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I know what it's like to be young and homeless. Young people need affordable housing

My name is Hayley and I’ve been in and out of homelessness since I was 14 years old.    I know people often wonder about how people become homeless, or how they stay homeless for such a long time. I’m here to tell you a bit about my story. When you’ve had such fractured relationships since childhood, it’s hard not to allow those relationships to negatively affect you as a person. Coming from really volatile environments, you get used to being treated badly and being manipulated. I had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like for the first 20 years of my life. I had never had a healthy relationship with anybody, especially myself. I walked around with a chip on my shoulder, I can admit that. So much shit had happened to me and I was sour. I acted out because there was so much going on inside of me. Once you get a house and start to seem settled, you’re never settled. When you are able to actually stop being hypervigilant after dealing with a lot of trauma, that’s honestly when you start feeling everything and that’s the point where I think people need the most support. That’s the point where you can crash. At first being in my own home was overwhelming, because it all hits you that you’re an adult and you have to take responsibility. The main thing that motivated me to move forwards in my life was thinking, “I’m not going to let what happened to me ruin the rest of my life.” That was my driver. I am not going to be scared because of my past. I’ve had a lot of support from my social worker and I’ve needed it. I want people to see people for who they are, not their stereotype. I want you to know who I am now. Proper housing means getting on with your life. We need more housing that’s affordable for people in my situation. A home gives you hope, stability, a sense of self and the chance to straighten up your life without having to move all the time. I want our government to commit to more public and community housing in Australia. Please help by signing my petition. Young people who become homeless really need housing they can afford, but also ongoing support so they can stay housed.

Hayley Van Summeren
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Daniel Andrews

Australia needs rent control! Affordable, quality and secure housing for all!

There is a major crisis of housing affordability. High property prices have meant that an entire generation has been locked out of owning a home. Renting is the new norm for many. Greedy landlords are taking advantage of this by charging exorbitant rents while refusing to maintain accommodation at a decent standard. Such is the depth of the crisis that homelessness is now on the rise. We have had enough! Renters Fightback is a new campaign to address out of control housing costs. We want to make housing affordable, of a good quality and secure for all. Our aim is to mobilise renters to demand improved rights and housing conditions. In addition, we want long-term solutions aimed at addressing housing affordability, especially for young people. Our starting point is that housing should be a basic right, the sector should not be dominated by the rule of profit! While the Victorian state government is proposing some modest reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act they do not go far enough. We need to fightback against dodgy landlords and tip the balance back in favour of renters. Renters Fightback is calling for: -Rent control – Cap private rents at 20% of income to stop landlords charging exorbitant prices. Affordable housing for all!  -High quality homes – For landlords to be forced to maintain rental properties at a high standard. Decent homes for all!  -Long-term leases – For the right of residents to demand long-term security of tenure, including infinite leases. Secure housing for all! -Expand public housing - For the government to build and acquire 500,000 homes Australia-wide for people on low and average incomes. Let’s end the rule of profit. Housing for the 99%! 

Renters Fightback
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Petition to Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

My family and I can't be homeless again - make rents affordable for low-income earners!

Unexpectedly homeless, my 13-year-old daughter, my elderly mum and I were forced to couch surf from place to place. Mum couldn't find an affordable rental, and I was forced to leave my home after a relationship breakdown. I never thought this would happen to us.  All it takes is one crisis. My 73-year-old mother lives with a heart condition, and when it's bad I care for her 24/7. My back injury also requires constant specialist attention – so we all live under the same roof to help cover costs. We are fighting so hard to make do. But housing is now absurdly expensive with buying or renting near impossible for lots of people like us on low-incomes. Mum's heart condition and my back injury require so many treatments that aren't covered by Medicare. There are too many families like ours that are being forced into homelessness because there aren't enough affordable homes. Yet politicians are ignoring the issue. The wait lists for people needing urgent help with housing are years long, and most people are locked out of buying a house. We need more community, low-income housing made available by government. This is a crisis for thousands of families like ours. My mother and I just want a safe, affordable and secure home that my daughter can grow up in. We know what being homeless is like and we can’t do it again. It would be too much for us all. Please help by signing our petition. Please, Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten – stop families like ours from becoming homeless again by creating more affordable housing for people on low incomes.

Christine Thirkell
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