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Petition to Mike Gapes MP, John McDonnell, Amber Rudd MP, Sadiq Khan

URGENT: End the detention of Syed.

My friend Syed is currently being detained at Harmondsworth Immigration Centre. His home is here in the UK - this is where his close network of family and friends are, and where he feels safe and free from fear and persecution. Syed is a kind hearted and warm man who has been living in the UK for years with his family prior to being forced into detention. Syed was first detained at Brook House – the centre where earlier this year, BBC Panorama released a documentary recorded by a former staff member, which documented the abuses and injustices that were taking place inside – previously unreported to the outside world. Detainees were told to ‘F***k off back to your own country’ by staff members, and officers were recorded laughing and jeering whilst a detainee cut himself in front of them. Syed has been moved multiple times, but is currently being held at Harmondsworth Immigration Centre – a dirty, overcrowded and underfunded centre. He risks being forcibly removed at any moment. At the time of writing, Syed has been detained for 11 months. Detention centres are not designed for the long term and the conditions are having an impact on both his mental and physical health. The UK is the only country in the European Union which does not have a time limit on depriving people of their freedom; those like Syed who are not able to leave Britain are being kept in detention indefinitely. I’m sure that every person reading this can empathise; not knowing when you will be free is deeply traumatic. Syed never complains, he's always asking about others and cares for the other people being held in detention. He often supports his friends at Harmondsworth by acting as a translator for those who speak little English and are being denied basic care. Syed had been creating a life for himself in the UK for a long time before his detention, he has lots of friends and family and had hoped to go to college to study Business Management. Syed has no convictions or cases against him, and has caused no trouble in detention. Despite this, he has been refused asylum and continues to be held in detention. Please sign this petition calling on the UK Home Office to release Syed from detention and to halt any attempts at deportation/removal with immediate effect. A quote from Syed – ‘They think I am worse than an animal, is it my fault that I just want to have a life free from fear?’

Sophie Beech
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Petition to Theresa May, Karin Smyth, Johnny Mercer, UK Parliament

Change the requirements for Spousal Visas to the U.K. And the exorbitant fees charged.

I am an American citizen who previously had indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the U.K. I am married to a British Citizen and I have two British children. Our family has been resident in the US for 8 years. Despite every effort to maintain my ILR, this was lost in 2012. My wife's parents are 85 and 80. Her father is disabled and her mother has Parkinson's disease. We want to move back to the U.K. to care for them and to have our children educated in the country of their birth. I applied for a returning resident visa. I was resident in the U.K. from 1998 to 2009 and paid Tax and N.I. in the UK for over 10 years. My application for a returning resident visa was rejected by the U.K. Commission in New York. This summer we returned to the UK as we have done almost every year for the past 8 years to visit with family, friends and work colleagues. I was offered work as a scenic artist for the Welsh National Opera. We contacted an immigration lawyer who advised us we could qualify for Further Leave to Remain under Family and Private Life - FLR (FP). We applied for this, at a cost of £1500, to the Premium Service Center in Cardiff on Aug 14th, 2017. We were supposed to have been given a response within 24 hrs. It took the Home Office over 3 weeks to make a decision on our case. They rejected it. In their rejection letter they falsely claimed that we did not qualify because our children had not been resident in the U.K. for 7 years. The law clearly states that we would have qualified for an exception because our children are British Citizens. We immediately got on to our local MP who contacted the Home Office. The Home Office admitted in writing that they made an error, but refused to reverse their decision. They are insisting on taking us to the court of appeals. The appeals process takes on average 48 weeks. We simply cannot afford to wait this long. During this time I would not have the right to work or travel and our entire family would have no recourse to public funds. I have already been out of work for 3 months despite having a standing job offer from a reputable UK company. What the Home Office expects of us is for me to return to the US while my wife gets a job which pays £18,600/year. She would need to have been on PAYE for a min of 6 months, or have been Self-employed for 12 months, before she can sponsor me on a Spousal Visa. This means she must hold this job whilst caring full-time for her two children as a single mum. She will be unable to care for her aging parents. Ironically my wife's parents are of an age, and socio-economic background that they probably voted for Brexit. But I don't think they ever imagined that it would lead to the Draconian Immigration Laws the UK Government has passed in recent months. Of course if I do return to the US, I will loose my right to appeal. Please help us to change the broken Immigration system in the UK. There has been a clear over-reaction in the wake of Brexit and a sensible immigration policy that allows British Citizens and their families the right to a Family and Private Life in the U.K. must be implemented.        

Rajesh Westerberg
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Amber Rudd MP, Brandon Lewis MP

Grant Annette the visa she is entitled to as my fiancée.

Grant Annette the visa she is entitled to. My fiancée, Annette, came to the UK in 2010. She is originally from Malaysia, a country where she is legally a second class citizen as she is not a Malay Muslim. As a teenager she wrote articles criticising the authorities on websites that were later blocked. She was chosen for National Service during which she was sexually abused. Seeing the way things were going, her father sent her to study in the UK against her own will. She has achieved a 2.1 Bachelor of Law from the University of Hertfordshire. She is also an extraordinarily talented musician, who has been played on BBC Radio. She is very active in the local community lending her skills as an artist and multi-instrumentalist. I suffer from from functional neurological disorder, which causes me to shake badly, and gives me difficulties standing up and walking. Annette is my carer, and without her, I would struggle to live a normal life. I would not be able to accompany her, because I would not be able to meet the costs of healthcare in Malaysia, and would have no legal right to stay there regardless. If Annette was forced to return to Malaysia she would not be truly free to practice her own Christian faith. A church she attended was bombed by fundamentalists while she was still in Malaysia. She would not be allowed to proselytise or speak openly about her faith, she would not be allowed to sing about it in public (because it gives her so much joy), and any slight action seen as undermining Islam as the official religion would have her fined and imprisoned. While at the University of Hertfordshire, she heard from her father how hard things were getting. He was sacked for no reason other than not being a Malay Muslim, and left without any means of supporting himself. People of her ethnicity have been shot in the streets. Her lecturers (one of whom was from Malaysia) told her that "there is no rule of law in Malaysia," and that if she were to continue singing openly about her faith and writing subversive articles, she would face dire consequences. The lecturer from Malaysia who told Annette this asked not to be quoted or contacted, for fear of reprisals. She was terrified of returning to Malaysia. After talking to friends they recommended that she make a claim for asylum, which she did in late November 2013. I only found out about this two months later. I first met her in October 2013. When I first met her, she was such a different person. The years have not been kind to her; she now suffers from frequent panic attacks, suicidal tendencies and nightmares about where she grew up, and has been diagnosed with PTSD. Annette has made multiple attempts to take her life as a result of what she has suffered, often with myself having to wrench knives, pills, bleach etc. out of her hands. Her claim was rejected in 2015. An appeal was lodged in the same year, but also rejected. The judge not only did not read all the case notes, he discarded evidence and would not review witnesses that had been submitted into the hearing via the correct procedures. Our solicitor recommended that we try a different approach, that is to claim for a "leave to remain on family grounds" visa. We are in an honest relationship, having been engaged to be married since May 2014. The Home Office constantly rejects this fact, in spite of us fulfilling all the criteria for leave to remain on family grounds. Quoted in the Home Office's OWN RULES: "The requirements for leave to remain as a partner are set out in section R-LTRP of Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. However, for the purposes of this section, a "partner" is defined in paragraph GEN.1.2. of Appendix FM as the applicant's spouse, civil partner, fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner, or a person who has been living together with the applicant in a relationship akin to a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years prior to the date of application." Yet in spite of us sending the Home Office reams of information confirming that we have been engaged since May 2014 (in the way of engagement cards, photos and testimonies from friends and local people of good standing), we keep getting rejection after rejection after rejection. We are an honest couple from the northwest of England, just like millions of others, wanting to make our best in the world. Instead, we have been constantly held back by the incompetence of the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration. I ask that the Home Office grant Annette a Leave to Remain on Family Grounds visa that she should have been granted according to their own rules. ------ If you wish to listen to Annette's compositions, please visit ----- Articles regarding attacks on churches: ------ Regarding the state of human rights in Malaysia:

Seán Walker
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