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Petition to Home Depot

Home Depot: Stop selling deadly paint strippers

No family should lose a loved one because of deadly chemicals. But more than 60 families across the U.S. have lost loved ones to a dangerous chemical called methylene chloride. It’s found in paint strippers on the shelves of The Home Depot and other stores. Exposure can kill within minutes. Long-term exposure to methylene chloride has been linked to liver toxicity, liver cancer, and lung cancer.  And another common paint stripper chemical called N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) can have dangerous effects if women of childbearing age or pregnant women use it. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has warned that just one day of exposure to NMP can cause miscarriage or fetal death. NMP is also linked to decreased birth weight and other fetal developmental effects. Last January, the EPA proposed banning methylene chloride and NMP in paint strippers, but the agency has yet to act. Since then, at least four more people have died from using paint strippers with methylene chloride. They left behind mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends.   This May, after more than 200,000 people signed petitions like this one to Lowe’s, that company committed to stop selling paint strippers with these dangerous chemicals by the end of 2018.  But Lowe’s top competitor The Home Depot is still refusing to act.  There’s just no good reason for retailers like The Home Depot to continue selling products containing these chemicals — especially when safer alternatives are readily available. If you agree that home improvement stores shouldn’t sell dangerous chemicals, please join us in calling on The Home Depot to ban the sale of toxic paint strippers now.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
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Petition to Robert Niblock, CEO, Lowe’s

Lowe’s: Stop selling deadly paint strippers

No family should have to lose a loved one because of deadly chemicals. Period. Our son Drew garnered attention with his quick wit, booming voice and incredible smile. When he loved something, he put his full heart into it and did so with focus. His establishment of a coffee business from the ground up with a friend is a perfect example. Drew loved every second of refining his craft and building his business. In October 2017, the lives of family and friends who knew and loved Drew took a dramatic turn. In a trip to Lowe’s to buy some paint stripper to re-finish a floor in his coffee plant, Drew purchased the chemical that killed him. The next day, he was found collapsed on the floor. The coroner’s autopsy report found that toxic methylene chloride fumes from the paint stripper were to blame.  To this day, you can walk into Lowe’s and buy the same product that killed Drew—plus numerous others containing the same chemical. So we’re partnering with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families to start a petition to get this dangerous chemical off store shelves. Drew isn’t alone. According to reports from OSHA and other sources, paint strippers containing methylene chloride have been linked to more than 50 deaths nationwide since 1980. Scientists have linked long-term exposure to this chemical to liver toxicity, liver cancer, and lung cancer. Last year, the EPA proposed banning methylene chloride and another chemical called NMP in paint strippers, but the agency has yet to act. In Europe methylene chloride was banned in paint strippers in 2012. The EU is also considering banning NMP, which is harmful to women of childbearing age. Lowe’s is still selling these dangerous products even though there are safer alternatives. How many more people have to die before retailers like Lowe’s take action?  If you agree that home improvement stores shouldn’t sell dangerous chemicals, please join us in calling on Lowe’s to END their sales of deadly paint strippers now.

Cindy and Hal Wynne & Safer Chemicals Healthy Families
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Petition to Darcel D. Clark, James A. McCarty, United States Attorney's Office, Eric Schneiderman, Fight Against NYC Consumer Fraud, Andrew Cuomo (Governor of New York State)

Exposing Joseph Armato and his Cronies for the Exploitation of Tragedy Victims

Joseph J. Armato is president / owner of Nationwide Contracting and Consulting, Venetian Contracting, Inc (previously Executive Adjustment Bureau / Metropolitan Restoration Inc. / Tri-County Construction Corporation) and has affiliation with public adjuster group Adjustrite.  Frank J. Cucinella is the "construction foreman".  Laurine Armato is a "project manager".  Homayra Ferrando is an "construction representative / assistant".  Nilsa Caraballo-Rivera is the previous "office manager", while Patricia Abreu is the current.  Jazmine Ferrando, Homayra's sister, works the front desk.  Tina Ciotola is on board as well.  Adjustrite staff include: Kevin M. Taylor, Brett D. Joseph, John H. Capriles, Michele Rossi, Maribel Figeroa,and Michael Castellano.  They also work with Deanna Huaman, Tri-State Adjustment, and Michael Molindrone.   Mr. Armato, along with some of the others attended the Sobelsohn School which is a profit making institution located in a residential building and is NOT accredited by the New York State Department of Education NOR the Middlestates Association of Colleges and Schools.  These people along with various other architects, engineers, subcontractors, attorneys, and insurance companies are involved an ELABORATE SCHEME that has committed and seeks to commit fraud on consumers.  Specifically, after one is a victim of a disaster such as a fire, shortly thereafter you sign on with a public adjuster (either Armato himself or adjusters from Adjustrite).  These public adjusters are present the day of or morning after the fire and wear two hats; "public insurance adjuster" and "home improvement salesperson" - CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  They subsequently encourage victims to sign on with Armato’s company as the primary contractor – THEFT BY DECEPTION.  THERE IS NO INTENTION OF ACTUALLY COMPLETING THE PROJECT.  It is delayed through various means, and repair jobs are not complete yet the company retains the majority if not all of the insurance settlement – INSURANCE FRAUD. During this process there is harassment, threats, intimidation, extortion, property destruction, and breaking and entering.  Checks will be cashed without the homeowners knowledge AND the entire insurance claim benefit will be GONE before the homeowner (policyholder) will know it.   Significant damage is sustained throughout - mold, vandalism, and pipes broke.  More insurance claims are filed while clients are dropped from their plans, unable to get new insurance plans.   His business practices have resulted in extensive wealth (money and property) for himself and associates, while the consumers have become HOMELESS and destitute.  A similar sequence of events has happened to over 1,000 people and there is NOT A SINGLE SATISFIED CUSTOMER.  He also doesn't have a single satisfied wife as he is going through his second divorce.  Below are supporting references to this claim.  Business practices should be thoroughly investigated as he is in violation of certain city, state, and/or federal laws. HERE IS THE INDEPENDENT SOURCE VERIFICATION:STATE FARM INSURANCE DETAILS THE FRAUDULENT SCHEME The Journal News - Westchester County New York TIMES DESCRIBES CHURCH BEING RIPPED OFF  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS NY STATE GOVERNMENT ILLUSTRATES THE GROSS ILLEGAL ACTIVITYBronx Times Article #1 NYS Dept Finance Complaints Against Adjustrite JOSEPH ARMATO AND WIFE ACCUSED OF INSURANCE FRAUD RipOff Report Complaint #1 RipOff Report Complaint #2RipOff Report Complaint #3Yonkers Consumer Protection FOIL ComplaintWestchester Consumer Protection FOIL Complaint #1Westchester Consumer Protection FOIL Complaint #2Westchester Consumer Protection FOIL Complaint #3Westchester Consumer Protection FOIL Complaint #4 Independent Review along with some AstroTurf  Scam Exposure Complaint #1Scam Exposure Complaint #2 NYC Consumer Affairs Case One NYC Consumer Affairs Case Two NYC Consumer Affairs Case Three NYC Consumer Affairs Case Four NYC Consumer Affairs Reinstates License AFTER revoking PRINCE JOFFER HAS BLOGGED DETAILS OF COURT COMPLAINTS Independent Review By Marta Kahn Bronx Times Article #2 "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. UPDATE November 14, 2012Since the freedom of information internet campaign started, the main characters from Adjustrite, Nationwide / Venetian Contracting have replied with a faulty internet campaign of their own.  Please note that there are no official company websites.  Each one of the key players has made a “brand yourself” page.   They apparently have hired one or more internet companies to help repair an undeserved reputation, mostly through the use of dummy internet text and copying some of my posts with their own UNTRUTHFUL modifications.  What doesn’t come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse.  No lie lives forever.  Consumers are in NEED of legitimate protection!  UPDATE June 15, 2013  New York State Senate Passes Klein Bill to Stop Home Insurance ScamsSenator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) said, “Public Adjusters, by definition, should act on behalf of the public, not on behalf of their own pocketbook. Unfortunately, we’ve found that this is not always the case. That’s why I’m proud that we passed legislation ensuring that homeowners get the protection they deserve. Families like the Marsh family, who brought this issue to my attention, will no longer be victims to this type of coordinated scheming.”

Prince Joffer
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