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Petition to Department for Communities and Local Government, Theresa May MP, Alok Sharma, home office, Sadiq Khan

Stop risking lives: bring in crucial fire safety regs now; make the UK's tower blocks safe

As someone who lives on one of London's many estates, I recognise those who died in Grenfell as extended neighbours.  I happen to work right next to Grenfell, and was haunted by the burnt out tower this morning on my way to a meeting.  We cannot let this happen again. And yet, this is not the first time.  A tragic fire at Lakanal House, Camberwell, on 3rd July 2009 cost us six lives.  An inquest was held and its findings given in 2013, but only to a limited few, who have sat on the results all this time. Following the critical findings of the coroner's 2013 report on the earlier Lakanal fire, which highlighted issues that could have prevented Grenfell, we are asking for the immediate implementation of recommendations from that report. Some recommendations from the report's coroner include: use of fire resistant materials regular fire assessments providing residents with full instructions about what to do in the event of a fire At Lakanal, exterior panels that were not fire resistant were found to have caused the blaze to spread far quicker.  It is becoming apparent that a similar issue may have caused the Grenfell tragedy. I will never forget the image of that hollowed-out building, now a skeleton on the skyline.  Or the wreckage in the nearby children's play area, which I had passed so many times before. Grenfell is a place like so many across London, full of our neighbours, friends and families.  We must demand more of the authorities, to protect us, and not let other people's interests, and financial considerations, cost lives. 

John Tyson
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Petition to Nottingham City Council

Social Housing for Lorraine!

WHO IS LORRAINE? Lorraine is a woman with three teenage children who is facing imminent eviction from her private-rented home due to the sale of the house by the landlord. Her eldest child suffers from severe autism and OCD. Her younger children are settled in education here in Nottingham, on courses that can’t be transferred. She has trawled through the list of private rented accommodation but there is nothing suitable. She does not want to put them through the same stressful experience a year down the line. Her family need secure accommodation. SOCIAL HOUSING FOR LORRAINE!Nottingham City Council have proposed emergency hostel accommodation, but this would be totally unsuitable for her disabled son’s needs. His social worker has put in a firm recommendation that the family needs permanent social housing, not temporary accommodation. It has also been suggested that Lorraine should move out of Nottingham: Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham and Stoke have all ben mentioned. We find this totally unacceptable. Lorraine and her family have a human right to a private and family life. Her children have a right to education and social life. Her disabled son has a right to stable living environment and support services that he is accessing in Nottingham. SOCIAL HOUSING FOR ALL!With cuts to housing benefits, rising rents, rising levels of overcrowding and rising homelessness and more, Nottingham is facing a housing crisis. So many people need homes, and yet there are empty houses and long council waiting lists. The solution is straightforward: SOCIAL HOUSING FOR ALL! OUR DEMANDSWe call on Nottingham City Council to find a home for Lorraine and her family. More broadly, the City Council needs to seriously address the issue of homelessness for its citizens.

Nottingham Housing Justice Forum
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Petition to Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council, Essex County Council

Prevent development of Salary Brook Valley affecting residents of Greenstead and Longridge

The Emerging Local Plan for Colchester (2017-2032) proposes a new 'garden community' on the border of Colchester and Tendring, to deliver up to 2,500 homes in the next 15 years, with eventually between 7,000-9,000 homes planned to be built in the Salary Brook Valley area (Colchester Preferred Options Local Plan, page 38, Policy SP8). While we accept that there is a national need for more houses to be built, and that the area may benefit from increased infrastructure spending and opportunities for young people to be employed in the building industry, we are concerned about the potential negative impact on the environment of the existing Greenstead and Longridge communities, and so petition in favour of the following: The key design principles identified at the TCBGC Concept Framework Workshop outline a need for "avoiding coalescence with other settlements in particular Wivenhoe and Elmstead Market" (Issues and Options Report, page 12). Greenstead and Longridge residents are as entitled to protect the separate identity of the area and we ask that the green buffer between Greenstead, Longridge and the new development is equal to the buffers between Wivenhoe and Elmstead Market with no residential development West of Slough Road. This can be achieved by moving the residential developments North and closer towards the A120. The designation of the whole of the green buffer from Clingoe Hill to Bromley Road and as wide as Slough Lane as a Country Park to protect the current Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and the species not often encountered in the urban area including nightingale, reed warbler, lizard, water vole and four species of bat, including pipistrelle that are found there. That any housing development approved to the East of the above is made conditional on the planning, implementation and completion of the infrastructure required to support that development (roads, public transport, schools, healthcare, community facilities, sports and recreational facilities) before the new residential areas are opened. A full assessment being made of the potential flood risk of any new development making the existing flooding problems in the Salary Brook area any worse, and binding guarantees being obtained from water companies and the developers that specific measures that will be implemented to prevent the new development from increasing the flood risk, and to mitigate the existing level of flooding in the area. A commitment that any new development will include at least 30% affordable housing, will include new social housing for those currently unable to afford a home, and housing suitable for students, low income families, and single parents, who may currently struggle to afford suitable housing for their needs. Ring-fencing of the employment opportunities in the development of the garden village by using planning agreements to ensure maximising the benefits available from employment/apprenticeships for those unemployed across the whole town. Minimise the impact of the development upon Salary Brook by only placing new cycle network routes on pre-established footpaths. We request that Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council work together to achieve the above for the benefit of the communities in Greenstead, Longridge, and the University of Essex.

Greenstead Independents
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