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Petition to Rahm Emanuel, Anna Valencia, Brendan Reilly, Walter Burnett Jr

Lower the maximum temperature for which horse-drawn carriages are allowed to operate

As Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." There is no reason horses in the city of Chicago should have to pull people around in 90 degree weather. It is 88 degrees outside today and there are horse-carriages everywhere. The city of Chicago's current regulation on horse-carriages is that they can operate when the temperature gets up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I propose we lower the maximum temperature in which horse-carriages can operate to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a very reasonable request and it will help the animals out greatly. The city of Chicago needs to stop allowing these animals to suffer in the heat. There have been many instances where horses have died of heat stroke from hot summer heat and humidity. Horses may even suffer from dehydration. Horses can easily be overworked and this is even worse in very hot weather. Making horses carry heavy carriages around all day in hot weather borders animal abuse. The pavement gets much hotter than the air temperature. Horse's hooves will get damaged from the extremely hot temperatures of the pavement. Show you care by lowering the maximum temperature in which horse-carriages can operate in Chicago to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. We cannot condone animal cruelty in the city of Chicago.  Here are some links of incidents involving horse-carriages:

Aryana Thompson
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Petition to Holly Grange

Walk. Not ride. Stop carriage cruelty

As a local I enjoy walking Front St. and seeing the river on one side and local shops and restaurants on the other. It's a place I am proud to call home. However, that pride is shattered when straight down Market St. is a very public display of animal cruelty. Horse drawn carriages are a thing of the past. Their transportation is unnecessary in Wilmington NC. I grew up on a farm and I rode my first horse before I could walk. I understand and respect these animals and growing up I always remembered to put their needs before my own. After a trail ride you unsaddled your horse, rinsed off (hooves to back so their body temp. doesn't change too quickly) fed and watered them and put away their tack before leaving the barn. This went without hesitation because it was my job to look out for them. On our rides they looked out for me. Now, I am trying to look out for these horses. Even though they have on shoes, horses are naturally sensitive to hard surfaces.North Carolina Cruelty to Animal Statues 14-360 states that by definition "cruelty" and "cruel treatment" includes unjustifiable physical pain. A tourist attraction designed for a speechless and obedient horse to walk on 120 degree black pavement, past cars and through crowds of people in order for the owner to make money, is unjustifiable. To justify it would imply an animal can be pushed to it's limit. A limit that we as humans created for them. We decided what hurts and doesn't hurt them. So when is it considered unjustifiable? When the physical pain can be seen to the public eye though open wounds or showing ribs? Or is it when the long thick main is pushed back to reveal the eyes that are screaming for help? It's time to shut down the horse drawn carriage rides in Wilmington NC. It's time to help these horses find a life of peace.

Carrie Cavanaugh
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Petition to The Ephrata Police Dept has a FB page and their phone number is 717-738-9265, Richard Alloway, ,

Prosecute this Amish man in Ephrata, PA, Lancaster County for animal cruelty of horse!

A witness saw an Amish man beating his horse to the point of collapse on a street in Ephrata, PA on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. The horse was attached to a carriage filled with Watermelons and two adult men were riding it as well. When the horse was unable to pull the carriage by itself, one man stood next to the exhausted horse and beat it until it collapsed. The man continued to kick, hit, and pull on the helpless animal, as it appeared to be dying. The witness immediately called the police and they arrived at the scene. Police told the witness he was unsure if the outcome because the Amish are governed under a different law. Does this mean that the Amish community are exempt from prosecution for animal cruelty??? We must fight and demand that he be prosecuted under the same animal cruelty laws of the other citizens guilty of the same crime. Please sign this petition and contact the individuals listed on this petition to demand the prosecution of the man who did this. Demand that the laws do not allow anyone to be exempt from animal cruelty laws. Share this everyone in order to get enough signatures to put an end to this. We are the voices for the voiceless and without us they remain unprotected and vulnerable to continued abuse.

Laura A Valdes-Borsum
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Petition to Bill de Blasio


The PROBLEM, is that after their careers as Central Park carriage horses have concluded, when they're too old, when they've been juiced of all their usefulness, then many such horses face dubious, post-carriage-career fates, which include being "disappeared" into a world of Canadian and Mexican horse auctions; the winners of which auctions mostly see the horses to slaughter, to service the global horse-meat demand. The SOLUTION, is that the current and eventual whereabouts of NYC carriage horses be more closely monitored by NYC's Department of Health, and that the horses not be allowed to be "disappeared" for yet additional profit after having already provided their owners with prime years of profitable service (and that such be made conditions of the carriage operators being licensed to operate).  AND, that a percentage of every fare paid for an NYC carriage ride go toward the relevant horse's eventual retirement and upkeep; so they can live out the remainder of their lives in the work-free, slaughter-free fashion they have earned. A reminder, is that the natural lifespan of a horse is 25-30 years. Some economic CONTEXT, is that the average NYC horse-drawn carriage ride runs between $50 to $100.  If just 5% to 10% of those transactions were to be siphoned into a withheld fund for the carriage horse's eventual retirement, then... well, you can see how easily this idealistic notion could become a realistic one. The most streamlined scenario would see one dedicated farm/sanctuary/retirement home for all of the Central Park carriage horses to be homed within, when their beastly pulling years've ended; with that destination being directly funded by the slender percentages siphoned from the fares.  It could, for instance, be located somewhere in upstate New York.  Personally, I feel the best location would be somewhere within massive Central Park, itself; which would make the retirement home an attractive destination for parkgoers, who would flock to see the retired carriage horses finally freely graze and roam; and which would place the carriage horse retirement home in the same league of destinational esteem as the Central Park Zoo, Carousel, Museum of Natural History, and Conservatory Pond. After a morning of often hectic, thankless drudgery, we New Yorkers love to reward ourselves with a slice, at lunch; after forty or fifty years of surviving such bustle as that of this city, we New Yorkers tend to reward ourselves with retirement to such locations as Florida.  Equines are the furnaces of the animal kingdom.  No New Yorker is amid more bustle, daily, and works harder within it, than do NYC carriage horses; let's provide them fair reward for what is a blatant burden.      

Ring Alexander
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