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Petition to Mark Dayton, Debra Hilstrom, James P. Metzen, Al Franken, Chris A. Eaton, Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate, Minnesota Governor

Minnesota Lawmakers: A request to Impose "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Law

Cameron Norris Law: Cameron Norris Law – A focus into the future, for a new Child Homicide Law in Minnesota.  MY MISSION: Is advocating against child homicide! Implement Cameron Norris Law, to provide fair justice to parents of children who have been fatally victimized by another adult.   HELLO!! Supporters WELCOME!!! Thank you for showing your support by coming to this page!! Please read this petition in full, so you can understand what I am asking from Minnesota lawmakers. Thank you! :)                            ATTENTION: Lawmakers of Minnesota I cannot win without the support from citizens, and I cannot win without you! I cannot move forward without your assistance and approval. I am humbly and respectfully asking, that after reading this petition, you greatly consider imposing Cameron Norris's Law into Minnesota homicide statutes, as a new Child Homicide Law. The American Standard on Murder There are criminal laws against murder! It is morally wrong! It is a forbidden act! It is a public wrong against society!  The Justice System Convicts and Punishes Those Who Commit Murder! 1.  Offender has an insufficient moral and ethical commitment to obey the law 2.  Offender’s lack of feeling, care and remorse for human life 3.  Acts on opportunity to commit a forbidden crime 4.  Offender believes they can avoid detection, arrest, and punishment 5.  Desire for illegal objective – planned and/or hidden motive  Lawmakers Duty to Get Involved! It's a lawmakers job to care about this! Cannot provide justice to children, without a law upholding it Lawmakers job to deter adults from committing this type of crime Kids are born to be loved, protected, and able to live a full productive life. Parents, and guardians, should not have to fear of someone killing their kid(s). Inflicts severe and lifelong trauma, emotional, and mental difficulties to victims’ parents. Our Needs From Lawmakers   To see the need for a child murder law  To see society's need for such law To uphold law and forbid homicide The want to deter child homicide The want to provide fair justice  We Need Cameron Norris Law Specific for adults, ages 18 and up, that murder children Specific to children, ages 0-17, who are fatally victimized.  Outline of Cameron Norris Law Offender is automatically charged with 1st degree homicide Offender has right to plead guilty or not guilty Offender has a right to lawyer and fair trial He/she will be found guilty or not guilty, in court of law. If found guilty, offender will be sentenced to life in prison  Plea Deal Sentence - Cameron Norris Law It is offender's choice to take plea deal 50 years max, 40 years min Possible parole, after 2/3rd of 40 min sentence is served (26 years) Offender can only reach parole in 26 years by compliance with all expectations of plea deal. Plea deal Expectations Offender is provided extensive, intense treatment, rehabilitation, goal training/managing. Offender must go through phase levels in a program, stay law abiding, and hold accountability for crime Plea deal can be forfeited by offender, by non-compliance with all expectations Offender will lose plea deal and serve life sentence  Why I am Not Fighting for The Death Penalty Minnesota’s death penalty law was abolished on April 22, 1911. Minnesota does not agree with the death penalty and will not enforce it. Therefore, I must respect this law.   My Story My name is Cynthia Sweats, and thank you for going over this petition. I am resident of Minnesota, and I am fighting for the rights of children that are fatally victimized and murdered by the hands of an adult. I have survived a tragic ordeal of losing Cameron to a homicide committed by an adult, that I greatly trusted as a close family friend. In honor of my sweet little boy, this law I am seeking, should be called "Cameron Norris Law".  What Happened to Cameron Samuel Christopher Jones, watched Cameron for me so I could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally beat Cameron to death on February 7, 2003. Jones was released March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years, of his 20 year sentence. Jones is sadly, a free man. I will never receive justice for Cameron's death, but my goal is to provide justice for other children fatally victimized at the hands of an adult.  In April of 2013, I had to begin a page on Facebook called Fighting for Cameron and Kids. I feel it is my duty to fight to enforce a child murder law.                           THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Help me in this fight for better laws to give justice to children. We need Cameron Norris's Law. SIGN the Petition & SHARE with everyone that you know. God Bless you! IMPORTANT LINKS FOR YOU TO KNOW  FACEBOOK: GO FUND ME: TWITTER: @2013FFCAK        

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Petition to Mary Courtney, Greg Abbott

KIPP illegally charged families hundreds of dollars in annual school fees!

KIPP Update! I used to be a strong KIPP supporter but I am not anymore. KIPP has charged me hundreds of dollars in annual optional fees that they said were required in violation of TEA law. KIPP is not complying with federal law regarding Special Needs children and the education my children have received at KIPP is worse than the schools that they came from. TEA just ruled last week that KIPP must return all fees that were taken illegally from parents over the years. If you know any parents who have been at any KIPP school in the Houston area, please have them contact me, Mary Courtney at 318-779-3420 or Here is my story. My family moved to Houston from Shreveport, Louisiana, in 2013 for better education for my children. My oldest son, goes to KIPP Liberation College Preparatory and my youngest son was going to KIPP PEACE Elementary School. I’ve been one of KIPP Houston's biggest advocates, even as I had to borrow money from relatives to keep up with payments to the charter school. I went to Austin during School Choice Week with Families Empowered, talking to lawmakers about why they should better fund charter schools with the intent of the house and senate representatives incorporating more oversite at the charter and private school level. I volunteered at the Kipp Liberation College Preparatory Campus, during the 2015-2016 school year. It was at that time that I discovered the TEA Public Hearing Video 12.7.16 from KIPP Houston and that I realized the fees that I was paying were supposed to be optional. This was something that wasn’t presented to me in this manner. - KIPP Liberation College Prep and KIPP PEACE Elementary -intentionally tied student fee to a payment plan at the time of registration. After finding out this information I reached out to several community leaders and other KIPP Houston parents who are now furious because they believe we were duped by the charter nonprofit system into paying for what we believe should be a free public education. - Mary CourtneyNEW UPDATES RE: • According to the Houston Chronicle June 29, 2017 Article by Shelby Webb: KIPP charges unallowable school fees, state agency finds. Some of its mostly low-income and minority families paid hundreds of dollars per student each year for things such as reading materials, student supplies, Kipp Through College, Library, accident insurance, extra technology and Kipp parent associations. This has happen at atleast seven location at underserve schools. • On July 19th at 4:53 p.m. I received confirmation from DeEtta at the Texas Education Agency Division of Communications. “Via email” DeEtta stated the TEA appointed Monitor (which is Molly Cordeau, ED.D. she can be reach at 832-330-9385) will spearhead reimbursement to the parents. KIPP is tasked with identifying and reimbursing the unallowable fees. Please let me know if you need anything else. DeEtta -- DeEtta Culbertson Texas Education Agency Division of Communications 512.463.9839 (desk) ISSUES: -KIPP (Eric Kot) stated in the June 29, 2017 Houston Chronicle article that, "no refunds were on the table at the executive level."-Since then Channel 2 has reached out to me confirming Eric Kot statement and will be doing an investigative story. One day during, the week of August 1st- August 4th Channel 2 is also willing to come out and interview with all parents that are wanting their money back and to hear any concern that the community leaders may have to say on this issue. Please comment below, share, do a video, etc. To bring awareness in this movement.For more information please contact Mary Courtney at or 318-779-3420.

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