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Petition to Kendall Rasmusson

Honoring A Hero - Keeping a Memorial

In April 2018, we received a violation notice from Desert Oasis of Surprise Master Association Home Owners Association for a decoration that I have had up since we moved in April 2017. We have been fined $200.00 for not removing the decoration. I do not want to remove the decoration when all other decorations on the house have not been a violation. This decoration hangs proudly on our home and is a part of our American patriotic theme of our home. My decoration is honoring my brother, US Army Airborne Ranger SGT John Kyle Daggett, who died serving our country on May 15th, 2008. My decoration is a reminder to our community of the sacrifices our soldiers make to keep our country free. My decoration has connected my community members, honors our Veterans, and joins us together. Our family has had people stop by to talk, leave letters, flowers, and cards honoring my brother, my family and thanking me for honoring him with my decoration. It honors all of America's military, values our fallen soldiers, supports our veterans and shows that we are all a family. I love the connection I have with our community because of my decoration. I am proud of my brother and want to display my decoration without being scrutinized by the HOA. My violation appeals have been denied and I am moving forward petitioning the community’s approval to keep my decoration honoring a local American Hero.  

Kendall Rasmusson
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Petition to Jonathan S. Cantor, Keith Smith, Lori Kenyon, Ira M. Cantor

Take immediate action to rectify pool closure at Sun Ridge in Flemington, New Jersey.

On June 15th, members of Sun Ridge's HOA received an email from community manager Debbie Haraburda indicating the swimming pool would be closed until further notice.The email specifically noted "Eric the Supervisor has told me that they are having a lot of problems with this lab shutting pools down that are fine and they are looking into this. The laws changed drastically this year."Upon further investigation, residents discovered that the Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety Division of Public Health Services Department had issued several warnings and that Sun Ridge had multiple opportunities to address the situation.The pool being closed on Father's Day weekend was problematic for many families who pay HOA fees to keep that pool properly maintained. Had the repeated failures to pass inspection been addressed in a competent, timely manner, this would not have happened.We, the residents, request the following:1. An immediate, public update on the status of the pool's failure to pass inspection this season, including a detailed list of dates and reasons for failed lab tests 2. An immediate, public update on what precisely has been done to address the pool's failure to pass inspection and when we can expect to use the amenity again3. A prorated rebate on HOA fees commensurate with the length of time the pool is closed4. An investigation into the handling of pool-related matters in our community, including:(a) addressing a misleading-at-best email to our residents from a community manager whose communications we should be able to rely upon as thorough and accurate.(b) replacing pool management provider or requiring performance improvement of current pool management service(c) clarifying who, ultimately, is responsible for ensuring our pool is safe and has satisfactorily passed inspections (i.e., Ms. Harrabuda, "Eric the Supervisor," someone else)(d) providing residents, via email and/on on the website, with access to current status of pool-related inspections throughout the season

Michele Blood
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Petition to Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association, Walker Lakeshores Landowners Office, Kurt Boogertman, Darlene Challacombe, Barbara DiMaio, Frank DuBowski, Janice Hahn, Ron Lisciandrello, Rose Murphy, Victoria Perrotta, Scott Rando, Tom Tate

Walker Lakshores Landowners Assoc. Board: Stop Suing Non Members!

Did you know that you can be sued by a home owners association even if you’re not in the HOA? I didn't. I thought there were such things as property rights for taxpaying home owners. Did you know that you can be sued by an HOA for an amount of money that even their own budget cannot support? I didn't. I thought they'd have to actually prove money was due. Did you know that if you can't afford to defend a case against you Pennsylvania has now given the HOAs the right to foreclose on you? Scary scenario right? My property is in a development known as Maple Park in Shohola PA, and has never been in any HOA. The deeds support that I'm not in any HOA. Even the judges rule that I'm not in any home owner association. Apparently, the only people that think I am in this home owners association is the home owners association themselves. I receive favorable judgments each time we go to court, but, this HOA just appeals. As of May 2017 this HOA is appealing me to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania because they don't like the judgments they've gotten even though THEY have asked the courts to continue this case!   A thorough explanation of this story is on this website: Please sign this petition and show this HOA that We The People will not give up our property rights and they should be ashamed to call themselves Americans!  

Amelia Pearn
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