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Petition to Anchorage Assembly

Convert the BP Exploration Building into Housing to Relieve the Anchorage Housing Shortage

When it comes to housing in Anchorage, there is a surplus of demand, but a deficit of supply. "Popp said there were just under 400 housing units listed for sale in Anchorage at the end of October. But those which are listed are being purchased at a fast rate... Additionally, Popp says that apartments are experiencing a low vacancy rate on top of escalating rent prices. He said some of the larger landlords are seeing around a 2% vacancy rate." (Fernandez, 2021) With such low vacancy rates, paired with limited units being available, the idea of converting the mostly vacant building into a hotel or office space seems inexpedient. Alaska's tourism may be increasing, but how can the demand for staff be satisfied when there is a lack of workers? Where do they expect these workers to stay if there's no housing available? As stated by Midtown Anchorage Assembly member Meg Zaletel, the apartments would help with the current housing crisis; however, the cost of the units could possibly be on the higher side. (DeMarban, 2022) With the asset of offering possibly the best views in the city, it may draw in tenants from more affordable properties who are willing to take on a more expensive lease for said views. As a result, this would increase the low vacancy rates to something more reasonable. Additionally, there is potential to convert the building into micro-apartments or small studios. This would give single individuals or couples a low-maintenance place to live while paying lower rent and fees. Micro-apartments are becoming a popular choice for young professionals (2022). While not the same size as major cities like Los Angeles and New York City, Anchorage has one of the highest costs of living in the country. Surely, these affordable and efficient living spaces would help draw in a younger generation of workers. --- Sources: Fernandez, Georgina. (Nov. 22, 2021). Advocates say Anchorage’s housing shortage contributes to the number of people experiencing homelessness.     Alaska's News Source. URL. DeMarban, Alex. (April 20, 2022). Once a symbol of ‘growth and prosperity,’ the mostly empty former BP building in Anchorage remains in limbo.     Anchorage Daily News. URL. Bungalow Team. (February 1, 2022). Micro-apartments: Just how tiny are they?    Bungalow. URL.

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Petition to Redwood City City Council, Mayor Diane Howard, Vice Mayor Giselle Hale, City Manager Melissa Steveson-Diaz

Tell Redwood City Council to Vote NO. Don't Add Sewer Fees to our Property Tax Bill

On Monday night, the Redwood City Council will vote to add Sewer Service Fees to our Property Tax Bills. Currently, these fees are billed bi-monthly with our water and garbage. Why Does This Matter? If Council approves this proposal, it will impact every Homeowner in Redwood City.  Sewer Service fees will be billed annually, in a lump sum, and will become subject to much steeper late fees, penalties, and consequences. What does the City of Redwood City charge if you are late paying Sewer Fees now? 1.5% interest after 30 days. 5% or $3.00 (whichever is higher) a Shut-Off Notice is issued.               1.5% of the current Sewer Service fee is less than $3.00. What does the County charge if you are late paying your Property Taxes? 1 Day Late- 10% off the ENTIRE Tax Bill. Plus Fees of 1.5% of the total amount owed, compounded daily, until the balance is paid in full. Plus a Redemption Fee $35.00 If left unpaid the County can auction off your home to pay any past-due taxes, fees, penalties, and legal fees. San Mateo County does NOT accept partial payments on Property Taxes. If your property tax payment arrives late, even by one day, fees and penalties apply to the entire Property Tax Bill. Here are some examples of how this proposal may impact you. The proposed annual Sewer Service Fee is $1,071.36 I bought my home in 1970. My Property Taxes are $1,855.00 a year or $927.50 per installment. My Property Tax bill will now be $2,926.36 The minimum amount I will pay for being 1 day late is $292.64 I bought my home in 2000. My Property Taxes are $12,965.00 a year or $6,482.50 per installment. My Property Tax bill will now be $14,036.36 The minimum amount I will pay if I am 1 day late is $1,403.64. I bought my home in 2020. My Property Taxes are $29,375.00 a year or $14,687.50 per installment. My Property Tax bill will now be $30,446.36 The minimum amount I will pay if I am 1 day late is: $3,044.64 COVID-19 has shown us all how quickly finances can change. Why the City of Redwood City is seeking to make this change or willing to subject homeowners to these harsh fees and penalties; just as we are recovering from a wolrdwide pandemic has not been explained.  The Farm Hill Neighborhood held a meeting on this issue in May and formally voted to oppose this proposal. We are asking our fellow Redwood City residents and property owners to join our efforts to oppose this proposal by signing this petition and sharing it with family, friends, and neighbors who live or own property in Redwood City. With just 3 more days left until Council Votes, EVERY Signature will make a difference. To express your opposition via e-mail, you can do so at With your help, we may be able to STOP City Council from passing this dangerously inequitable proposal on Monday Night! If you would like to watch the Farm Hill Neighborhood meeting which includes a Presentation from City Staff on the Sewer Service Fee Proposal and our vote, you can do so at:    

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Petition to Nury Martinez, Bob Blumenfeld, Monica Rodriguez, Joe Buscaino, Nithya Raman, Paul Koretz, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Paul Krekorian, John Lee, Mitch O'Farrell

Use Eminent Domain To Protect Hillside Villa Families From Homelessness!

We are the Hillside Villa Tenants' Association.  The Hillside Villa Apartments in Chinatown were built 30 years ago with millions of dollars of public money.  Since then, they’ve provided an affordable, stable home for 124 families. We have built a multicultural family.  We are Latinx, Black, and Asian immigrants. We are parents and small children. We are LGBTQ. We are elders with fixed incomes and chronic illnesses. Ever since our building’s affordability covenant expired in 2018, our extraordinarily wealthy slumlord, Tom Botz, has been trying to kick us out and replace us with market-rate tenants. We have been fighting off Botz’s 200% rent increases and retaliation for nearly three years, including through the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, to keep our building affordable for the hundreds of low-income people -- including elders and children -- who live here. When the city offered Botz $12.7 million to keep our homes affordable for just 10 more years, he refused. Botz has proven he will not negotiate in good faith. EMINENT DOMAIN BECAME OUR ONLY OPTION. This summer, LA City Council budget committee will vote on whether to borrow $46 million from the city’s nearly $700 million reserve fund towards making Botz an offer for Hillside Villa. If he rejects the offer, the eminent domain process will begin.  We need your help to get budget committee members Krekorian, Blumenfeld, De León, Price, and Rodriguez to vote YES to borrowing the funds! We were notified of rent increases at the peak of the pandemic, when most of us had lost work, and were already having trouble keeping up with the old rent. As the state and city reopen, we don’t know if protections will expire before we are able to get back on our feet. Many of us have been in this community for decades, but if we are swept up in the massive wave of evictions that is coming, we will not be able to afford market rate rents anywhere near Chinatown.  But we deserve to stay, and will continue fighting, because housing is a human right! Hillside Villa was built with public funds and should remain a public benefit! Keep our families off the street! It’s time to reverse the ugly history of eminent domain and use it to protect tenants and prevent more families from becoming homeless. We are inspired by Moms 4 Housing in Oakland, who took radical action to protect their families from homelessness. And like the Moms, we too are fighting for all tenants across California and the nation. The city must treat this as the emergency it is. ------- Before COVID-19, tenants were already facing landlord harassment that has been financially burdensome. The pandemic only makes things harder, many faced with hospital bills and evictions and loss of work as a result. To contribute to our efforts and support the Hillside Villa tenants you can donate here:  This campaign has been supported by: Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Los Angeles (ACCE LA) Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Los Angeles Chapter  (APALA LA) Crenshaw Subway Coalition Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles Eviction Defense Network Council Member Carroll Fife, City of Oakland Ground Game LA Housing Rights Committee San Francisco Indivisible CA-43 Inquilinos Unidos Khmer Girls in Action Ktown for All Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action (LACCLA) Little Tokyo Service Center Los Angeles Community Action Network LACAN Pasadena Tenants Union NOlympics LA People's City Council Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) Ananya Roy, Professor of Urban Planning, Social Welfare, and Geography, UCLA Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) Tenants Law Association at UCLA UAW 2865 Union De Vecinos LATU Eastside Local VyBe LATU Westside Local Chapter LATU

Hillside Villa Tenants Association
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, New Jersey Governor, New Jersey State House, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Senate, FOX News

A true story! Seeking Justice in NJ, may cost your life!

My fellows in Freedom and Justice, you must watch the above video!! This needs to go viral!! It's for our national interest to do so! Our Domestic enemies are in hot pursuit; all day long they press their attack against our Bill of Rights. For the last update, please click on link: To see Affidavit document, please click on link: Some of you, may know about my 16 years going on case against the local government corruption in Warren, NJ, with Sheriff Provenzano, Wells Fargo, and other criminals involved with unlawfully stealing of my property by foreclosure fraud for their own personal interests. I have been fighting pro-per against the entire corrupt judicial system of Somerset county, NJ, since no lawyer will touch my case because they are all buddies with these criminal officials, including judges who have denied me my Seventh Amendment, a right to a jury to prove my case, because I have accumulated too much evidence that any jury would rule in my favor have gone too far. It's a fact that in our Justice System, there is no such thing a Due process of law, for victims of government tyranny! By signing this petition, you are asking to the Federal and N.J. State Authorities for empanelment of a Special Grand Jury of my peer, to investigate the Overwhelming of Tangible Forensic Evidences of my case and the fact that they conspired to hurt or kill me.  As you can see in the above embedded video, I made many attempt to get justice through the District Court of NJ, I filed a Constitutional Criminal Complaint which so far is being ignored! We no longer have a judicial system that contains the integrity of justice and follows the supreme law of our land, the Bill of Rights.  I can tell you that from my personal experience being one of the People, one of you! A victims of illegal preceding, where I have been deprived and robbed of my equity and life savings that I had sacrificed for through hard work. (Don't take for granted what you own, they are coming for you too. Who's going to stop them?? )  Justice need to prevail always!! This petition need your generous support in signing and sharing it. It's time that “We the People” take back our courts! It's evident by watch the above embedded video until the end, that we are all under the Illusion that we live in a free country and that the US legal system is fair, impartial and actually enforce the laws designed to protect the rights of the more vulnerable members of our society. I hope that the above embedded video will wake up many of Americans who are still under the Illusion that we live in a free country. My family's lives have been destroyed by the negligent and voluntary criminal actions of the local cabal who are exposed in above embedded video.  Note: If you are a “Victim” of any type of constitutional violations, fraud… etc. Please sign this petition and live a comment about your case, so that your case can be part of an investigation.  Any of your generous assistance and support in this matter will be greatly appreciated! Every person counts. Respectfully in Justice, Thomas Gage   

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