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Petition to Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council to carry out essential maintenance work on Efford Fort

Efford Fort is one of many historic Palmerston Forts from the 19th century located around Plymouth. The site is on the heritage "at risk" register and is in severe need of scrub and foliage clearance and general maintenance to prevent further permanent damage to an essential but overlooked part of Plymouth's history. Heritage site surveys (publicly available online) have noted that due to neglect several parts of the structure are in danger of collapse. At some point in the forts history, the current or previous site users have treated the location with disregard and used the parade ground, the dry-moat, and the surrounding parkland as a rubbish dump, which can clearly be seen from the public spaces around the Fort. Deer Park and Efford Warren (which form the nature reserves that surround the exterior of the fort) are strewn with waste car parts, glass, baths, metal barrels, tyres, household waste and all manner of refuse that has accumulated around the perimeter of the fort and been left with no consideration for the safety of the passers by who make use of this public space or for the condition of the site. Plymouth City council should undertake measures to ensure that this site of historic and natural interest is maintained. This may involve negotiating with the site users to ensure the space is well cared for, or organising a clean-up crew on a volunteer basis with permission from the current site users, or using council funds to remove trees and growths on the top of the fort, or something similar. Efford fort is a part of Plymouth's Heritage and is unique in it's design, featuring a number of Haxo Casemates and Garrison block. The fort has been on the "at risk" register for a number of years, and yet as of yet no attempts to resolve the situation have been made apparent to the public. Please Don't let our neglected history fall into ruin, sign this petition. Thanks!

connor tuvey
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Petition to department of tourism, Archaeological Survey of India

Photography at Monuments and historical places should not be restricted

“Hyderabad Photowalkers” is an online photography community, founded in 2008 with nearly 10000 enthusiasts from Hyderabad and all over. We have been engaging in teaching & sharing the nuances of the art of photography for free irrespective of age, sex and location on a continuous basis. We have organized nearly 145 photowalks, documenting the rich history and the culture of this city especially the heritage, tourist and public spaces. We have countless Images captured by the members and their images brought in an identity for this city nationally and internationally. Apart from Hyderabad we also visited many historical places in India during photo tours. Images so captured by individuals with different perspectives, remain as history for the generations to witness. During recent past the photography community is being restricted especially at the historical monuments and public spaces, with complete restrictions for Photography. Photography is either totally restricted or is allowed only with a specific entry fee or a ticket with high value or sometimes even a bribe. These days the very sight of a person with cameras at these places is viewed seriously which was not there in earlier days. A tourist with a high-end mobile cam is free to take pictures but a photo-artist has all the restrictions. We feel historical places and monuments are grappling-irons that bind one generation to another … and Photography is the only medium. Photography is also an art form and the only medium contributing to document history and culture for the generations to come. We the photography community, strongly oppose the restrictions imposed for photography at the Historical places, public spaces and monuments and also feel that its unjust to collect a fee for the same. Berenice Abbott’s quote says it all - Photography helps people to see !

Chandrasekhar Singh
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