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Petition to Sadiq Khans' Ballots Consultation

Ensure votes for residents on estates facing regeneration

Last year, council estate residents and housing activists campaigned to get the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to give those under threat of 'regeneration' a ballot on whether they agreed to having their homes demolished.  Sadiq Khan has now agreed in principle, but has released a Consultation Paper on the process. As many residents know, this will make or break whether ballots actually give a democratic voice to council estate residents. We have outlined amendments that will ensure this happens. We call on Sadiq Khan to tighten up his proposals in several ways including : The minimum number of homes demolished to trigger a ballot should be 10 homes. The decommissioning of supported housing must also be balloted. The ballot should be after a concrete proposal has been produced. Whether there is a ballot should affect Planning approval. All residents should have a vote.  As the mayor committed in his manifesto, regeneration should only go ahead with majority resident support. Do not demolish good homes - All residents must have final say via ballot on any regeneration/demolition plan - Rents need to stay at council 'social' rent levels - Right of return must be contractually enforceable - All financial and technical information about estates to be made public - Leaseholders must have a right to return or receive full market value of their property. 

Demolition Watch London
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Petition to ealing council

Build affordable housing on the Gurnell Leisure centre Site - West London

Ealing Council intends to allow developers to build luxury housing on the Gurnell Leisure Centre site in return for a contribution towards the cost of improving the swimming pool. This contribution is welcome, but it is wrong to allow development on public land which waives the usual requirement for at least 25% of new housing to be to be affordable/social stock, while we are so desperate for social and affordable housing in the area. This must no be allowed to happen. Ealing currently has over 10,000 people on its social housing waiting list and current property prices are out of the reach of the majority of people. The average house price in Ealing is now £650,000 and average room rents are £825 pcm (£1400pcm for a 1 bed flat). Between 2014-15 the number of social houses increased by only 68 and affordable homes to buy by 480. People who have grown up in the Borough are having to move out, something that is happening right across London. Where are our teachers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, cleaners, police all going to live? We are in desperate need of affordable housing and we must all be concerned about the mass sell-off of public land. We need genuinely affordable housing, not just a new swimming pool. Please join with me by signing a petition to Ealing Council requesting that they reconsider their policy to abandon its commitment to affordable and social housing.

Ailis Gavan
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Petition to ealing council, Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Stop the housing development on public open space to fund the Gurnell Redevelopment

This is a petition to register our objection ad lack of support for the proposed high density housing development on public open space to fund the redevelopment of Gurnell Leisure Centre. Some of the reasons for our objections are set out below: the sell-off of public land and use of an enabling private housing development; the size/height of the proposed housing development;the lack of social and genuinely affordable housing in the proposed development; the lack of involvement of local residents in the initial vision and specification for the leisure centre; the lack of consultation with local residents prior to alternatives being ruled out for the upgrade of the leisure centre, and the timeline decided; the failure of the Council to adopt a competitive procurement process to ensure best value for the community in an open and transparent procedure; the lack of infrastructure (schools/NHS/A40 access/parking/etc) to cope with the projected numbers of extra people the housing development will bring; the disruption that will be caused for at least 2 years while construction of the leisure centre takes place, and an unspecified amount of time for the housing development. We feel the Council has failed to consider other alternatives which would better benefit the community. The council could instead spend the £12m they are contributing on refitting the current leisure centre, rather than sell off our public land to this housing developer. Approval by Ealing Council would deny best practise in public consultation and bring the Ealing planning system into disrepute, setting a dangerous precedent. ACTION REQUIRED:  For the council to abandon the current proposals. For the Planning Committee to refuse the planning application. For the council to properly consult with the community on a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure the community has a leading role in the redevelopment of Gurnell Leisure Centre and the use of open land in this and the wider neighbourhood.

Ailis Gavan
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Petition to Broadland District Council and South Norfolk Council

Green Belt for Norwich

Amazingly, there is currently no officially designated Green Belt around Norwich to help protect our green spaces and open countryside from excessive, inappropriate and unnecessary development. There are currently hundreds of planning applications to build thousands of houses on green field sites around the periphery of one of England’s most important historic cities.  We all benefit from the rural open character of the hinterland around this fine City and its loss will be a tragedy for us all. That’s why CPRE Norfolk feels strongly that we must show Government and local authorities how important it is to us and why it needs better protection. Data on household projections by the Office for National Statistics demonstrates that the number of new houses provided for in local plans greatly exceed requirements. CPRE Norfolk believes that where there is a proven need for new houses, brownfield sites should be considered first, as they are less damaging to the countryside, create less of a carbon footprint, plug into existing infrastructure, are more convenient places to live and help keep the local economy thriving. As our local authorities begin the process of reviewing the recently adopted local plans for Norwich and its surrounding districts with the likelihood that they will have to accommodate even more growth beyond 2026 until 2036 on top of what we already consider to be excessive growth, it is now more urgent than ever that Norwich has a Green Belt in place to protect the setting of this historic city and the countryside from the onslaught of never ending development and the consequent urbanisation of this rural county. This petition will be sent to: Broadland District Council, South Norfolk Council, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council and the following Norfolk MPs: Richard Bacon MP, Sir Henry Bellingham MP, George Freeman MP, Norman Lamb MP, Brandon Lewis MP, Clive Lewis MP, Keith Simpson MP, Chloe Smith MP, Elizabeth Truss MP. CPRE Norfolk Campaign to Protect Rural England March 2016  

CPRE Norfolk
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