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Petition to Sajid Javid, The Home Office

I've lived in the Uk since I was 8/I'm 31/I have 2 kids born here/Please don't deport me

I'm David Sieni I am an Artist / Actor / Pulic Speaker from London. I moved to the UK from Cameroon when I was 8 years old and I have never left the Country. I grew up here, attended school here, my Mother who is a German citizenship also resides here as do my 2 children.  My passport was taken away when I went to prison over 10 years ago, and although I have been out for 3 years nothing has happened since that date to make me a UK citizen. Infact the Home Office have already tried to deport me once and failed. I have been in Limbo ever since, unable to work or provide for my family.  I may have made mistakes in the past but I am a reformed character that now helps young people (and people in general) not to make the same mistakes that I did. I do  talks in Schools, Colleges, Uni’s and Prisons. My probation team are very happy with how I am doing and I have not been in any kind of trouble since my release 3 years ago. I am in in 2 films coming out this year, one of which is Bafta Nominated and my music career is very much taking off. I was supposed to be going on a European tour at the end of August, which as of now cannot go ahead. I was told by the current officer (Home Office) dealing with my case (over 2 months ago) that my case was next on the list to be dealt with and there would be a decision made on my citizenship ASAP. The very same woman has informed me today in her eyes I am a Foreign National Criminal and I should make arrangements to leave the Country.  There is a Civil War in Cameroon and all of my Family are here, my children are here.. Please don't let them deport me.. 

David Sieni
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Petition to home office, Sajid Javid, Theresa May MP

Make the UK Home Office visa application process fair & transparent

********* UPDATE 2 AUG ********* After waiting 14 months for my UK visa application without a single update, today it was refused. I now have a matter of days to leave the country I love, my partner I love, our dog & friends behind. I have also been refused the right to appeal from the UK, and my passport has been confiscated and will be sent directly to the airport where I will be met by immigration officers. Worst of all - The Home Office used incorrect information in their refusal letter.Please read our story below & support this petition so that we can raise awareness for cases like ours, and the thousands of others who are also being affected at the hands of the Home Office.Click here to instantly tweet to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid and ask him to overturn their decision. ------------------------------ Hi, we are Rusty and Stephen. We met on Tinder in 2014 whilst living and working in London. Over the last 4 years, we've dated, lived together, and travelled the world, and in the last 14 months, have settled down to start the rest of our lives in the place that feels like home for us both - the UK.So what's the problem? Well, Rusty's Australian. Our application was submitted on the 28th June 2017 - Well over 1 year ago, and to date, no update have been provided to the status of our application from the Home Office.When we've asked what's happening with our visa application, we have always been met with the same answer -"We are unable to advise when a decision will be made but you will be notified in writing once made. Until such time, we are unable to assist further."It is difficult to get on with our lives. But this petition isn't just about us. Things need to change for everyone affected. If you’re in this position of waiting, you have no feeling of belonging, you're restricted on work, and you can't travel overseas.In light of the recent Windrush Scandal, we have become inspired and request that the UK Home Office visa application process is fair & transparent. What does that mean exactly?We want all visa applicants to: Be able to request & receive an update on the status of their visa application. IE: Where is it in the system, and how long until a decision will be made. Have a direct point of contact within the Home Office for updates on visa applications. Not feel intimidated by confronting the Home Office. The UK Home Office has always been an impenetrable organisation, they are playing with people's lives, and this lack of communication makes us feel as though they could be intentionally delaying visa applications to satisfy targets. If you have a pending visa application, then you have the right to speak up against the Home Office and seek the information you deserve. Together, we can make the UK visa application process fair & transparent for everyone. Please sign this petition. Follow Rusty on Twitter for updates. PRESS COVERAGE:

Rusty Goodall
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Petition to home office

Don't break up our family

I am an Australian citizen an I met my wife Lisa (British Citizen) in Australia when she was travelling, We fell in love but due to her visa expiring I couldn't bare to let her go so I left Australia and came over to the UK with her. We eventually got married in the UK and not long after found out we were having a baby. I travelled back and fourth from Australia and the UK during the pregnancy which was very hard on both of us. Our son Ellis was born in July 2016 after a complicated birth in which Lisa needed an emergency caesarean and Ellis needed to be resuscitated several times and had a stay in the neonatal unit. We shortly after applied for Further Leave to Remain on the grounds of compassionate circumstances, Nearly a year later we got the refusal letter for my visa and the home office deeming there weren't compassionate enough circumstances as my wife's family were here and could support her and my son (which they can't because they have medical issues) and she could leave her job and claim benefits to support her and my son, which is just backwards thinking to me, if they were to grant me a visa I would be able to work, pay taxes, support my family and she would not be reliant of benefits. Since I have been here I have not been able to work to support my family and have been at home with our son full time which has been great to get that bond with him but has left it up to my wife who has had to go back to work when our son was 7 months old to support us as we where struggling financially with visa, solicitor, barrister and appeal costs, this has also had a detrimental effect on her relationship with our son as she already had post natal depression after giving birth to our son after a traumatic labour. We have since found out that we are expecting our second child in March 2019 which is amazing but also adds a whole lot more complications to our situation. After we received our refusal we appealed the decision and received a court date in March 2018, the build up to this was very stressful as you can imagine, We attended the court date only to be told the home office did not come prepared for our case so the court was adjourned until August 2018. We are so scared that our family is going to be torn apart and my wife is going to be on her own again with our 2 year old son and pregnant. Our son also has autism which is a developmental disorder that makes him very anxious and have many meltdowns where he can't cope with daily tasks so this can be very hard to cope with. All we have ever wanted since we have been together in these 3 years is to be happy and be able to go on with our daily life without the stress of not knowing if our family is going to be able to stay together. Please support our family by supporting our page and in pur fight to keep our family together.

Ryan Grosvenor
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Petition to Sajid Javid MP, Caroline Nokes MP, home office

Save my family being torn apart from deportation

The UK has been our home for almost 14 years. It’s where we’ve lived, worked, studied and laid down our roots. But now we are being threatened by a deportation that could tear our whole family apart. I live with my parents and two younger sisters in Edinburgh. My parents and I are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago whilst my two sisters are American. This means that if we are deported, my sisters would be separated from my parents and me. They could be sent to the U.S. where we have no home, no friends and no relatives. Splitting the family apart would be heartbreaking, traumatic and inhumane. My sister and I are currently in the process of completing a degree whilst my youngest sister is in her last year of secondary school. If we are made to leave the UK, we won’t be able to finish the education that we have worked so hard for. We’ve been living here legally on visas for 14 years, but it’s becoming increasingly expensive and we simply can’t afford the fees. It now costs around £7,000 for the whole family, which must be paid every two and a half years when the visas need to be renewed. Due to our visa status the family has not been able to keep permanent jobs, which has put us in a difficult financial situation and meant we simply cannot afford to pay the visa fees this time around. My sisters and I have spent more than half of our lives in the UK, yet we feel like we’re being treating as illegal immigrants by the Home Office, after we were summoned to go to a police station this month. It has left us feeling worried and insecure about our futures. We have applied to have our fees waived but the Home Office has rejected our application. Please sign this petition so that my family and I can stay together in the UK.

Rene Dipnarine
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