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U.S. Congress: Save the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Dear Senator/Representative: The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been our nation’s most important and successful conservation and recreation program for 52 years and I am shocked to just learn that it expired on September 30th. Beginning with President Teddy Roosevelt, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has protected both national and local public lands and our drinking water in every corner of the United States for us all. Unless Congress passes reauthorization legislation, it could be gone forever, and along with it – future protection of the places we love. The time to act is now. Save America’s most precious resources – our land, our water and our History. LWCF is America’s most important tool for meeting communities’ conservation and recreation needs – from iconic national parks and wildlife refuges, to famous historic sites and treasured cultural landmarks, to working forests and crucial natural habitats, to 45,000 neighborhood playgrounds, ballfields, and recreation facilities.  LWCF does all this without using any taxpayer dollars – it is funded with revenues paid to the government from offshore oil and gas drilling. This is a critical investment not only in our quality of life, but in American jobs. Outdoor recreation, conservation and historic preservation activities contribute more than a trillion dollars annually to the U.S. economy, supporting 9.4 million jobs. After giving an estimated $17 billion in tax savings to millionaires, while pushing for $1.7 trillion in cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and other earned benefits - why not give something back to the average American? Please cosponsor, along with more than 200 bipartisan cosponsors, Land and Water Conservation Fund reauthorization legislation in the House (H.R. 502) or Senate (S. 569 & S. 896) and sign on to any Dear Colleague letters circulated to demonstrate support for reauthorizing and funding this important program. Support robust funding of LWCF and oppose the Trump Administration’s 103% cut to LWCF in their FY19 budget. Please authorize continued use of offshore oil and gas drilling revenues paid to our government to permanently support LWCF. It’s not just protecting our clean water and public recreation - The Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains, and redwood forests are just a few of our natural treasures that you and the entire government can never replace. We borrow this earth from our children and future generations, for “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Please do your job as a public servant to preserve and protect our country. Thank you, An Extremely Concerned Citizen & Voter

Linda Wing
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Petition to Kate Gallego (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Thelda Williams (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Sal DiCiccio (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Jim Waring (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Michael Nowakowski (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Debra Stark (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Laura Pastor (Vice MayorCouncilwoman), Daniel Valenzuela (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Doug Ducey, Kimberly Yee, Greg Stanton, 668 North LLC, Lela Alston, Ken Clark, Katie Hobbs

Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

Please find the latest update at In June 2017, a local Scottsdale based True North Companies’ subsidiary purchased 97 Units of this commercial condominium units, and started its plan to remove all features connected with Chinese culture and history from the exterior of the buildings to create standard "modern" office buildings despite disagreement from another condominium owner. This would destroy an important piece of Arizona's history. We urge you to preserve our Chinese cultural heritage, Phoenix's only Chinatown. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, also known as the COFCO center, was built by COFCO with help from community volunteers and donations from local Chinese immigrants with support from the City of Phoenix government. The Center was created according to the public art requirement by the City 20 years ago.  Special materials and supplies were brought from China, and skilled workers from China spent years making this one of the most beautiful Chinese Cultural Centers in North America. The names of donors are engraved in the Wall of Honor, and it has become a Phoenix landmark, and part of Arizona's history. For the last two decades, the Center has played an important role in the Valley of the Sun. Chinese New Year performances and celebrations have educated both tourists and locals about Chinese culture, and the garden and its artifacts are an important example of Chinese workmanship and cultural significance. While the new owner has recognized the historical importance of the Center, and has offered the garden artifacts, we want to save the entire Chinese Cultural Center. It would be impossible to fully disassemble and restore the center's heritage at another location. Conservation of culture and history encourages building strong relationships with the local community to address its needs; preserving the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center will benefit business and long-term development of the area, and maintain an important piece of Arizona's history. Please sign this petition to share your support for preventing the destruction of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.

Jennifer Yang
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