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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Joseph R. Biden

Abolish Columbus Day and Make it Indigenous Peoples Day Nationwide.

 Dear United States Senate, United States House of Representatives and President Joseph R. Biden: As an Italian-American I have a deep respect and admiration for the many Indigenous cultures. Christopher Columbus does not represent me nor does he represent any Italian or Italian American. He does not represent what America stands for. Columbus was not a hero and making him one is a mockery to Italian Americans and much worse, a racist sting to Indigenous peoples. He was a man who forced death or Christianity on the Taino people of the Caribbean. Columbus treated the Taino people brutally, torturing them, and sending them into slavery including the sexual slavery of children. The Taino people never recovered from the Spaniards' brutality.  To continue celebrating Christopher Columbus is to condone the mistreatment and genocide of Native peoples. Therefore, let us pursue a more virtuous United States where the original habitants of this beautiful land are respected and are allowed to finally begin to heal from the centuries of oppression, genocide, and racism by eliminating Columbus Day and renaming it Indigenous People's Day nationwide. Schools and children's books will no longer glorify Columbus. Libraries will toss out books that glorify Columbus so that false information doesn't continue to spread. School children will learn the truth, that Columbus only went to the Caribbean and that he enslaved the Indigenous people there. Indigenous Peoples Day will be a day to discuss the various Native American cultures through media and our school systems. 

Megan DePerro
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