned, support new market rate and affordable housing in Trumansburg. We know that the Hamilton Square project will move forward only if it is found to comply with our zoning and planning ordinances and, if it does, we look forward to welcoming new families, students, customers, employees, and neighbors into our community. This petition has been created by the Affordable Housing Advocates of Ulysses and Trumansburg

Affordable Housing Advocates of Ulysses and Trumansburg
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