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Petition to Hollands Kroon, Provincie Noord Holland, De Nederlandse staat

Save the Jewish Work Village Slootdorp- Netherlands

  On February 23 rd. , 1934, the “Foundation Jewish labor” was established in Amsterdam. It was set up for young German and Austrian Jewish refugees to learn a trade before emigration. The Work Camp Slootdorp- Nieuwe Sluis was officially opened on October 3, 1934. The “Werkdorp” ( Work Camp ) was a training facility " Hachshara" for Young Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria were they learnt craftmanships and agriculture before emigrating to " Palestine". After finishing the 2 year study most of the young people went abroad, but not necessarily to Palestine. Until May 1940 about half of the inhabitants went to Palestine, the other half to other countries.On March 20 rd. ,1941, the Nazis raided the Werkdorp and took 210 of the 300 students to Amsterdam. About 60 students were allowed to stay behind in Wieringen to close the village. 191 of the young men and women of that group never returned and were murdered mainly in Mauthausen. A group of 56 young men and women was taken from mauthausen to the Castle of Hartheim in Austria were some of the first experiments were carried out with gas for mass annihilation.names The site has had several new users and purposes after the war, with amongst them a training center for Dutch farmers, a university branch of the University of Wageningen, a boarding school, and art exhibition. The building was declared a monument ( A Dutch Heritage Site ) several years ago. In 2009 it was purchased by a Dutch real Estate developer that intends to place 300 work migrants in and around the monumental building. Just imagine the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam being used in the evenings and weekends by 300 young people that have no place for entertainment and recreation other than the House itself. The foundation's vision and plans are to turn the monument into a museum, an exhibition location, a cultural centre with art from WW2 artists, a seminar centre for education about the holocaust, a centre for seminars and training on tolerance, and a laboratory for dynamic biological agriculture. Also it will serve as a centre for culture and education for the local community with facilities for presentations, workshops, trainings, movie screening, and art exhibitions. The site will be included in tours of the area by bus tour operators that originate from Amsterdam and other major cities. Jewish and Non-Jewish tourists can visit the site as part of a joint program with the Jewish Museum of Amsterdam. The foundation was set up by members of the Jewish community from Alkmaar and local neighbours. Your signature or contribution will help us to acquire the  monumental building or rent the building from the owner until sufficient funds will be available to purchase the monument. Now an official Dutch " ANBI' Culture foundation Donations are Tax deductible  

Joods Werkdorp Slootdorp
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Petition to Angela Merkel (CDU), Paolo Gentiloni, Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Turnbull, Beata Szydlo, António Costa, Sorin Grindeanu, Dmitry Medvedev, Aleksandar Vučić, Robert Fico, Miro Cerar, Mariano Rajoy, Stefan Löfven, Doris Leuthard, Binali Yıldırım, Volodymyr Groysman, Theresa May, Tabaré Vázquez, Juha Sipilä, Bernard CAZENEUVE, Donald Trump, Edi Rama, Mauricio Macri, Christian Kern, Andrei Kobyakov, Charles Michel, Denis Zvizdić, Michel Temer, Boyko Borissov, Andrej Plenković, Nicos Anastasiades, Bohuslav Sobotka, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Juri Ratas, Angela Merkel, Alexis Tsipras, Viktor Orbán, Enda Kenny, Benjamin Netanyahu, Paolo Gentiloni, Maris Kucinskis, Saulius Skvernelis, Xavier Bettel, Emil Dimitriev, Joseph Muscat, Pavel Filip, Duško Marković, Mark Rutte, Erna Solberg

Justice for Holocaust Survivors: Property Restitution

Petition / עצומה / Pétition  As the population of Holocaust survivors diminishes, I ask your government to ensure justice for Holocaust survivors, their families, and for Jewish communities, whose property was wrongfully taken from them by the Nazis and their allies and by subsequent Communist governments. ככל שאוכלוסיית ניצולי השואה פוחתת, אני מבקש מממשלתך להבטיח צדק לניצולי שואה,למשפחותיהם ולקהילות היהודיות, אשר רכושם נלקח מהם שלא בצדק על ידי הנאצים ובעלי בריתם וממשלות קומוניסטיות אחריהם. Comme la population de survivants de l'Holocauste diminue, je demande à votre gouvernement de rendre justice aux survivants de l'Holocauste, à leurs familles et aux Communautés juives dont les biens ont été injustement spoliés par les nazis et leurs alliés ainsi que par les gouvernements communistes qui ont suivi.   --- Call to Action My name is Jehuda Evron, and I am a Holocaust survivor. I am asking you to take a simple step to help the effort to correct a historic wrong. I have fought for 20 years for the return of property taken by the Nazis from their Jewish victims, including from my wife’s family. I have pressed government officials in Poland – and around the globe – on behalf of Holocaust survivors, and spoken at countless meetings to tell the world our story. Now, I am in my 80s. Until the day I die, I will not give up. Every day, the few remaining Holocaust survivors are passing away. Sadly, many of these survivors will die in poverty, without benefiting from their property. Our struggle for justice cannot die with us. This Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), as the world remembers the Holocaust, I ask that the generations of those born after the Holocaust commit to continue the struggle that our generation started. Future generations need to continue efforts to recover what the Nazis, their allies and collaborators, as well as subsequent Communist governments, unjustly took from us and our families and from Jewish communities. The community of nations has taken some measures toward recognizing the need for justice. In 2009, 47 countries endorsed the Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues. In doing so, these countries called for a fair and speedy process to file claims and receive restitution or compensation for our property, as well as for properties that belonged to the devastated Jewish communities. The Terezin Declaration also recognizes the governments’ responsibility to care for needy Holocaust survivors, and to provide restitution of heirless property in order to fund this assistance, as well as Holocaust commemoration and education. Together with the World Jewish Restitution Organization, I ask you to help in this struggle for justice and accept this Call to Action by signing this petition to the heads of state of the 47 nations that endorsed the Terezin Declaration. In deep appreciation, Jehuda Evron --- קול קורא שמי יהודה אברון ואני ניצול שואה. אני פונה אליכם לעשות צעד קטן, לסייע במאמצים לתקן עוול היסטורי. אני נאבק מזה 20 שנה להשבת הרכוש שנגזל ע"י הנאצים מקורבנות השואה היהודיים, ובכלל זה ממשפחת אשתי. הפעלתי לחץ על נציגי ממשלת פולין ובכל העולם, בשם ניצולי שואה, ובאין ספור פגישות סיפרתי את הסיפור שלנו. עכשיו אני בשנות השמונים לחיי. עד יומי האחרון, לא ארפה. מדי יום, כמה מניצולי השואה הולכים לעולמם. לצערי, רבים מהם ימותו בעוני, בלי ליהנות מהרכוש שלהם. המאבק שלנו לצדק אסור לו שימות אתנו. ביום השואה הקרוב, כשהעולם יזכור את השואה, אני מבקש שדורות ההמשך לניצולי השואה, יתחייבו להמשיך את המאבק שאנחנו התחלנו. הדורות הבאים חייבים להמשיך את המאמץ להשיב מה שהנאצים, עוזריהם והממשלות הקומוניסטיות שבאו אחריהם, לקחו שלא בדין מאתנו, משפחותינו ומהקהילות היהודיות. אומות העולם הכירו בצורך לעשיית צדק. 47 מדינות חתמו בשנת 2009, על הצהרת טרזין, העוסקת בהשבת נכסים מתקופת השואה. בעשותם כן, מדינות אלו קראו לתהליך מהיר והוגן לאפשר הגשת תביעות ולהשיב רכוש או פיצויים בשל הרכוש הגזול, כולל רכושם של הקהילות היהודיות. הצהרת טרזין גם הכירה באחריותם של הממשלות לטפל בניצולי שואה נזקקים, ולהשיב רכוש ללא יורשים, כדי לממן את העזרה לניצולי שואה, לחינוך והנצחה. יחד עם איל"ר, ארגון יהודי עולמי להשבת רכוש, אני פונה אליכם לסייע למאבק למען צדק ולהביע את הסכמתכם לקול הקורא בחתימתכם על העצומה המופנית ל-47 ראשי הממשלה שחתמו על הצהרת טרזין. בהערכה רבה, -- For more information, please visit the WJRO Call to Action website.

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