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Petition to Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

Keep the Sacramento County partnership going with Saint John's Program for Real Change.

Please ask the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to continue its 15-year partnership with Saint John's Program for Real Change. The most recent homeless count released in July 2017 found 3,665 people living without permanent shelter in Sacramento County and 2,000 of those people living outside. The total number of homeless was the highest number the county has ever recorded. Yet, homeless women and children are most often invisible, go unaccounted for and yet are the most vulnerable. Saint John's Program for Real Change believes that homelessness is a symptom of a variety of multiple and complex issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional and mental health challenges and multi-generational poverty. Saint John’s believes in unleashing the human potential of women and children. The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates it costs taxpayers $50,000-$150,0000 to support a homeless person in the system; Sutter Health estimates it costs county taxpayers $49,000 to support a homeless individual in the system.  Saint John’s spends an average of $14,000 annually to support an individual moving from homelessness to independence.  By moving people up and out of the system, Saint John’s approach makes room for more people to be served while saving Sacramento County taxpayers millions of dollars.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach; just as there are multiple pathways which lead to homelessness, multiple pathways must be employed to support those attempting to exit homelessness. Thank you for your support!

Saint John's Program for Real Change
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Petition to Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, California State Senate, California State House, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Kevin McCarthy, Hillary Clinton, Doug LaMalfa, Connie Leyva, Donald Wagner, Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, Department of Veterans Affairs, Zoe Lofgren, Human Rights Campaign, Department of Education, Michelle Obama, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Maxine Waters, Xavier Becerra, Young Kim, Tom Young, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Kamala Harris, Melissa Melendez, Melania Trump, Karen Pence, Rex W. Tillerson, Mike Pence

Unhomeless the Homeless in California

Declare Homelessness State of Emergency in California L.A. County Homeless On any given night, there are over 135,000 homeless people in California - 23% of the entire nation’s homeless population. Counties across the state are facing a pervasive and deepening homeless crisis that imminently endangers the health and safety of tens of thousands of residents, including veterans, women, children, LGBT, youth, persons with disabilities and seniors.  Los Angeles County at least 88,000 men, women and children -- 8,000 to 10,000 in Downtown Los Angeles alone -- are without homes. There are beds for less than half of the homeless in Los Angeles county, comprehensive services are available to far fewer than half, and the county jails are routinely used as a substitution for mental health facilities. Nowhere is this more evident than in Los Angeles County at least 88,000 men, women and children -- 8,000 to 10,000 in Downtown, including more than 6,000 parents and children in the San Fernando Valley alone -- are without homes. There are beds for less than one third of the homeless in Los Angeles county, comprehensive services are available to far fewer than half, and the county jails are routinely used as a substitution for mental health facilities.  In Los Angeles county the tremendous scale of homelessness threatens the economic stability of the entire region by burdening emergency medical services and the social services infrastructure. It is time to treat this crisis like the emergency it truly is.  The increasing numbers of displaced homeless people and the lack of ongoing resources to stably re-house them require immediate and extraordinary action. That is why We in LA County are taking the lead in a statewide effort to ask Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency in California to address this growing humanitarian crisis. Please join us! Sign our petition urging to declare the homeless crisis a state of emergency and bring the concerted effort and resources needed to tackle this crisis in a meaningful way.  Homelessness, Humanitarianism, Social justice, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Homeless crisis, Affordable housing, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Right to Live Free of prejudice. No human in our country should be homeless. Let's take the first step together. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.  Then Share this petition with your friends on social media to spread the word even further. Thank you for your support.

Lori Jean Siebers
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Petition to Grand Rapids City Commision

Stop Anti-Free Speech Ordinance in Grand Rapids

First ward commissioner Dave Shaffer has signaled his intent to introduce a new ordinance prohibiting panhandling in the city of Grand Rapids between 5 and 7pm city wide and AT ALL TIMES on specific corners.  That's right the city has selected several corners where free speech rights simply do not apply. Keep in mind individuals soliciting for businesses will still be allowed to wave placards, and distract drivers to their hearts content. This comes almost three years after a panhandling ban that was declared unconstitutional cost the city almost 50 thousand dollars in a legal settlement. This time the city thinks it can hide away the poor and strip us all of our free speech rights under the guise of pedestrian safety.  The proposed ordinance opens the city up to fresh legal challenges, limits our free speech rights, further stigmatizes our most vulnerable neighbors and does nothing to address the majority of pedestrian vehicle accidents. The city commission will discuss this matter on December the 12th at 7pm - please attend and tell our city leaders we don't approve of limiting free speech rights in an effort to push our most vulnerable citizens further into the shadows. Additionally please contact your city commissioners.    First Ward CommissionerDave Shafferdshaffer@grcity.usPhone: 456-3855 First Ward Commissioner Jon O'Connorjoconnor@grcity.usPhone: 456-3035  Second Ward CommissionerJoseph D. Phone: 456-3858 Second Ward CommissionerRuth E. Kelly Biography >> Phone: 456-3035 Third Ward CommissionerSenita Phone: 456-3035   Third Ward Commissioner David Allendcallen@grcity.usPhone: 456-3035  

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