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Over the last two years, the Blackhawks have sucked. They fell apart after STAN BOWMAN ripped apart the team and overreacted over the Hawks being swept in the 2016-17 playoffs. If you look back to as far as 2013, Stan Bowman has been making terrible trades and signing terrible contracts. He has overpaid for guys like Brent Seabrook and has gotten rid of young talent like Artemi Panarin, for no good reason. He has traded away many stars and has lost out on guys like Nick Leddy, Tuevo Teravainen, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Antti Raanta, Andrew Shaw, and many more. He has a bad habit of getting rid of the future to "win now". Well "now" is gone and you just fired the 2nd most winningest coach in NHL history because of YOUR MISTAKES and you're stuck with a bunch of older guys, with no-trade clauses, and HUGE Contracts. There is no room for improvement. Stan Bowman was only successful at the start because of Dale Tallon and his smart drafting. Stan Bowman fell into a perfect situation that even I could be successful in. He had Coach Q, two young rising stars in Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, and an above average team. He won 3 cups in 6 years because of the successful guys Tallon drafted and put on the team and left in the minors. Stan got lucky with a few trades he made, but he put himself into a ton of Cap Space trouble. He has dug a hole so deep, we might never see another Stanley Cup in our lifetime.... It is time to act not before it gets too late..... We want Quenneville back, and we want Stan Bowman and his goons fired.

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Keep Congdon Park Hockey at Lower Chester Park

Duluth, Minnesota boasts the last outdoor hockey program in all of North America. Outdoor hockey has been a major part of the fabric of Duluth for well over one hundred years, but neighborhood rinks struggle to survive. Just think – at its height, Duluth was home to 37 outdoor rinks. Today, seven associations are keeping the legacy alive. Congdon Park Hockey, however, is in jeopardy of losing its current home at Lower Chester Park. The association is fighting to keep the doors open for current and future youth. Congdon Park Hockey is not at risk of losing its home because of lack of participation or interest in outdoor hockey. In fact, the association is currently serving over 70 families in its programs. It offers hockey to youth between 4 and 10 years old (i.e. mini-mites to squirts). Participation has increased dramatically over the past five years since the program relocated to Lower Chester Park from Congdon Park School—registrations have increased nearly 75% in that time period. Congdon Park Hockey currently maintains four outdoor rinks with an all-volunteer staff comprised of parents of the children that utilize the facility—Congdon Park Hockey logs an estimated 6,000 volunteer hours per winter. Congdon Park Hockey is at risk of losing its home because of a philosophical shift in the future vision of Lower Chester Park. The Lower Chester Hockey Association was closed in 2009 due to lack of funding. At that time, the Neighbors of Lower Chester Park (NOLCP) partnered with the City of Duluth to manage the park. When Congdon Park Hockey lost their rink in 2012 as part of the school district’s “red plan,” it began leasing the park from NOLCP during the winter to bring hockey back to Lower Chester Park, where it is currently thriving. However, NOLCP has clearly expressed a vision for the park that would not leave adequate space for organized youth hockey to continue at Lower Chester Park, despite the over 100 years of hockey legacy at the park." This spring, the Duluth City Council and the City of Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Department will be updating the mini-master plan for Lower Chester Park. Congdon Park Hockey is seeking the community’s support related to this mini-master plan process. In addition to a letter and email writing campaign targeting key decision makers, Congdon Park Hockey is encouraging supporters to sign this petition and will provide the results of the petition to the Duluth City Council and the Duluth Parks and Recreation Department.   

Congdon Park Hockey Club
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