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Petition to United States Congress

Don’t take away funding to teach school kids about the Holocaust

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate crimes have spiked across our country since last November. Now, more than ever, our public school students need access to programming that encourages tolerance and understanding for all people. When students take a field trip to Holocaust museums and Holocaust resource centers to meet Holocaust survivors, a powerful connection is made and never forgotten. There is no better way to fight anti-Semitism and racism than to learn the lessons of the past -- and see first-hand -- where racism and religious intolerance ultimately leads. This kind of public school programming is now under attack. Through House Bill 610, Congress and the Trump Administration wants to allow the Department of Education to turn essential federal funds into so-called “block grants” that can be used for whatever a particular state wants to do. If we are serious about educating our young people, the future citizens of our nation, about tolerance and acceptance of all Americans -- we need to prioritize and protect funding for programs like these. Our children and country need these educational experiences more than ever -- Jews and other minorities are under threat in our country -- with attacks, vandalism, or phoned bomb threats reported almost on a daily basis. If you believe tolerance and understanding is stronger than hate, sign and share this petition today. Tell Congress and Secretary DeVos to protect the Holocaust education funding that our public school students is needed now, more than ever.

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Petition to Hollands Kroon, Provincie Noord Holland, De Nederlandse staat

Save the Jewish Work Village Slootdorp- Netherlands

  On February 23 rd. , 1934, the “Foundation Jewish labor” was established in Amsterdam. It was set up for young German and Austrian Jewish refugees to learn a trade before emigration. The Work Camp Slootdorp- Nieuwe Sluis was officially opened on October 3, 1934. The “Werkdorp” ( Work Camp ) was a training facility " Hachshara" for Young Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria were they learnt craftmanships and agriculture before emigrating to " Palestine". After finishing the 2 year study most of the young people went abroad, but not necessarily to Palestine. Until May 1940 about half of the inhabitants went to Palestine, the other half to other countries.On March 20 rd. ,1941, the Nazis raided the Werkdorp and took 210 of the 300 students to Amsterdam. About 60 students were allowed to stay behind in Wieringen to close the village. 191 of the young men and women of that group never returned and were murdered mainly in Mauthausen. A group of 56 young men and women was taken from mauthausen to the Castle of Hartheim in Austria were some of the first experiments were carried out with gas for mass annihilation.names The site has had several new users and purposes after the war, with amongst them a training center for Dutch farmers, a university branch of the University of Wageningen, a boarding school, and art exhibition. The building was declared a monument ( A Dutch Heritage Site ) several years ago. In 2009 it was purchased by a Dutch real Estate developer that intends to place 300 work migrants in and around the monumental building. Just imagine the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam being used in the evenings and weekends by 300 young people that have no place for entertainment and recreation other than the House itself. The foundation's vision and plans are to turn the monument into a museum, an exhibition location, a cultural centre with art from WW2 artists, a seminar centre for education about the holocaust, a centre for seminars and training on tolerance, and a laboratory for dynamic biological agriculture. Also it will serve as a centre for culture and education for the local community with facilities for presentations, workshops, trainings, movie screening, and art exhibitions. The site will be included in tours of the area by bus tour operators that originate from Amsterdam and other major cities. Jewish and Non-Jewish tourists can visit the site as part of a joint program with the Jewish Museum of Amsterdam. The foundation was set up by members of the Jewish community from Alkmaar and local neighbours. Your signature or contribution will help us to acquire the  monumental building or rent the building from the owner until sufficient funds will be available to purchase the monument. Now an official Dutch " ANBI' Culture foundation Donations are Tax deductible  

Joods Werkdorp Slootdorp
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