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Petition to Mayor Michael Hancock, DIANE BARRETT, Chris Herndon, Albus Brooks, Paul Kashmann, Wayne New, Debbie Ortega, Jolon Clark, Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, RAFAEL ESPINOZA, MARY BETH SUSMAN, ROBIN KNIECH, PAUL LOPEZ, Happy Haynes, Alan Salazar, John Hickenlooper

SIGN PETITION:Save Denver's Historic City Park Golf Course From Destruction

SIGN PETITION TO STOP DENVER'S MAYOR HANCOCK FROM DESTROYING AN HISTORIC PUBLIC PARK TO PUT IN AN INDUSTRIAL  STORM DRAINAGE  SUMP With NO vote of the people. City Park Golf Course (CPGC) is a part of Denver's "Crown Jewel", City Park. Both are listed on the National & State Registers of Historic Places. Denver's Mayor Hancock wants to destroy historic CPGC to install a 1965-style industrial, storm drainage sump on 50 acres of it. In the process, he proposes to cut down 285+ mature trees and destroy  acres of non renewable top soil and vegetation, the best, natural storm water mitigation system in the world. He would also knock down a popular club house built in  2001. The most affordable course in Denver that has served minority players since 1913, would be closed for at least two years.  He also proposes to install a toxic, dirt ditch in Cole and a large industrial outfall in historic Globeville. Both sites are located in the I-70 / Vasquez Superfund site . Residents will be exposed to toxic pollution when Denver digs in these sites and will be exposed to higher risks of flooding.    WHY? In Denver's race back to 1965, they want to expand polluting Interstate Highway 70 (I70), in minority neighborhoods.  They plan to bury I70, 20 feet below the water table, in a flood plain, next to a river. To keep I70 from flooding,they want to turn the "free land" in City Park Golf Course into a regional storm drainage sump complete with big pipes, trash and toxic water. They want to use neighborhoods regardless of health and safety risks to residents.  Many of the Mayor's backers have also bought land down by the river  for new development. They want the residents of Denver to pick up the tab for their storm drainage  and the price would include destruction of a beloved park. There are much better alternatives.  Runners, walkers, skiers, families, dog walkers and more, all use this peaceful, unfenced, beautiful open space for recreation, peace, relaxation and calm. CPGC affords a natural storm water mitigation system that would be the envy of any progressive city. The Mayor's plan would unfortunately include the loss of hundreds big trees and vegetation that take harmful carbon from the air and provide us with life giving oxygen. Once gone, park land is gone forever. Denver can not afford to lose any more of it's precious park land to unfettered development.  This can not happen. Please sign our petition to tell Mayor Hancock to come up with a solution that does not include the destruction of precious park land or sacrifice our neighborhoods to man made flooding and toxic pollution.     

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Petition to Governor Abbott

Request that the Texas State Legislature enact a Monuments Protection Act

Veterans monuments around the country are being demolished, removed or vandalized without democratic deliberation or due process and often with the complicity of local officials. Nowhere is this more true than with regard to Civil War monuments. America is a great country precisely because of its pluralism and its respect for the sacrifices of all veterans from all wars, whether individuals agree with the particular war or not. This petition respectfully asks Governor Greg Abbott to use his influence to encourage members of the Texas Senate and House to introduce and pass a bill that will ensure at least the minimum protections for historical monuments mentioned below: 1) No statue, monument, memorial, nameplate, or plaque which has been erected for, or named or dedicated in honor of, the French and Indian War,American Revolution, War of 1812, the War of Texas Independence, U.S.-Mexican War, the War Between the States, Spanish American War, the Mexican border period, World War I, World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam War, Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada), Operation El Dorado Canyon (Libya), Operation Just Cause (Panama), Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War 1), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Persian Gulf War II), and is located on public property, may be relocated, removed, altered, renamed,rededicated, or otherwise disturbed.  2) No statue, monument, memorial, nameplate, plaque, historic flagdisplay, school, street, bridge, building, park, preserve, or reserve which hasbeen erected for, or named or dedicated in honor of, any historical military figure,historical military event, military organization, or military unit, and is located onpublic property, may be renamed or rededicated. 3) No person may prevent the governmental entity having responsibility formaintaining any of the items, structures, or areas described from taking proper and appropriate measures, and exercising proper and appropriate means, for the protection, preservation, care, repair, or restoration of such items, structures, or areas. For the purposes of this bill, "public property" means all property ownedor leased by the state of Texas, any county, municipality, metropolitan government,or any other entity that is created by act of the state legislature to perform any public function.  The law shall be made retroactive to January 1, 2014.  

Robert Devine
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Petition to Leslie May, Jan Vislosky, Jim Molimock, Carol Regan, Mike Pallotta. Tom Bennett, Charles Martin, Robert Lougher,

Chickens in Historic Fallsington- Taken to COURT after 30 years of Brooding

 November 29, 2017, My husband and I received a court summons in the mail for a civil complaint from the code enforcement officer Jim Molimock in falls township, Pennsylvania.  They are taking us to court for our chickens ( violation- the raising, boarding and/or husbandry of rural animals zoning ordinance section 209-19. E (1). Falls Township has changed these zoning laws in the last few years from one acre to now no raising rural animals at all. Last time I check these zoning laws 3 years ago and we were A- Ok. When we transfer the home from my mother in law to my husband 3 years ago I even ask Dina Berry if we were still ok with the chickens, she responded “yes”. Jim Molimock even inspected the property for occupancy permits, saw the chickens, and said nothing of it.  Now our one acer property backs up to several acres of preserved open space. Our home is over 300 years old, listed on the national registry of historic places and has had chickens that I know of for 30+ years. There are state and federal laws in place for non-conforming pre-existing conditions, (Ex post facto laws) and most of my adjacent neighbors have written letters on my behalf. Now with all that being the case, we will succeed in this fight to live the lifestyle that we are living. There are several other’s in Historic Fallsington and falls twp, that are raising chickens, however we are the only family  being taken to court due to an anonymous complaint that was filled in September. All the complaint said was -“ free ranging chickens at above address” that’s it, that’s all it said. Not  the case at our home, We have two hen houses with small runs encolsed in a large fenced in roaming area. Currently we have 2 hens that have become pets, 15 chicks that hatched mid October and 3 hens that we have resently adopted from another local family due to the uproar from the township. I have been told several times by Jim (zoning officer) to fill out a complaint for the other homesteaders, which I refuse to do, leaving me as their only target.  My family and I depend on our chickens, they supplement a large portion of our food. To take them would be taking food out of my children’s mouth. I encouraged anyone that feels the need to let falls township know that they are wrong, in so many ways, please join me at magisterial district court - 9187 New Falls Road Fallsington pa 19054 on December 28th @ 1:30 pm.  The more people there to dispute this, the better off we all are. If you can’t be there that day, please wright a letter explaining your position. Email it to  A million thanks to those that can help:) Below is a link to falls township, codes, we fall under historic district. To whom it may concern,My name is Leslie May, I live in beautiful historic Fallsington, and I am an urban Homesteader. I raise chickens and try to grow as much of my own fruit and vegetables as possible. My home is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States. For centuries, the land around me has been used for agriculture and animal husbandry. To take that way from this unique place would be like ripping pages out of a history book. My husband has had the privilege of growing up in the house we currently live in and throughout his childhood, his family as well as several of their neighbors, bred chickens in their backyards. There were never any issues except for the occasional rooster that crowed a little too much. If and when that occurred, the rooster would be culed and the problem was resolved. My husband and I now have two little girls, and we are desperately trying to raise them right. Their chores are not like your typical suburban kids chores; my girls help me brood my hens, and the knowledge that they are retaining from this experience is absolutely priceless. My girls are learning responsibility, compassion and most importantly, they are learning how to raise their own food, which is becoming a lost art in our present time. The majority of my surrounding neighbors fully support my endeavors to homestead. They enjoy the fresh eggs that are given to them and are also thankful for the bug control that the chickens provide. Unfortunately, my way of life is at risk and help is needed. I am hopeful that Falls Township can recognize the devastation that would be caused by an unjust ruling against me. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Sincerely,Leslie May P.S. I also wanted to mention, renovating a historic home on your own does not take a few weeks. It take years of hard work, determination, and a whole lot of love. Our goal at this property is to bring it back to it’s original 17th century charm . After several years of working away, we can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel here at May Manor. Taking away animal husbandry from historic Fallsington is erasing a part of history that our for fathers worked so hard to preserve. We are at a crossroads of change yet again, and like our for fathers we will fight to keep this village as its ment to be. We feel a true sense of pride being able to save this peice of American history. Below you can find a link to Falls Township VS Chickens “Event”. I know it’s the week of Christmas but your support and attendance would be greatly appreciated!

Leslie May
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